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Best Women’s Beginner Golf Clubs: Top Choices for 2024

Last Updated on January 22, 2024

Navigating the world of women’s golf clubs can be challenging, especially for beginners. With my extensive experience in golf equipment, I’ve identified key features that make a set ideal for female newcomers. This article will introduce you to beginner-friendly clubs, highlighting their lighter shafts, flexible options, and smaller grips. Rest assured, my recommendations are based on thorough testing and a deep understanding of what new players need for a successful start in golf.

Our Top Choices

As a beginner in golf, I understand that finding the perfect golf clubs can be overwhelming. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of the best women’s beginner golf clubs to help you kick off your golf journey with confidence.

WILSON Women’s Profile SGI Complete Golf Package Set Stand Bag Regular Right

Overall, this set is a fantastic value for beginners seeking women’s-specific golf clubs with functional and stylish features.


  • Lightweight design tailored for women
  • High-lofted driver for better distance
  • Convenient and durable carry bag


  • Not suitable for advanced golfers
  • Bag may appear dirty upon arrival
  • Limited color options

Recently, I tried the WILSON Women’s Profile SGI Complete Golf Package Set. From the get-go, I appreciated the lightweight design of the clubs, which are made specifically for women. The graphite shafts and customized grips made it comfortable to use right away.

The high-lofted driver was a game changer for me. As a beginner, I found it easier to improve my ball flight and achieve greater distance on the fairway. Additionally, the set includes all the clubs a novice golfer would need, such as an easy-launch sand wedge and heel/toe weighted putter for better greenside control and accuracy.

One aspect of this set that I particularly liked was the premium lightweight carry bag. With plenty of storage, adjustable shoulder straps, and a self-activating stand, it was both functional and stylish. However, I did notice that the bag seemed a bit dirty upon arrival, which was a minor annoyance.

Despite these positives, the set may not be the best choice for more advanced golfers seeking further customization or specialized clubs. Additionally, color choices are limited, and some users may prefer more variety in their golf equipment.

In conclusion, the WILSON Women’s Profile SGI Complete Golf Package Set is a fantastic value for beginner women golfers who want a reliable and stylish set without breaking the bank. The lightweight design, high-lofted driver, and convenient carry bag make it an excellent investment in enjoying the game.

Confidence Lady Power III Golf Club Set & Stand Bag

The Confidence Lady Power III Set is a fantastic choice for beginners looking for an affordable and forgiving set of clubs to boost their confidence on the golf course.


  • Affordable price for a complete set
  • Oversized driver and hybrid club for added forgiveness
  • Stand bag with multiple storage pockets and auto-pop legs for convenience


  • Steel shafts, which may be heavier than some prefer
  • Limited club selection for more advanced players
  • May not suit taller players

I recently took this Confidence Lady Power III Golf Club Set & Stand Bag for a spin and was impressed by its overall value and performance. As a beginner golfer, I appreciated how forgiving the oversized driver and 24-degree hybrid club were, allowing me to hit longer shots without frequent mishits.

The set also includes cavity-backed irons (6-9) and a pitching wedge, which are designed to be easier to hit compared to traditional irons. The clubs are fitted with lady-flex steel shafts, providing a comfortable feel that suits my swing speed well. However, I did notice that the steel shafts were heavier than the graphite shafts I’ve tried previously, so this may be a preference consideration for some players.

The stand bag included with this set is both stylish and functional. It has auto-pop legs, making it easy to prop up on the course, and it comes with multiple storage pockets for tees, golf balls, and other essential gear. The all-weather grips on the bag are also a nice touch, as I didn’t have to worry about my bag slipping when the weather took a turn.

One downside I did notice is that the set may not be suitable for taller players, as the club lengths might be too short for optimal performance. Additionally, more advanced players might find the club selection limiting, as it doesn’t include specialized clubs like a sand wedge or lob wedge.

Overall, the Confidence Lady Power III Golf Club Set & Stand Bag offers great value for beginning golfers seeking an affordable and forgiving set of clubs. Offering a fair balance of performance, style, and practicality, I would definitely recommend this set to other women looking to start their golfing journey with confidence.

Aspire Pink Right Handed Golf Club Set for Petite Ladies

Aspire’s Pink Right Handed Golf Club Set is a reliable and stylish choice for petite ladies looking to begin their golfing journey.


  • Perfectly designed for petite ladies (5’0″ to 5’3″)
  • Comes as a complete set with a deluxe stand bag and head covers
  • Features graphite shafts for Woods and irons


  • May not suit taller individuals
  • Lacks a sand wedge
  • Quality concerns for golf bag kickstand and 3 wood

I recently got my hands on the Aspire Pink Right Handed Golf Club Set for Petite Ladies, and I must say, this set is both visually appealing and comfortable to use. The entire set includes a 460cc driver, #3 wood, 4/5 Hybrid 24, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW stainless irons, and a putter, along with a handy deluxe stand bag and three matching head covers. This combination is great, providing beginner golfers with a complete package.

As a petite lady myself, these clubs felt just right, ensuring I could use them comfortably during my game. The 460cc driver offered excellent distance and forgiveness, while the graphite shafts for Woods and irons allowed for lightweight control. It’s evident that Aspire specifically designed these clubs with petite players in mind (specifically for those from 5’0” to 5’3”).

However, while using this set, I noticed a few potential drawbacks worth mentioning. If you happen to be taller, this might not be an ideal pick for you. Additionally, the set does not include a sand wedge, which could be an issue for some golfers. Finally, a couple of quality concerns arose with the golf bag kickstand and the 3 wood, which might require attention from the manufacturer in the future.

Overall, I believe the Aspire Pink Right Handed Golf Club Set for Petite Ladies is a solid choice for beginners who fit the target height range. With its specialized design, complete set of clubs, and added accessories, this golf club set helps petite women enter the world of golf with style and confidence.

Tangkula Women’s Complete Golf Clubs Package Set

A fantastic golf club set for women beginners that offers excellent value and comfortable playability.


  • High-quality, complete golf set designed specifically for women
  • Excellent aiming mechanism on the putter for improved accuracy
  • Lightweight clubs and bag for easy transportation


  • May be too short for taller players
  • Bag lacks a stand for more convenience
  • No sand wedge included in the set

I recently had the pleasure of testing out the Tangkula Women’s Complete Golf Clubs Package Set. As a beginner golfer, I found this set to be both accessible and enjoyable to use on the course.

The set comes with a 460cc alloy driver that is forgiving and provides great distance off the tee. Its aerodynamic head shape definitely helped me achieve a higher launch and longer shots, which is essential for someone just starting out in golf.

The 6-9 irons and pitching wedge have added weight to their heads for better center of gravity, resulting in more accurate shots. I appreciated the control and direction the irons provided, and the pitching wedge allowed me to easily hit over obstacles and handle tricky situations on the course.

The putter, with its low weighting and easy-to-use alignment, offered a smooth stroke and kept my putts on line. The advanced toe and heel weighted design noticeably improved my accuracy, as a beginner, this is a huge advantage in gameplay.

Although the set is lightweight and designed for women, I found it may be too short for taller players. Additionally, the golf bag does not have a stand, which would have been more convenient during use. Moreover, a sand wedge is missing from the set, which would have been helpful for bunker shots.

Overall, I highly recommend the Tangkula Women’s Complete Golf Clubs Package Set for women just starting their golf journey. It offers a fantastic combination of quality components, comfortable playability, and a reasonable price.

Callaway Strata Women’s Complete Golf Set

Beginner female golfers should consider this well-rounded set for its user-friendly club design and overall performance.


  • Easy-to-hit clubs for a great combination of distance, forgiveness, and control
  • Stainless steel irons offer solid forgiveness and control
  • Attractive and lightweight stand bag with various pockets and convenient backpack strap system


  • Putter may feel heavy for some users
  • Limited club selection compared to more extensive sets
  • Hybrid might not appeal to everyone

I recently used the Callaway Strata Women’s Complete Golf Set for a round of golf, and I was delighted by how effective and comfortable these clubs were. The driver, fairway wood, and hybrid were all designed specifically for women, allowing me to hit solid shots with ease. I appreciated the distance and forgiveness these clubs offered, particularly as a beginner golfer.

Additionally, the stainless steel irons in this set gave me excellent control on the course. Though less experienced golfers may initially struggle with the hybrid, the overall performance of the set compensates for it. One aspect that some users may find challenging is the heavier feel of the putter; however, this could also appeal to those who prefer a more substantial weight.

Another highlight of the Callaway Strata Women’s Complete Golf Set is the lightweight stand bag that comes with the clubs. This bag features various pockets, including a cooler pocket and rain hood, as well as a comfortable backpack strap system for easy transportation.

In conclusion, the Callaway Strata Women’s Complete Golf Set is ideal for beginner female golfers seeking a quality set with user-friendly club design. Though the set may have some drawbacks, like the limited club selection and heavier putter, these factors are outweighed by its overall performance, comfort, and standout features like the lightweight bag. This set is definitely worth considering for your golfing journey.

Confidence Golf Petite Lady Power V3 Club Set & Stand Bag

The Confidence Golf Petite Lady Power V3 Club Set is an excellent choice for beginner women golfers under 5’3″ seeking quality and affordability.


  • Perfect size for petite golfers
  • Lightweight and easy-to-hit clubs
  • Ample storage in the golf stand bag


  • Some club numbers are hard to read
  • No additional clubs included
  • Potential durability issues with the driver

I recently tried out the Confidence Golf Petite Lady Power V3 Club Set, and it exceeded my expectations as a beginner golfer. The size of the clubs was perfect for my shorter stature, making it comfortable for me to handle and swing throughout my practice session.

The clubs are lightweight, which made it easy for me to hit the ball consistently, improving my confidence on the course. The 24° hybrid iron, in particular, proved to be a game-changer as it replaced the harder-to-hit, longer irons in my arsenal. The cavity back irons (6-7-8-9-PW) also contributed to better accuracy and forgiveness.

The golf stand bag included in the set is not only visually appealing but also highly functional. It has auto pop legs, plenty of external storage, rain cover, and a dual padded carrying strap, making it perfect for a beginner golfer.

While I loved the overall design and performance of the clubs, I did notice some drawbacks. For instance, the font used on certain clubs makes the numbers difficult to read, leading to confusion. Additionally, it would have been nice to have a few extra clubs for versatility. Lastly, there have been some reports of durability issues, especially with the driver.

Despite these minor concerns, the Confidence Golf Petite Lady Power V3 Club Set is a great option for women just starting in golf who are 5’3″ or shorter. The benefits of clubs specifically designed for petite golfers, along with the comprehensive golf stand bag, make it an attractive package for beginners seeking an affordable and functional set.

Precise Deluxe Women’s Petite Complete Set (Blue)

As a beginner golfer, the Precise Deluxe Women’s Petite Complete Set is an ideal choice for starting your golf journey.


  • Aerodynamically designed woods for better swing speed and distance
  • Lightweight and easy-to-play hybrid clubs
  • High-quality irons for a variety of shots


  • Carry strap on the included bag may tear after use
  • Not suitable for taller women
  • Contains only four irons

When I first tried the Precise Deluxe Women’s Petite Complete Set, I was impressed by the aerodynamically designed woods, which helped increase my swing speed and the distance the ball traveled. These clubs were a game-changer for me, as I was able to achieve greater distances with ease.

The lightweight hybrid clubs were another pleasant surprise. They come with generous offset and extreme perimeter weighting, resulting in high-launching and green-holding shots. As a beginner, I found the hybrids to be very forgiving, making it easier for me to hit the ball straighter and land it on the green.

However, my favorite part of this set was the versatile irons. The multi-purpose irons, which include a 6/7, 8/9, PW, and SW irons, handled even the most difficult shots with ease. Thanks to their higher loft, I was able to dig the ball out of tough lies and still reach the green.

One downside I noticed was the carry strap on the bag tended to tear after just a few uses. If you plan on using this set extensively, you might want to consider upgrading the bag to a more durable model. Additionally, taller women may find these clubs uncomfortable to use, as they are designed specifically for petite golfers.

In conclusion, the Precise Deluxe Women’s Petite Complete Set is a great choice for beginner golfers with a petite build. The aerodynamically designed woods, easy-to-use hybrids, and versatile irons make it an enjoyable set to play and improve your game. Just be aware of the potential issues with the bag durability and sizing for taller golfers.

Jaffick 13-Piece Golf Club Set for Women

This Jaffick golf club set is an excellent option for beginners looking for lightweight, easy-to-use clubs, but the bag design may not match the images.


  • Suitable for beginner to intermediate players
  • Comprehensive set with hybrid club included
  • Lightweight and easy to swing


  • Bag design not as pictured
  • Limited color options
  • May not be suitable for more advanced players

I recently started using the Jaffick 13-Piece Golf Club Set and have found it to be a great choice for a beginner like myself. The lightweight design and variety of clubs, including a hybrid, has made learning to play much more manageable. The titanium matrix Driver and stainless steel irons feel durable and contribute to improved accuracy and launch off the face.

One downside I noticed is that the bag design does not match the images exactly. The bag I received was white with black accents, not the pink shown in the product images. While this didn’t impact the performance of the clubs, it may be something to consider if you prefer a specific aesthetic.

The fact that this set is designed for beginners means it might not be suitable for more advanced players. However, I believe it offers exceptional value for those just starting or looking to invest in a good quality set without breaking the bank.

Overall, I am pleased with the Jaffick 13-Piece Golf Club Set and find it perfect for my current skill level. The lightweight clubs and various tools have helped me immensely in getting the hang of the game. While the bag design may not be as expected, the performance of the clubs outweighs this minor issue.

Precise Right Handed Golf Club Set for Petite Ladies, Blue

This golf club set is a solid choice for petite ladies who are beginners in golf, providing a lightweight and affordable option.


  • Includes a variety of clubs for different situations
  • Lightweight and easy to handle for petite players
  • Good value for the price


  • No 6 iron included in the set
  • Strap on the bag broke for some users
  • Not the highest quality for long-term usage

After trying out the Precise Right Handed Golf Club Set, I found it to be a solid option for petite ladies who are starting their golf journey. The clubs are lightweight and easy to handle, which is ideal for beginners. The set comes with various clubs, helping me handle different situations on the golf course.

However, I noticed that there was no 6 iron included in the set, which could be disappointing for some users. Additionally, the strap on the bag broke after a short period of use, so it might not be as durable as I would like. The quality of the clubs is decent for their price, but they might not hold up well over time for more experienced players.

Overall, the Precise Right Handed Golf Club Set is a good value for beginners, offering a variety of clubs and a lightweight design. However, it may not be the best investment for those who plan to play golf more seriously in the long run. With that said, if you’re a petite lady just starting in golf, this set may be worth considering.

Aspire Ladies Pink Right Handed Golf Club Set

This golf club set is fantastic for any beginner woman golfer seeking quality, style, and excellent value.


  • Comprehensive set with woods, irons, putter, bag, and head covers
  • Driver designed for distance and forgiveness
  • Lightweight graphite shafts for easy swing


  • Limited color options
  • May not be suitable for advanced players
  • Only available for right-handed players

I recently picked up the Aspire Ladies Pink Right Handed Golf Club Set, and it has been a game-changer for me as a beginner golfer. The set comes with everything I need to get started on the course, including a 460cc driver, #3 wood, 24 hybrid, 6-9 PW stainless irons, and an excellent aiming mechanism putter.

As a new golfer, I appreciate how the 460cc driver is designed for distance and forgiveness. It’s helped me improve my driving skills without feeling discouraged. The lightweight graphite shafts in both the woods and irons also make it easy for me to make powerful swings, which is essential as I’m building my golfing strength.

The only setbacks I experienced with this set are the limited color options (pink may not be for everyone) and its suitability for advanced players. However, the pros far outweigh the cons for a beginner like me. Additionally, it’s important to note that this set is only available for right-handed players, so left-handed golfers would need to look elsewhere.

Overall, the Aspire Ladies Pink Right Handed Golf Club Set offers great value, style, and function for any beginner woman golfer. The comprehensive set, designed for distance and forgiveness, makes me feel more confident on the golf course. I highly recommend this set to any woman starting her golf journey.

Buying Guide

A female golfer swinging her beginners golf club

As a beginner in the world of golf, it’s essential to choose the right clubs to help you improve your skills. In this buying guide, I’ll outline some key factors to consider when selecting the best women’s beginner golf clubs.

Type of Clubs

Beginners should start with a basic set of clubs that includes a driver, fairway woods, irons, and a putter. Here’s a brief rundown of each type:

  • Driver: Used for long-distance shots off the tee
  • Fairway woods: Used for medium to long-distance shots, typically from the fairway
  • Irons: Used for a range of shots depending on the club number, with higher numbers typically used for shorter distances
  • Putter: Used for close-range shots on the green

Club Length & Shaft Flexibility

It’s important to find clubs with the correct length and shaft flexibility for your height and swing speed. To determine your ideal club length, visit a local golf store for a fitting. For shaft flexibility, consider the following:

  • Ladies (L) flex: Designed for slower swing speeds, typically under 60 mph
  • Senior (A) flex: Designed for moderately slow swing speeds, between 60 and 75 mph
  • Regular (R) flex: Suitable for average swing speeds, between 75 and 90 mph

Grip Size

The grip size of your clubs should be comfortable and provide adequate control. Grips come in various sizes, from undersized to oversized. It’s essential to try out different grip sizes to find the optimal fit for your hands.

Clubhead Design

Two primary clubhead designs can impact the performance of your clubs: cavity back and blade. Cavity back clubheads typically have a larger sweet spot and are more forgiving, making them ideal for beginners. Blade clubheads are more challenging to hit consistently but can provide greater control and shot-shaping ability.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are essential clubs for female beginners?

As a beginner woman golfer, it’s important to have a few essential clubs in your bag. These include a driver, a fairway wood, a hybrid, irons (7-9), a pitching wedge, a sand wedge and a putter. These clubs offer versatility and ease of use, which will help you develop your skills and gain confidence on the golf course.

How to select the right golf clubs for a woman?

To select the right golf clubs for a woman, consider factors such as the golfer’s height, swing speed, and skill level. Seek clubs with a lighter weight, more flexible shafts, and shorter club lengths, as they tend to be better-suited for women. Additionally, look for clubs with larger, more forgiving clubheads to boost confidence and improve accuracy.

Do women’s golf clubs have specific features?

Yes, women’s golf clubs have specific features. They are generally designed with lighter and more flexible shafts, shorter lengths, and often have larger, more forgiving clubheads. These features make the clubs more user-friendly and easier to swing, which can lead to improved performance on the course.

What are top-rated women’s golf club sets?

Some top-rated women’s golf club sets are available on the market. These sets are praised for their quality, performance and design specifically suited for female golfers, making them popular choices for beginners and more experienced players alike.

Where to find affordable ladies golf clubs?

There are a few options for finding affordable ladies golf clubs. Shopping online at retailers like Amazon, Rock Bottom Golf or Global Golf is a good starting point. Additionally, visiting local golf shops or pro shops may offer sales or discounts on a selection of clubs. Finally, consider buying used clubs from sources like eBay, Facebook Marketplace or local thrift stores, as they can offer a more budget-friendly option while still providing quality equipment.

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