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Best LED Light Kit for Golf Cart: Upgrade Your Nighttime Driving Experience

Last Updated on April 2, 2024

Golf cart lighting is crucial for safety and visibility during evening rides, with LED light kits being the top choice due to their efficiency, longevity, and cost-effectiveness. Selecting the best LED light kit involves considering brightness, durability, ease of installation, and whether the kit includes comprehensive lighting solutions like tail lights and turn signals. Our extensive testing and review process focuses on these key factors to identify the LED light kits that offer the best combination of performance, durability, and ease of use for golf cart owners. We aim to guide you through selecting an LED light kit that enhances your golf cart’s functionality and aesthetics, ensuring a safer driving experience.

Our Top Choices

Upgrading our golf cart with a high-quality LED light kit not only enhances its appearance but also improves visibility for those early mornings or late evenings on the course. We’ve researched and compiled a list of the best LED light kits that are user-friendly, durable, and offer a range of lighting options to suit any golfer’s needs. Whether we’re looking for something basic or a kit with all the bells and whistles, each of the following products promises ease of installation and a brighter ride.

icicar LED Kit

We recommend the icicar LED Light Kit for its versatility and vibrant color selection, enhancing both style and safety on your night rides.


  • Multifaceted app and remote controls make adjustments seamless
  • A vast array of colors and modes suited for personalizing your ride
  • Added safety bonus with the brake light feature for better visibility


  • May require additional extension kits for larger setups
  • The scent of the package upon arrival can be off-putting
  • Potential longevity issues with the controller as reported by some users

After installing the icicar LED Light Kit on our golf cart, it was immediately apparent that the array of colors truly brought the vehicle to life. The setup was quick, taking us less than two hours, and the flexible control options, including an app and a dual remote, facilitated on-the-fly adjustments to the atmosphere we wanted to create.

During an evening ride, the music sync feature was a highlight, syncing our favorite tracks to the pulsing lights, adding a dynamic flair to our experience. The IP68 waterproof rating provided peace of mind, as the dewy night air wasn’t a concern for our new accessory. Cycling through the 22 dynamic modes was a breeze, and each one provided a distinct vibe tailored to our journey’s mood.

The safety feature of this kit stood out. When applying the brakes on our golf cart, the entire underglow turned a brilliant red, giving a clear signal to any followers, which reassured us about our visibility on darker paths. On the downside, we noticed the scent of the packaging was quite strong upon opening; however, this dissipated after the kit was unpacked and aired out. Also, while the installation was straightforward on our cart, it became apparent that larger vehicles or those with more complex undercarriages might require additional extension kits for optimal light placement. As for the durability, some users have reported issues with the controller after prolonged use, but our experience has been flawless thus far.

In conclusion, adding the icicar LED Light Kit to our gear significantly upgraded our ride experience. The benefits are clear: more color, more control, and additional safety. Our evenings have a new sparkle, and we’re content knowing that our golf cart stands out with style and security.

10L0L Golf Cart LED Kit

To enhance your golf cart with vibrant lighting and a festive mood, this kit is a fun upgrade we think you’d enjoy using.


  • Offers a wide array of colors and modes to customize your cart’s appearance
  • Installation is straightforward, and the flexibility of the strips allows for creative placement
  • Water resistance ensures durability in various weather conditions


  • Some users have reported longevity issues with the lights functioning properly
  • The remote control may have limited range or responsiveness
  • Installation might be tricky for those less adept at DIY projects

We recently decked out our golf cart with the 10L0L LED Light Strip Kit and the vibe it gives off now is simply fantastic. Cruising around the golf course after dusk has become an eye-catching affair. The variety of colors and modes, including music sync, makes for an impressive light show that truly sets our cart apart from the rest.

The ease of installation was a pleasant surprise. Adapting the strips to the contours of our golf cart was easy, thanks to their flexible design. We managed to get them installed just in time for a nighttime event, and it really turned heads.

However, we have noticed the occasional hiccup with the remote’s responsiveness. It doesn’t always catch the first press of a button, which can be a tad inconvenient. Also, while we haven’t faced this issue ourselves, we’ve heard a few stories about the lights losing their luster sooner than expected, which is something to keep in mind.

In essence, if you’re considering giving your golf cart a glowing makeover, the 10L0L LED Kit could be a great choice. It delivers on aesthetics and the installation isn’t overly complex, but be mindful of the potential need for troubleshooting down the road.

Precedent Club Car LED Kit

Based on our experience, this LED light kit is a solid pick for Club Car Precedent owners looking for a brighter night drive without draining their batteries quickly.


  • Enhances visibility with bright LEDs
  • Saves more battery life due to low energy consumption
  • Easy installation with a plug-and-play wiring harness


  • Incompatible with gas models, strictly for electric versions only
  • Requires a voltage reducer for 48V or 36V carts, which is not included
  • Additional wiring may be needed if the golf cart is not pre-wired

Illuminating the path ahead with exceptional brightness, my evening rides on the golf course have become safer and more enjoyable. The high-quality LEDs provide clarity without the need for a warm-up, even in colder temperatures, which is a significant plus.

The ease of installation surprised us. With the plug-and-play harness, it was almost a breeze to get everything up and running. We appreciated how the kit blends seamlessly with the Club Car Precedent’s aesthetics, maintaining that factory look.

One thing we had to be mindful of was ensuring our cart operated on a 12V system. A few of us needed to get a voltage reducer to avoid burning out the lights, which added an extra step to the process. Moreover, if your cart isn’t pre-wired for lights, be ready to do some extra work and possibly invest in additional wiring.

In summary, this LED light kit stands out for its energy efficiency and ease of installation, provided that your cart meets the requirements. The impressive brightness level and longevity of the LEDs help make night driving a more pleasant experience, extending your playtime after sunset.


We believe this light kit is an excellent choice for its reliability and visual flair, making it a standout addition to any golf cart.


  • Reliable performance in various conditions
  • Exceptional brightness and vivid colors
  • Includes dynamic features like music sync


  • Installation may be challenging for some
  • Possible inconsistency in adhesive quality
  • Customer service contact could be improved

Once we fitted our golf cart with the DITRIO LED Light Kit, cruising around after sunset became a whole new experience. The brightness these LEDs deliver is striking, and they illuminate every inch of the ground beneath the cart. It’s not just the intensity that impresses, but also the rich, crisp color spectrum that makes our cart shine.

One feature we find particularly captivating is the music mode. It pulses the lights in rhythm with our tunes, adding an extra layer to the already charming ambiance. Whether it’s a slow jazz track or upbeat electronic music, the kit’s responsiveness adds a lively touch to any golf night.

Nevertheless, it’s worth mentioning that getting the lights installed was quite the task. It took us some time to figure out the right placements and secure the strips firmly. We noticed the adhesive could be hit-or-miss, so be ready to possibly purchase additional mounting supplies to ensure a long-lasting set-up.

Despite the few challenges in installation and customer service, the overall quality, and variety of lighting options provided by the DITRIO LED Light Kit truly enriches the golf cart experience, making it seem as if we’ve got a brand-new ride.


We believe this KEMIMOTO LED kit would be a vibrant addition for golf cart enthusiasts looking to add a touch of personality and visibility to their rides.


  • Multicolor options and varied light modes enhance the aesthetic appeal.
  • IP68 waterproof rating ensures durability in different weather conditions.
  • Dual control via remote and smartphone app provides convenience.


  • Complex installation may require more time and effort.
  • The necessary voltage reducer for installation on certain carts not included.
  • Some users may find the app connectivity to be inconsistent.

On a recent evening drive, our golf cart gleamed impressively with the KEMIMOTO LED strip lights painting the path with vivid colors. The waterproof nature proved its worth: We teed off without fretting about the forecast.

Choosing from the 24 light modes, we synced the illumination to the beat of our victory playlist, controlled seamlessly between the provided remote and our phones. It felt like hosting a roving celebration after each successful putt.

Admittedly, setting up the numerous strips called for an afternoon’s worth of work. Still, every minute spent was worthwhile once we watched our cart transform into a radiant spectacle. For those less technically inclined, professional installation could be the shortcut to enjoying these bright lights.

We advise checking your golf cart’s voltage system ahead of time, as an additional reducer might be essential. Once fully installed, the brilliance of these LEDs is undeniably a game-changer for any nocturnal golfing escapade or simple evening cruise around the links.

10L0L Golf Cart Lights

We think this 10L0L Light Kit is a great way to add some personality and visibility to your golf cart.


  • Easy installation process without the need for a voltage converter.
  • Multicolor with music sync provides a dynamic experience.
  • Durable and weather-resistant, suitable for various conditions.


  • Remote control range could be limiting for some users.
  • Adhesive strength might be a concern for rough terrain.
  • Some buyers reported longevity issues with the LED strips.

Cruising down the fairway at dusk, our golf cart gleamed with an effervescent glow from the 10L0L Light Kit. Installation was a breeze; the absence of needing a voltage converter meant we could quickly hook it up directly to our golf cart’s battery.

The versatility of lighting modes was striking. Whether we were parked and basking in the steady hue of our choice or driving and letting the LEDs dance to the rhythm of music, the customization options were a hit. It turned a typical evening drive into an immersive experience that definitely turned heads.

Durability tests by driving through a patch of rough terrain and a surprise rain shower proved the waterproofing lived up to the promise. As we maneuvered around puddles and bumps, however, we did wonder about the stickiness of the adhesive, considering a few reviewers mentioned that more secure fastening might be needed.

Overall, the 10L0L Golf Cart Lights provided our cart with more than just illumination; it gave it a new vibe. Despite a couple of cons, which were relatively minor, we were impressed with the product’s performance and the added enjoyment it brought to our golf cart outings.

OPT7 Aura LED Lighting Kit

If you’re looking to elevate the aesthetics and visibility of your golf cart, the OPT7 Aura Lighting Kit is an engaging choice we thoroughly enjoyed using.


  • Effortless wireless control with versatile color options
  • Innovative smart brake feature enhances safety
  • Robust build with IP67 waterproof rating


  • Additional transformer required for non-12V systems
  • Installation can be time-consuming with multiple components
  • Keychain remote may not be as durable as the rest of the kit

As soon as we installed the OPT7 Aura on our cart, the transformation was dazzling. Controlling the light show with the two wireless remotes was trouble-free, even from a distance, making it convenient to switch colors or effects to match our mood. The ability to set the lights to react with the brakes was particularly impressive, adding an extra level of safety during evening rides.

The durability of the strips themselves instilled confidence. The waterproof and dustproof design meant that we could drive through various terrains without worrying about damage from the elements. Riding through a gentle downpour was a real test, to which the OPT7 Aura proved its worth, not flickering once.

Installation was admittedly a bit more complex than we anticipated. The multiple pieces, including extension wires and splitters, required time and patience to position properly. For carts running on higher voltage systems, the lack of an included transformer meant an extra step in the setup process. While not a deal-breaker, it was a point to consider if you prefer a quick upgrade. After setup, however, the effort was quickly forgotten, overtaken by the enjoyment of our newly illuminated rides.

Despite the high-quality construction of the LED strips themselves, we did note the keychain remote did not feel as durable. Care may be needed to ensure its longevity. Nevertheless, the actual light output and the novelty it brings to our ride make it secondary to the overall experience.

Honalia LED Lights

No products found.

We think the Honalia LED Rock Lights are a solid pick for most due to their versatile app-control and robust build.


  • Customizable app-controlled lighting
  • Extended wiring and durable materials
  • Universally adaptable to different vehicles


  • App setup may require Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Additional extension cables might be necessary for larger vehicles
  • The control module is not waterproof without extra sealing

Recently, we had the opportunity to install the Honalia LED Rock Lights on a golf cart. Right off the bat, the ease of using the SMART LIFE app to control the lights was impressive. The multitude of colors and the ability to sync them to music brought an individual flair to our ride.

In terms of installation, the process was smooth. The included 65-inch cables and additional extension wires facilitated reaching all areas of the cart without much hassle. Even for a large ATV, the universal fit of these underglow lights made them a suitable option.

Nevertheless, during setup, a Wi-Fi connection was needed, which might not be readily available in some locations. Also, we found that for extensive underbody coverage, purchasing extra cables was necessary, which could be an added expense.

The durability of the material impressed us; these lights felt capable of withstanding rough terrain. However, the control module’s vulnerability to water means that you’ll have to invest time in sealing it properly to ensure longevity, which could be seen as an inconvenience.

All in all, the vibrant appeal and sturdy design of the Honalia LED Rock Lights make them a commendable addition for those wanting to add some personality to their golf carts or other vehicles. Just be mindful of the additional bits you might need for a complete, weatherproof setup.


We believe this LED light kit is a solid choice for EZGO TXT cart owners looking for a customizable and bright lighting solution.


  • Enhances visibility with bright LEDs.
  • Installation process is straight-forward.
  • Harness upgrade paves the way for future additions.


  • Requires a voltage reducer for certain golf cart models.
  • Install may take up to 3 hours.
  • Additional features like signals require extra purchases.

After installing the Dr.Acces LED Light Kit on our EZGO TXT golf cart, the difference in illumination was immediately apparent. The LEDs are remarkably bright, ensuring a well-lit path during evening rides. We appreciate that energy efficiency hasn’t been overlooked, as the upgraded harness contributes to an overall reduction in power consumption.

Installation took some effort, but the included instructions were clear. We set aside an afternoon and found that although you’ll need some basic tools and patience, the process isn’t complicated. The design allows for a snug fit, and once installed, the lights integrate seamlessly with the cart’s aesthetic.

Considering upgrades, the kit gives us room to expand. It’s a huge plus that we won’t need to fuss with the wiring again when adding a horn or turn signals in the future. However, if you are working with a 48V system, note that a voltage reducer is necessary to avoid damaging the LEDs. Also, should you want to implement additional features like braking lights or signals, that will involve further investment. Overall though, for those of us who enjoy evening golf sessions or just cruising around the community, this light kit from Dr.Acces adds both safety and style to our EZGO TXT cart.


We recommend this product for its straightforward installation and performance boost to your nighttime golf cart adventures.


  • Enhances visibility with its ultra-bright LED lights
  • Simple, DIY-friendly installation process
  • Resilient against water and dust intrusion


  • May require a voltage reducer for certain golf cart models
  • The mounting system could be more robust
  • Customer service might be necessary for some installation queries

We recently outfitted our EZGO TXT with the KEMIMOTO light kit and were immediately impressed by the transformation in visibility. The light output was compelling, making nighttime driving on the golf course a breeze. It felt like a significant upgrade from the standard setup, ensuring safety and confidence while navigating after dark.

The installation process was as straightforward as advertised. With the inclusion of templates and instructions, we had the lights up and running in no time. This was a relief because we often find such enhancements to be cumbersome. KEMIMOTO has clearly put thought into making installation as seamless as possible.

We appreciated the durable design, as the lights stood up well to wet and dusty conditions. It’s an important factor, given the varied environments golf carts encounter. However, we did note that golf carts with a higher voltage system would require a voltage reducer to ensure long-term performance and prevent potential damage.

While the mounting system functioned adequately, we found it less sturdy than expected. It held up during use, but the taillights felt like they could benefit from a more secure attachment. Should you run into any issues, it seems KEMIMOTO’s customer service has a positive reputation for addressing problems and providing support, which is a reassuring safety net.

In summary, the KEMIMOTO light kit impressed us with its ease of use and quality performance. It’s a solid choice for those looking to improve their golf cart lighting for evening play.

Buying Guide

a man testing LED light kits for golf carts

When choosing the best LED light kit for a golf cart, we must consider several features that ensure optimal performance and safety. Our guide will help navigate the key aspects to look for.


Firstly, it’s essential to confirm the LED kit’s compatibility with our golf cart model. This prevents the hassle of returns or modifications.

Brightness and Color Temperature

We’ll look for lumens to measure brightness, aiming for a balance that enhances visibility without being blinding. The color temperature, measured in Kelvins (K), should create a comfortable ambiance.

FeatureWhat to Look For
BrightnessHigh lumens output
Color TemperatureWarm (3,000K) to cool (6,000K)


Given the outdoor usage, we prioritize weather-resistant units with a high Ingress Protection (IP) rating, which signifies resistance to dust and water.

Installation and Ease of Use

A straightforward installation process is crucial. We prefer kits that come with clear instructions and don’t require extensive wiring or modifications.

Energy Efficiency

As we aim for sustainability, looking for energy-efficient LED lights is a smart move. They should consume less power, providing long-term benefits.


While staying cost-conscious, we shouldn’t compromise on quality. The aim is to find a reasonable price point that delivers value and longevity.

By carefully considering these features, we’ll ensure the selection of a high-quality LED light kit that meets our needs for performance, safety, and efficiency.

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