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Best Winter Golf Gloves 2024: Top Choices for Cold Weather Play

Last Updated on January 24, 2024

Winter challenges golfers with its cold, harsh conditions, but the right winter golf gloves can make all the difference. Drawing from my extensive experience in golfing gear, I’ve tested and identified gloves that offer the best grip, warmth, and comfort for cold-weather play. This guide will help you choose gloves that balance insulation and grip-enhancing materials, ensuring your hands stay warm and your game sharp. Join me in exploring the top picks that will elevate your winter golfing experience.

Our Top Choices

As a golf enthusiast, I understand the importance of finding the perfect winter golf gloves to keep my hands warm and comfortable during the colder months. Below is my personally curated list of the best winter golf gloves available on Amazon to help you enhance your game in chilly weather.

Callaway Golf Thermal Grip Gloves

The Callaway Golf Thermal Grip Gloves are a reliable option to keep your hands warm and maintain a solid grip during winter golf games.


  • Excellent grip in wet conditions
  • Water-repellent and wind-protective outer shell
  • Warm thermal fleece inner lining


  • May run slightly smaller in size
  • Not incredibly warm in extreme cold
  • No variation in design or color

I recently took these gloves out to the golf course on a cold and windy day, and I must say, they performed surprisingly well. The digitized synthetic leather palm provided a great grip even in wet conditions, and the microfiber outer shell did a good job in repelling water and blocking out the wind.

The thermal fleece lining inside the gloves kept my hands warm throughout the game. Although I wouldn’t say they are made for extreme cold weather conditions, they definitely take the edge off on colder days. The adjustable closure ensures a secure fit, although I did find the sizing to be slightly smaller than expected. So, if you have larger hands, consider ordering a size up.

Overall, I enjoyed using the Callaway Golf Thermal Grip Gloves for my winter golf sessions. They did a good job in keeping my hands warm while offering an impressive grip even in challenging conditions. However, it’s worth noting that they may not be ideal for extremely cold weather and their design and color variation is limited. If you’re in search of reliable gloves to enhance your winter golf experience, these gloves might be the right choice for you.

FootJoy Men’s WinterSof Golf Gloves

I highly recommend these gloves for golfers seeking comfort and warmth during winter rounds.


  • Excellent cool-weather grip
  • Sold in pairs
  • Warm and windproof design


  • Limited heat capturing performance
  • May slightly hamper grip
  • No warranty provided

Upon using the FootJoy Men’s WinterSof Golf Gloves, I immediately noticed their incredible cool-weather grip, which allows me to maintain a consistent and secure hold on my golf club even when temperatures drop. The auto suede knit palm material ensures a soft feel and a comfortable fit, making these gloves ideal for winter golf sessions.

What I appreciate about these gloves is that they are sold in pairs, providing my hands with complete protection during cold weather. The extended knit cuff is a thoughtful addition that helps keep the warmth in and the cold out, further enhancing my overall comfort on the course.

Another impressive feature of these gloves is their windproof and waterproof design. The structured nylon and weather-shield foam fleece on the back of the gloves help retain warmth, while their reflective piping adds a touch of safety and visibility off the golf course.

However, despite their warmth and wind resistance, the gloves have limited heat capturing performance. While they keep my fingers from getting too cold, I believe there is room for improvement, especially in extreme cold conditions. Additionally, some users may feel their grip is slightly hampered by the WinterSof gloves, although the trade-off is warm fingers during cold rounds. Finally, it’s worth noting that these gloves do not come with a warranty.

In conclusion, I’m confident that FootJoy Men’s WinterSof Golf Gloves are a worthwhile purchase for golfers who want to keep their hands warm and maintain a consistent grip during winter games. Despite some minor drawbacks, these gloves provide a comfortable and secure fit, making them invaluable for cold weather golfing.

FINGER TEN Winter Golf Gloves

The FINGER TEN Winter Golf Gloves are a reliable choice for anyone seeking a warm and secure grip on their clubs during colder weather.


  • Keeps hands warm with windproof and snowproof material
  • Suede microfiber palm provides soft feel and secure grip
  • Convenient built-in ball marker


  • Slightly bulky
  • Size runs large
  • May not be suitable for very wet conditions

I recently played a round of golf during a chilly autumn day, and I must say, the FINGER TEN Winter Golf Gloves really came in handy. The warmth they provided thanks to their windproof and snowproof microfiber fleece material kept my hands comfortable throughout the game. Additionally, the suede microfiber 3D pattern on the palm ensured a soft feel and secure grip when swinging the club.

Though they did an excellent job at keeping my hands warm, I found the gloves to be slightly bulky. It didn’t necessarily hinder my swing, but it was noticeable at first. Another thing I observed was that the sizing seemed to be running a bit large, so I’d recommend double-checking the size chart before purchasing.

While the gloves performed well in cold and windy conditions, I would be cautious about their effectiveness in very wet weather. However, the convenience of the built-in ball marker on the glove was a pleasant surprise that made marking my ball on the green easy and efficient in the cold weather.

Overall, the FINGER TEN Winter Golf Gloves are a good investment if you’re searching for a pair of gloves that can keep your hands warm and provide a comfortable grip during colder rounds of golf. Just be mindful of the sizing and their performance in extremely wet conditions.

CRAFTSMAN GOLF Camouflage Winter Soft Touch Screen Golf Gloves Pack of 2

These gloves strike a balance between style, functionality, and comfort in winter golfing conditions.


  • Touch screen compatible
  • Windproof and anti-slip design
  • Practical buckle to avoid losing a glove


  • Inconsistent sizing around the wrist
  • Touch screen function may wear over time
  • Hand wash only

I recently tried out these CRAFTSMAN GOLF winter golf gloves and was quite impressed with their overall performance. They kept my hands warm and provided a good grip on the club, even in colder weather.

The touch screen compatibility was a nice bonus. I was able to use my phone without removing the gloves, which saved me the hassle of constantly taking them on and off. However, I did notice that the touch screen pads seemed to lose some functionality after a few rounds. I’m not yet sure how long it will last, but it’s something to keep an eye on.

One issue I encountered was the sizing inconsistency around the wrist area. I didn’t find it to be a huge problem, but it’s worth noting if wrist comfort and fit are essential to your experience. The gloves’ visual design is impressive too – they look cool, and the camouflage pattern adds a unique touch to the overall appearance.

The windproof feature and anti-slip design on the palm worked well, allowing me to maintain control in windy conditions. The gloves also come with a helpful buckle to keep them together when not in use – a small, but highly practical detail.

The main drawback was the hand-washing requirement. As a busy golfer, I’d prefer something machine washable. However, I understand that this might be necessary to preserve the gloves’ features.

Overall, if you’re seeking winter golf gloves with an appealing design and reasonable functionality, I’d recommend CRAFTSMAN GOLF’s offering with some reservations. Pay attention to sizing inconsistencies and touch screen performance if those aspects are crucial to your game.

FootJoy StaSoft Winter Golf Gloves

The FootJoy StaSoft Winter Golf Gloves provide a balanced combination of warmth, grip, and flexibility for cool weather play.


  • Excellent grip with Taction3 advanced performance leather
  • Comfortable and precise fit with 3-directional closure
  • Improved breathability and flexibility with perforations and power net mesh


  • Some users reported durability issues with seams
  • Not suitable for extreme cold conditions
  • Incorrect color advertised on some orders

I recently had the opportunity to try out the FootJoy StaSoft Winter Golf Gloves during a few rounds of golf in cooler weather. These gloves felt comfortable from the moment I put them on, thanks to their proprietary 3-directional closure that allowed for a snug and precise fit.

The grip on these gloves is truly impressive. The Taction3 advanced performance leather by Pittards of England ensures that they stay soft and offer unmatched grip, even in moist conditions. As someone who often struggles with maintaining a secure grip during the colder months, this feature was a significant game-changer for me.

Breathability and flexibility were other standout features of the FootJoy StaSoft Winter Golf Gloves. The strategically placed perforations and power net mesh allowed for excellent air movement and greater range of motion during swings. However, it is important to note that these gloves may not provide adequate warmth in extreme cold conditions.

The only concern I had while using these gloves was the durability of the seams. Some users reported that the seams on the fingers came apart quickly with regular use. I have not personally experienced this issue, but potential buyers should be aware of it. Additionally, some orders were incorrectly advertised as the Pearl color variant, instead receiving standard black gloves.

In conclusion, the FootJoy StaSoft Winter Golf Gloves are a great pair of gloves for cool weather golfing. They offer a comfortable fit, impressive grip, and good breathability. However, there may be concerns about durability, and they are not ideal for golfers looking for gloves to handle extreme cold temperatures.

FootJoy Women’s WinterSof Golf Gloves

If you’re seeking warmth and comfort without sacrificing grip during cold-weather rounds, these gloves are an excellent choice.


  • Soft feel and consistent fit with water-resistant Autosuede
  • Sold in pairs
  • Extended knit cuff to keep warmth in


  • May run small in size
  • Grip may not be as strong as traditional golf gloves
  • No warranty provided

I recently got the opportunity to try the FootJoy Women’s WinterSof Golf Gloves during a chilly golf session. The first thing I noticed was their Sure-Grip Autosuede knit palm, which provided a secure grip even in those cool weather conditions. This feature made them perfect for winter golfing.

However, I found that the sizing ran a bit small, so it’s essential to consider this when purchasing. I opted for a size up to ensure a comfortable fit. Once I got the right size, the gloves were snug and the extended knit cuff kept the warmth in as promised. The gloves don’t feel bulky, which is great for maintaining an effective swing.

My only concern was that I felt the grip could have been better. While they do offer some decent grip, it wasn’t as strong as my usual golf gloves. Nevertheless, I was still able to perform well on the course despite the chilly weather.

In summary, the FootJoy Women’s WinterSof Golf Gloves keep your hands warm and comfortable while playing winter rounds. Just be mindful of the sizing and potential grip limitations. Overall, I’d recommend these gloves for cold-weather golfers who value warmth and comfort.

HJ Glove Winter Performance Golf Gloves

These gloves are a great choice for golfers seeking both warmth and performance during winter games.


  • Comfortable and warm thermal fleece
  • Durable and soft cabretta leather palm
  • Adjustable Velcro closure


  • Stitching may come apart with heavy use
  • Size may run small
  • Limited variety in size range

After using the HJ Glove Winter Performance Golf Gloves during a colder day on the course, I appreciated the soft and warm thermal fleece that kept my hands comfortable. The cabretta leather palm ensured excellent grip and durability, which allowed me to play without constantly adjusting or compromising my swings.

The adjustable Velcro closure on these gloves was a nice feature, as it allowed me to secure them tightly to my hands for the best fit. However, I noticed that the size seemed to run a bit small, and the available sizes seemed limited. Those with larger hands or looking for more variety might need to consider other options.

In terms of performance, I had no issues with grip or flexibility. However, as I used these gloves more frequently, I began to notice some wear between the fingers, with the stitching starting to come apart. While this may be an isolated issue, it is essential to keep in mind that heavy use could potentially cause issues with the gloves’ durability.

Overall, I found the HJ Glove Winter Performance Golf Gloves to be a great accessory for the colder months, offering warmth, comfort and excellent grip. However, some minor durability issues and limited size options might make them less suitable for golfers with larger hands or those requiring more heavy-duty gloves.

FINGER TEN Winter Golf Gloves Mittens

The FINGER TEN Winter Golf Gloves are a solid choice for those seeking a warm, waterproof, and practical solution for cold weather golfing.


  • Warm thermal fleece lining
  • Waterproof and windproof
  • Zippered pocket for valuables


  • Only one size available
  • Grip could be improved
  • May not be as durable as expected

After using these gloves on multiple chilly golf outings, I appreciate the thermal fleece lining that keeps my hands warm even in cold, windy, and snowy conditions. The cuff closure at the wrist effectively seals out cold air, and the materials used for both the palm and back are waterproof and windproof.

One feature I’ve found particularly convenient is the zippered pocket on the back of each glove. There’s enough space to hold my golf cart keys, cards, and money, and I even put hand warmers in there on extra cold days. The anti-slip PU on the palm and thumb provides decent grip for swinging, although it could offer more grip performance during cold days.

While these gloves are great for functions such as warmth and weather protection, I feel the need to mention that they are only available in one size. This might be an issue for those with particularly small or large hands. Additionally, despite their positive attributes, I found signs of wear after about 10 golf sessions, which is a bit concerning.

In conclusion, FINGER TEN Winter Golf Gloves offer a warm, waterproof, and windproof solution for golfers during cold weather conditions. The added benefit of the zippered pocket for valuables is a nice touch. However, their potential lack of durability and limited sizing availability should be considered before making a purchase.

Zero Friction Men’s Storm All Weather Golf Gloves

These gloves are ideal for winter golfers looking for a durable and comfortable grip in wet or humid conditions.


  • Reinforced Lycra for strength and durability
  • Suede grip for wet and humid weather
  • Detachable tee and ball marker


  • Not as durable as leather gloves
  • One size fits all may not suit everyone
  • Colors may vary from pictures

I recently tried out the Zero Friction Men’s Storm All Weather Golf Gloves and found them to be quite suitable for winter golfing. The reinforced Lycra material provided my hands with the strength and durability I needed to withstand the harsh weather conditions. In addition, the premium microfiber suede offered a solid grip even in wet or humid weather. This was a game changer for me as I often struggled with maintaining a strong grip in such conditions.

Another unique feature I appreciated was the detachable tee and ball marker. This convenient addition made it easier for me to keep track of my game without any hassle. However, I noticed that these gloves were not as durable as leather options, which might be a concern for some golfers.

Although the gloves are labeled as one size fits all, I understand that this might not be the perfect fit for everyone, as some users may have smaller or larger hands than average. I didn’t have any issues with the fit myself, but it’s worth noting for potential buyers. I also noticed that the colors of the gloves I received varied slightly from the images displayed on the product page.

In conclusion, the Zero Friction Men’s Storm All Weather Golf Gloves are a great choice for winter golfers, offering a comfortable and secure grip in wet and humid conditions. With some minor caveats regarding durability and sizing, these gloves are still a valuable addition to any golfer’s winter golf gear.

FOCO Men’s NCAA Gradient Big Logo Insulated Winter Gloves

These FOCO Men’s NCAA Gradient Big Logo Insulated Winter Gloves are worth considering for their warmth, functionality, and team spirit.


  • Officially licensed team design
  • Gripping material on palm for better control
  • Adjustable nylon strap for customized fit


  • Limited size and color options
  • May not suit those without team affiliation
  • Not specifically designed for golfing

When I first put on the FOCO Men’s NCAA Gradient Big Logo Insulated Winter Gloves, I noticed how comfortable they were. The super-soft, insulated inside kept my hands warm while out on the golf course during those chilly winter days. The team logo and wordmark logo displayed on the cuff added a nice touch, showing off my support for the Tennessee Volunteers.

One of the key features that I appreciated was the gripping material on the palm of the gloves. This added extra traction and control during my swing, which is essential during those cold weather golf sessions. Moreover, the adjustable nylon strap allowed me to achieve a secure fit, ensuring the gloves would not slip during my swing.

Although I enjoyed my experience with these FOCO gloves, I also noticed some limitations. The gloves have a limited range of sizes and color options, which could be an issue for some golfers. Furthermore, the gloves may not appeal to golfers who aren’t interested in showing off team affiliation. Lastly, while the gloves performed well in cold weather, they might not provide the same features and benefits as gloves specifically designed for golfing.

Overall, the FOCO Men’s NCAA Gradient Big Logo Insulated Winter Gloves are a solid choice for golf enthusiasts looking for warmth and functionality on the course. The added bonus of team spirit makes these gloves an ideal choice for avid supporters of their favorite NCAA teams.

Buying Guide

When it comes to choosing the best winter golf gloves, there are a few key factors that I look for to ensure both comfort and performance on the course. In this buying guide, I will share the features that I consider most important when selecting a pair of winter golf gloves.


Firstly, the material of a glove plays a crucial role in providing warmth and comfort. Gloves made from synthetic materials like polyester and spandex are popular choices due to their water-resistant and insulating properties. However, some golfers may prefer the natural feel of leather gloves, which can offer excellent grip and durability.


Proper insulation is essential for winter golf gloves, as it helps to keep my hands warm during the colder months. I like to look for gloves that feature a thermal lining, which is designed to capture and retain heat. This can be comprised of materials such as fleece or Thinsulate.


Getting the right fit is critical when it comes to selecting a pair of gloves. A glove that is too tight can restrict the movement of my hands, while a glove that is too loose may not provide the necessary grip or warmth. To find the perfect fit, I measure the circumference of my hand and use the manufacturer’s sizing chart as a guide.


Golf requires the use of precise hand and wrist movements, so it’s essential that my winter golf gloves allow for full range of motion. I look for gloves with flexible materials and a pre-curved finger design, which ensures that I can maintain a comfortable grip on the club without feeling restricted.


Lastly, securing a firm grip on the club is vital in any weather condition. For this reason, I prioritize gloves with specialized grip-enhancing features, such as textured or silicone surfaces. This will help me maintain control over my swing, even in wet or cold conditions.

By considering these factors, I can confidently choose the best winter golf gloves to suit my individual needs and preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top winter golf gloves for warmth and grip?

In my experience, some of the best winter golf gloves that offer a perfect blend of warmth and grip are gloves that feature specialized insulation materials to keep your hands warm and provide a solid, non-slip grip.

How do I select the right size for winter golf gloves?

To select the right size for your winter golf gloves, you can use a tape measure to find the circumference of your hand around the knuckles, excluding the thumb. Once you have the measurement, you can compare it with the glove brand’s sizing chart to find the perfect fit. Remember, a good-fitting glove should fit snugly but not too tightly.

Are there any waterproof golf gloves for playing in snowy conditions?

Yes, there are waterproof golf gloves designed specifically for playing in snowy conditions. These gloves are made with synthetic materials that provide a waterproof barrier against moisture, enabling you to play comfortably in snowy or wet conditions.

Which brands offer the highest quality winter golf gloves?

Some of the top brands that offer high-quality winter golf gloves include brands that are well-known for their exceptional workmanship, use of quality insulation materials, and providing good grip and flexibility.

What materials are commonly used in winter golf gloves for insulation?

Common materials used for insulation in winter golf gloves include fleece, microfibers like Thinsulate, and synthetic materials such as Primaloft. These materials are lightweight, provide excellent insulation, and maintain their insulating properties even when damp or wet.

Can I wash and maintain my winter golf gloves easily?

Yes, you can easily wash and maintain your winter golf gloves. Most gloves can be cleaned using cold water and mild detergent. After washing, gently squeeze the glove to remove excess water and then let it air dry naturally. Avoid wringing the gloves or using heat sources such as dryers or radiators, as they can damage the materials or shrink the gloves. Regularly washing and maintaining your gloves will help extend their lifespan and keep them in good condition.

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