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Best Sneakers for Golf: Enhancing Your Game with Top Footwear Choices

Last Updated on March 5, 2024

As an expert in golf attire with a deep understanding of its impact on performance, I recognize the growing trend of golf sneakers as a fusion of style and function. This article, backed by extensive experience and rigorous testing, is crafted to guide you through choosing the best golf sneakers. It balances the essential features like traction, support, and comfort with the latest styles, ensuring your footwear enhances both your game and your personal expression on the course.

Our Top Choices

In our search for optimal performance on the green, we understand how crucial it is to have the right footwear. Our selection of the best sneakers for golf is curated to enhance your game by providing stability, comfort, and style. We’ve considered factors such as grip, waterproofing, and design to ensure you find a pair that suits your needs and keeps you focused on your swing.

FJ Golf Sneakers

We believe these FJ Golf Sneakers offer a solid balance of comfort and performance for any golfer.


  • Offer a generous fit for wider feet
  • No break-in period required; comfortable from day one
  • Effective traction during play


  • Some users report they’re not fully waterproof
  • May feel the spikes through the sole when walking
  • Waterproofing may not hold up against morning dew

After lacing up the FJ Golf Sneakers, I immediately noticed the roomier toe space, which accommodated my wider feet perfectly. The snug fit around the heel ensured it stayed put during swings.

Walking the fairways felt natural, almost as if these shoes molded to my feet right out of the box. The built-in cleats gripped the turf firmly, instilling confidence on uneven lies.

Coverage from morning dew is a common expectation, yet my socks ended up slightly damp after a round. While many shoes boast of waterproof features, it became clear that in wet conditions, these may fall short.

Continuing to wear them brought a realization; they’re constructed more like traditional sneakers than the bulky golf shoes of yesteryear. However, during longer treks, I could feel the pressure points of the spikes – something to consider for those who prefer walking the full 18 holes.

Despite the waterproofing concern, these FJ Golf Sneakers struck a balance between athletic design and specialized golf shoe features, making them a reasonable choice, especially for dry conditions or those who ride in carts.


After multiple rounds on the course, we firmly believe the PUMA Ignite NXT is a strong choice for golfers seeking comfort, durability, and a modern look.


  • Excellent energy return, keeps us comfortable through 18 holes
  • Waterproof mesh holds up well against morning dew
  • Stylish design that transitions smoothly from the course to the clubhouse


  • Slightly stiff out of the box, requiring some break-in time
  • Not ideal for those with wide feet due to a narrower fit
  • May need to size down as they run a bit long

I recently had the opportunity to walk a full course wearing the PUMA Ignite NXT Golf Shoes. The experience was quite impressive; the shoes provided a stable footing during swings and the ignite foam midsole made walking the undulating terrain feel effortless. The sole’s grip handled all types of surfaces confidently, whether it was the short grass of the fairway or the slippery edge of a water hazard.

The waterproof aspect of these shoes stood out to me, especially during a morning round. My feet stayed completely dry despite the dew on the grass, which is something I value highly in golf sneakers. However, I did notice the shoes felt tight over the midfoot area, which suggests they may not be the best fit for golfers with wider feet.

Throughout the day, the PUMA Ignite NXT retained its comfort, thanks in part to the full-length foam midsole that effectively absorbed the shock of walking on the harder cart paths. Their sleek design garnered compliments from my playing partners, making them a stylish option not just for the greens but also for casual wear afterward. Sizing was the only minor setback; the pair I opted for was slightly too long, hinting that half a size down would likely offer a better fit.

Zakey Golf Sneakers

If you’re in search of a comfortable, spikeless golf shoe that keeps your feet dry on dew-covered mornings, this pair is worth considering.


  • Impressive waterproof capabilities that keep feet dry
  • Notably comfortable, suitable for walking long distances
  • Aesthetically pleasing design that compliments golf attire


  • Added insoles might be necessary for enhanced comfort
  • Lack of removable spikes or pads may affect traction customization
  • Some users report issues with durability over time

The waterproof construction of the Zakey Golf Sneakers keeps your feet unbothered by moisture, a feature we found exceptionally reliable.

Walking a full 18 holes takes its toll, but these sneakers are up to the task. Their comfort level is spot on; they’re light on your feet and support you hole after hole. The sleek look is just the cherry on top, blending seamlessly with your golfing wardrobe. But, in the spirit of full transparency, we noticed the comfort could be even better with an extra pair of insoles.

Zakey Waterproof Golf Sneaks

We think the Zakey Waterproof Golf Shoes are a solid pick for golfers wanting to keep their feet dry without sacrificing comfort on the green.


  • Effective waterproofing
  • Comfortably cushioned insole
  • Reasonably priced


  • Spikes may require replacing
  • Potential durability issues
  • Can leave marks on greens

After spending a round on the course with the Zakey Waterproof Golf Shoes, we noticed our feet remained impressively dry, even when the morning dew threatened to seep through. The balance between a rigid grip and cushioning is crucial, and these shoes managed to strike that just right. Their price tag was the cherry on top, proving you don’t have to empty your wallet for dry, cozy feet on the course.

Our second round exposed a hiccup with the spikes. A few seemed to loosen, which is a fixable issue, but something to keep in mind if you dread equipment maintenance. Still, their comfort level persisted, cradling our feet seamlessly as we navigated from hole to hole.

Over time, some concerns about the long-term durability surfaced. A fellow golfer mentioned the shoes began showing wear after a few months, especially around the toe area. We also observed that on softer greens, the spikes left noticeable imprints. It’s something to be mindful of if meticulous green conditions are paramount for you or your golf club.

Our outing with the Zakey Waterproof Golf Sneaks confirmed that they offer a commendable balance of waterproofing and comfort. However, the concern over durability and spike performance is worth considering before purchase.

Ifrich Comfort Golf Sneakers

We think these Ifrich golf sneakers are a stellar pick for golfers who prioritize comfort and value in their footwear on the course.


  • Excellent balance of comfort and stability
  • Aesthetically pleasing with a modern design
  • Remarkably easy to clean and maintain


  • May require ordering a half-size smaller for optimal fit
  • Limited to no spike design may reduce traction on wet grass
  • Predominantly casual look might not appeal to traditionalists

Stepping onto the course with the Ifrich Professional Men Golf Shoes felt like a breath of fresh air – lightweight and noticeably comfortable. The lace-up closure ensured a secure fit that didn’t require constant retying, and not once did we feel stability was compromised throughout the game. Their sleek white gold design turned heads and even matched well with our casual wear post-round.

Following a full day of walking the greens, we appreciated the polyurethane material’s resilience against dirt and grass stains. Cleaning them was hassle-free, just a quick wipe and they looked good as new, ready for another round. Durability combined with low maintenance makes these shoes a solid choice for frequent golfers.

Our final thoughts: with Ifrich’s blend of comfort and style, these sneakers seem to be a secret weapon for the casual golfer. Not only do they perform well on dry days, but they also double as stylish everyday wear. Despite this, those looking for a more traditional, sport-specific shoe with spikes might have to consider other options.

New Balance 574 Greens

For golfers seeking a blend of classic style with modern comfort, the New Balance 574 Greens is a compelling choice I’ve thoroughly enjoyed on the course.


  • Impressive waterproofing keeps feet dry in wet conditions.
  • Excellent comfort, especially after the initial break-in period.
  • Reliable traction with the flexible, spikeless design.


  • Runs slightly narrow; may require sizing up for a better fit.
  • Limited breathability due to waterproof materials.
  • May be snug for those with a high instep or very wide feet.

The 574 Greens Golf Shoe by New Balance truly excels in keeping your feet dry throughout play. I’ve tested them on dewy mornings and in light rain, and my feet stayed perfectly dry thanks to the waterproof microfiber leather and mesh upper. What’s more, the two-year waterproof warranty adds an extra layer of confidence when making this investment.

Comfort-wise, these shoes deliver. Although they started off a bit narrower than I anticipated, a little wear was all it took for them to mold to my feet’s shape. The extra-thick PU sockliner is a nice touch, enhancing the underfoot plushness and making long walks on the fairway a breeze.

Traction on the greens and in the rough was never an issue during my rounds. The NDurance spikeless rubber cupsole grips the ground firmly without damaging delicate greens. I’ve been able to swing with confidence, even on uneven terrain where stability is key.

One point to note is that while the shoes are waterproof, I found them to be a tad less breathable. For those particularly hot days, this might lead to some discomfort. Additionally, golfers with high insteps or extra-wide feet might find the fit challenging, though going up a half size has been a successful fix for many, including myself.

In summary, I’ve worn the New Balance 574 Greens on various occasions and they’ve consistently performed. The blend of timeless New Balance aesthetics with golf-specific functionality makes them a solid shoe for any golfer.

PUMA Grip Fusion Sport

I found this shoe to provide outstanding comfort on the course, making it a strong choice for golfers.


  • Exceptional comfort during prolonged play
  • Lightweight design doesn’t weigh down your feet
  • Fashionable, modern aesthetic


  • Fit runs slightly small; may need to size up
  • Grip may falter on wet surfaces
  • Seam placement can lead to discomfort

After several rounds of golf, the PUMA Men’s Grip Fusion Sport Golf Shoe impressed with unmatched comfort. Its soft cushioning from the Softfoam footbed made the walk along the fairway as enjoyable as the game itself. The smooth, heathered mesh upper breathed well, keeping my feet cool and reducing any clamminess on warmer days.

The lightweight construction of these shoes is a serious game changer. They felt nearly undetectable as I traversed the greens, allowing me to focus solely on my swing, not on my feet. The spikeless rubber sole provided a secure footing on dry grass, and the sleek design turned a few heads at the clubhouse.

However, I would suggest getting a half-size larger than your usual size as they do run a bit snug. On a dewy morning, the grip was a tad less reliable than I would have hoped, though this is common for spikeless options. Over time, I noticed one of the seams pressed in an awkward spot against my foot, though this was a minor gripe as it softened with wear.

Overall, the PUMA Grip Fusion delivers both performance and style, and aside from a few easily manageable quirks, it’s a worthwhile addition to any golfer’s attire.

adidas Tech Response

If you’re searching for golf sneakers that blend style, comfort, and performance without breaking the bank, the adidas Tech Response is a smart pick.


  • Exceptional comfort and fit
  • Stylish crossover appeal
  • Excellent grip and stability on the turf


  • Not made for wet conditions
  • Standard laces may require replacing
  • Ventilation could be too much on cooler days

After a few rounds on the green with these adidas golf shoes, I must say their comfort level is just what you’d expect from a brand known for crafting sneakers for sport. The breathable material keeps my feet cool, which is perfect for those long sunny days on the course.

Walking from hole to hole, I feel the support and responsive cushioning, especially from the EVA midsole. They’re lightweight too, so my feet don’t feel heavy as I navigate the fairways and approach shots.

The spikeless design didn’t fail me once, providing a reliable grip throughout my play. While these aren’t meant for damp conditions—and I learned that firsthand—they’re an excellent choice for dry days. Plus, they don’t look out of place if I make stops before or after my game, which I appreciate for the versatility.

In short, the adidas Men’s Tech Response Golf Shoes offer great value. They keep my game steady and my feet satisfied round after round.

PUMA Ignite Fasten8

If you’re seeking both comfort and style on the golf course, the PUMA Ignite Fasten8 will not disappoint.


  • Exceptional midfoot support and personalized fit.
  • High energy return and comfort from the IGNITE FOAM.
  • The sole’s organic traction pattern enhances grip during your swing.


  • May require a break-in period for optimal comfort.
  • Some might find the fit tighter than expected.
  • Style may not appeal to all athletes.

After recently taking the PUMA Ignite Fasten8 for a spin on the links, I immediately noticed the support around my midfoot, thanks to the TPU PWR Cage. The integrated webbing straps provided by the FASTEN8 system wrapped my foot snugly, ensuring I felt secure as I tackled each hole. As someone who’s been playing golf for years, the significance of a stable swing isn’t lost on me, and this shoe delivered exactly that.

Comfort is key for long days on the course, and the IGNITE FOAM didn’t disappoint. Walking from tee to green felt cushioned and responsive, a real testament to the shoe’s design. Moreover, the Sole Shield adds a layer of durability that I greatly appreciate, given how frequently I find myself playing.

The Pro-Form TPU outsole is a game-changer in terms of traction. The ORGANICALLY-ALTERED TRACTION pattern kept me grounded and confident through my swing, on both wet and dry grass. I also got a few compliments at the 19th hole on their sleek look—proof that you can combine functionality with style. Lastly, the breathable and waterproof performance mesh was hugely beneficial for those early morning rounds, keeping my feet dry throughout.


If you want a golf shoe that adapts to your movements and provides exceptional comfort, the PUMA Ignite PWRADAPT is the one to go for.


  • Superior comfort with a tailored fit
  • Advanced traction on the greens
  • Waterproofing holds up well initially


  • Takes time to break in for optimal comfort
  • Durability of lace loops could improve
  • Sizing runs slightly large

The first time I slipped on the PUMA Ignite PWRADAPT, the comfort was noticeable. The shoe hugged my foot snugly, courtesy of the PWRCAGE saddle, giving me the confidence to focus solely on my swing. On the course, the PWRADAPT traction system stood out, adapting to varied terrains and allowing me to maintain my stance even on slippery slopes.

During a drizzly morning round, the Ignite PWRADAPT kept my feet dry, a testament to PUMA’s waterproofing claim. However, it’s worth considering that like most golf shoes, maintaining its water resistance over time will require proper care.

As I played more rounds, the shoes molded to my feet better, enhancing the comfort that was already quite impressive when they were new. Yet, to reach that peak comfort level, patience is necessary. It took a few rounds to get there.

One niggle I’ve found is with the durability of the lace loops. While the rest of the shoe shows excellent craftsmanship, this element seems susceptible to wear. I’d recommend handling them with care when lacing up.

Lastly, for those considering these shoes, bear in mind the sizing is a bit generous. If you’re between sizes or used to a tighter fit, you might want to size down or try them on before buying.

In sum, the PUMA Ignite PWRADAPT Caged Golf Shoe offers a blend of performance and plush comfort that’s hard to beat, and with some wear, they truly feel like an extension of your feet on the golf course.

Buying Guide

a man testing out sneakers for golf

Golf Sneaker Fit

We recommend always starting with the fit. A properly fitting golf sneaker can enhance your comfort and stability. Look for a snug fit at the midfoot with enough room in the toe box to wiggle your toes. Sizing can vary between manufacturers, so it’s crucial to try them on or check size guides.

FeatureWhat We Look ForWhy It’s Important
Heel SupportStable and snug fitPrevents slippage
MidfootComfortably tight fitEnhances support
Toe BoxSufficient spaceAllows movement

Material and Construction

The choice of material affects durability and weather resistance. We advise looking for materials that offer a balance between support and flexibility. Waterproof sneakers might have a more robust construction, which is beneficial for dew-covered courses or rainy weather. Consider the stitching and bonding quality to ensure longevity.

AspectsDesirable CharacteristicsPurpose
Upper MaterialBalance of flexibilityComfort & support
WaterproofingYes/NoWeather readiness
ConstructionHigh-quality stitchingDurability

Outsole and Grip

The outsole design impacts traction and stability during your golf swing. We suggest outsoles with non-clogging spikes or integrated traction patterns that maintain grip without damaging greens. Ensure the grip design matches the courses you usually play.

ElementsIdeal FeaturesImpact
Spike DesignNon-cloggingMaintains traction
Traction PatternMatches course terrainEnsures stability
DurabilityResistant materialsSustains performance

Comfort and Support

Our focus here is on in-shoe comfort. A good golf sneaker provides adequate cushioning and arch support. Check for padded insoles and midsoles that mitigate foot fatigue. Shoes that offer a custom fit, such as those with memory foam or adjustable straps, can also enhance comfort.

Comfort FeatureWhat We ValueBenefits
InsoleCushioning & supportReduces fatigue
MidsoleResponsive cushioningComfort over long periods
Fit AdjustmentsMemory foam/StrapsImproves fit

By prioritizing these features, we can select golf sneakers that deliver performance and comfort on the course. Remember that individual preferences may vary, and each golfer’s perfect sneaker choice can differ.

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