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Mini Golf Marathon: How Long Does It Take to Play 18 Holes?

Last Updated on October 24, 2023

Mini golf is a great way to spend time with family and friends, but how long does mini golf take? If you’re wondering just how much of your day will be spent on the green, then this blog post has got you covered. We’ll discuss strategies for speeding up your game as well as factors that can affect playtime – all while answering the question “how long does it take to play 18 holes of mini golf?” So grab some clubs and get ready; let’s explore just how long mini golf takes.

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Calculating the Time for a Round of Mini Golf

Working out the duration of a mini-golf game is vital for those aiming to excel on the course. Accurately estimating your mini-golf playtime is essential for planning a successful day on the course. Here are some strategies for estimating your mini-golf playtime:

Planning ahead can help you save time on the course by allowing you to strategise and come up with ways around obstacles or other features that may slow down your mini-golf game. Before starting, take note of which holes have obstacles or other features that might slow down your play. By anticipating potential impediments, you can devise strategies to expedite your game. Additionally, practice putting as much as possible so that when it comes time to putt during the actual game, you won’t need extra strokes due to a lack of experience or technique.

The amount of people in a group can have an effect on the duration each person takes to complete their turn at any hole. If there are more people playing together, then naturally, it will take longer because everyone has their own turn at each hole before moving on to the next one. Furthermore, different courses may have different lengths and difficulties, which could potentially add minutes onto overall playtime depending on what type of course is being played on.

Generally, experienced players should be able to finish 18 holes in 1-2 hours, depending on the difficulty level and size of the group playing. However, beginners may find themselves taking longer than this due to the fact that certain factors, such as shot accuracy, remain constant regardless of where they are playing.

A close up of a golf ball in the middle of a lush green fairway
Key Takeaway: Working out the duration of a mini golf round is key to success on the course, so sharpening your putting and pre-planning can help you play faster. Factors such as group size and difficulty level will affect playtime, but experienced players should be able to finish 18 holes in 1-2 hours.

Strategies for Speeding Up Your Mini Golf Game

Spending time with your loved ones can be a blast, but mini-golfing may take up quite some time. If you’re looking for ways to speed up your game, here are some strategies that will help you do just that.

Start With Your Putter

The putter is usually the slowest club in your bag because of its short range and low power. To make sure you don’t waste any time on the green, start by using your putter from as far away as possible. Starting off with your putter can help you gain precision over the distance of each shot, leading to fewer strokes and more accurate approaches.

Take Advantage of the Wind

Wind plays an important role in mini-golf playtime; if there’s a breeze blowing against your ball, use it. Take advantage of gusts by aiming into them so they’ll push your ball further down the course faster than usual. Be wary of striking too strongly, as it could lead to the ball going astray.

Pick Up Speed on Straightaways

When playing on straightaways where there are no obstacles between you and the hole, pick up speed. You can do this by taking bigger swings when hitting off tees or putting through longer distances without slowing down much at all – just remember not to swing too hard, or else accuracy may suffer.

Key Takeaway: With some practice and clever strategies, mini golf can be completed quickly without sacrificing any of the fun. To speed up the game, use your putter from as far away as possible, take advantage of gusts in the wind to push your ball faster down the course and practice regularly for quicker shots, all without rushing yourself too much.

Factors That Affect Mini Golf Play Time

Hanging out with your pals and family can be a blast, especially when you take on mini golf. However, the length of time it takes to play a round can vary greatly depending on several factors. Knowing what these are can help you better plan your mini-golf outing so that everyone has an enjoyable experience.

The first factor affecting mini-golf play time is the number of players in your group. If you have a larger group, the duration of each person’s turn will expand as they wait for others to finish their shots, thus resulting in an elongated play time if there are four or five players. This means that if you’re playing with four or five people, it could easily double or triple the amount of time it takes for all players to complete 18 holes.

An 18 hole golf course on a sunny day

Another factor influencing how long a game lasts is how fast each player hits their ball down the course. Those who take too long between shots can cause delays and add minutes to your total playtime. It’s important for everyone in your group to be aware of this, so they don’t slow things down too much by taking too many practice swings or mulling over every shot before making it count.

Wind speed and rain can also play a major role in prolonging your mini-golf game, as strong gusts necessitate extra caution when teeing off, while wet surfaces make controlling the ball more of a challenge. Moreover, you’ll need to stay on top of your A-game if you want to beat par and finish within an acceptable time frame.

The last major factor to consider when estimating your mini golf game time is the course layout; some courses are shorter, meaning fewer strokes per hole and less room for mistakes, while others offer longer distances which provide more chances of scoring big if you play your cards right. It’s essential to be vigilant and ensure that you capitalise on any chances presented.

Key Takeaway: Mini golf can be a pleasant pastime with companions and family, however, the length of time it takes is contingent on the amount of participants in your gathering, each person’s pace when striking off, wind or rain, which may influence playtime, as well as the course design. The key is to stay patient and make sure you capitalise on any chances presented.


In conclusion, the duration of a mini-golf game can be quite different depending on your speed and expertise. Ultimately, however, an average 18-hole game should take about 45 minutes for beginners or up to two hours if playing with more experienced players. Regardless of how long does mini golf take for you personally, always remember that having fun is the most important part.

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