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Best Golf Towel of 2024: Top Picks for Your Game

Last Updated on January 22, 2024

In golf, a sport where precision reigns supreme, even the smallest accessories can make a significant difference. As an expert with extensive experience in golfing gear, I’ve delved into the often-overlooked world of golf towels, essential for maintaining clean and effective equipment. This article, backed by thorough research and testing, will guide you in choosing the right golf towel, focusing on material, size, and practicality, to improve your overall game experience.

Our Top Choices

As a golf enthusiast, I’ve curated a list of the best golf towels available in the market to help you keep your clubs clean and dry. Enjoy browsing through my top picks!

STICKIT Magnetic Towel

The STICKIT Magnetic Towel is a must-have for golfers seeking convenience and high-quality performance in a golf towel.


  • Strong magnetic attachment
  • Highly absorbent and quick-drying
  • Easy to clean with removable magnetic patch


  • Limited color options
  • May blend in with golf cart
  • Size may be excessive for some users

I recently used the STICKIT Magnetic Towel on the course and was impressed by its features. The powerful industrial strength magnet made it very convenient for me to attach the towel to my golf clubs, cart, or any metal surface nearby. With a 25-pound pull strength, I didn’t have to worry about the towel falling off during my game.

The towel’s deep waffle pockets allowed for efficient cleaning of my golf club grooves, trapping dirt and debris effectively. The high-quality microfiber material made the STICKIT highly absorbent and allowed for a rapid dry time, which I found particularly useful after a round of golf.

Another great aspect of the STICKIT Magnetic Towel was its easy cleaning process. The removable magnetic patch ensured that I could safely machine wash and dry the towel without causing any damage. The all-weather silicon patch also provided extra protection against water and moisture.

However, there were a few drawbacks. My STICKIT only came in gray, which could make it difficult to spot when it was attached to the golf cart. I would have appreciated more color variety. Additionally, some golfers might find the 29-inch size of the towel to be bigger than necessary.

Overall, I highly recommend the STICKIT Magnetic Towel for its innovative design, powerful magnet, and superior performance. Despite some minor drawbacks, its benefits far outweigh the cons, making it a valuable asset for any golfer.

E9 Golf Caddy Towel

The E9 Golf Caddy Towel provides a versatile and stylish option for avid golfers who want to upgrade their game.


  • Versatile usage for sweat and club cleaning
  • Similar design used by professional golfers
  • Five color options for added style


  • No hole in the center for hanging over alignment sticks
  • Thickness might not be adequate for some users
  • Absence of clip for securing to golf bag

I recently used the E9 Golf Caddy Towel and found it to be a useful addition to my golf gear. The cotton material and ribbed texture ensured that the sweat from my hands and face was wiped off effectively, keeping them dry and prepared for every shot. Cleaning the grooves of my clubs and balls was also effortless, thanks to its moisture-wicking properties.

This 22″ x 44″ towel is spacious enough to wet one end for cleaning purposes and keep the other end dry. I didn’t need a clip to secure it to my bag – I simply draped it over my clubs like many PGA Tour professionals do. The available color options added a stylish touch to my bag, making it stand out on the course.

While I enjoyed using the E9 Golf Caddy Towel, it’s important to note there’s no center hole for hanging it on alignment sticks. Also, some users might find it thinner than expected, more like a dish towel. Nevertheless, I found it effective for my needs and believe any golfer could benefit from this towel.

In conclusion, the E9 Golf Caddy Towel is a handy and stylish choice for those looking to improve their golf game by keeping their clubs clean and hands dry. Its large size and versatility make it a worthy addition to any golfer’s gear collection.

Mile High Life Tri-fold Golf Towel

The Mile High Life Tri-fold Golf Towel is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to upgrade their golf towel game with outstanding performance and style.


  • High-quality microfiber material
  • Wide variety of colors
  • Sturdy carabiner clip attachment


  • Price slightly on the higher side
  • Some color discrepancies in orders
  • Limited unfolding due to single grommet

I recently used the Mile High Life Tri-fold Golf Towel, and I was genuinely impressed by its quality and performance. The microfiber material with a waffle design effectively removed dirt, mud, sand, and grass, leaving my clubs looking spotless. The fact that it absorbs less water than cotton made it much easier to wash and carry around.

The vibrant color options available for this towel added a personal touch to my golf bag, and I appreciated the heavy-duty aluminum carabiner clip that securely attached the towel to my bag. This thoughtful design prolonged the towel’s life, preventing the risk of getting lost or dealing with loose clips at any point.

On the downside, I found the pricing a bit steep compared to some other golf towels in the market. Moreover, while choosing the color, there were some discrepancies in my order, which might matter to those looking for the perfect color match. Lastly, the single grommet design hindered me from fully unfolding the towel, making it less convenient in certain situations.

Overall, the Mile High Life Tri-fold Golf Towel’s exceptional performance, durability, and delightful color options make it a great investment for anyone looking to enhance their golfing experience. Despite its minor drawbacks, I’d highly recommend this product to both beginners and experienced golfers.

MOSUMI 3 Pack Golf Towel

This 3 pack of towels is a great addition to any golfer’s bag for easy and efficient club cleaning.


  • Comes in a pack of 3 with different colors (black, gray, and blue)
  • Microfiber waffle pattern for effective cleaning
  • Tri-fold design with clip for convenience


  • Not the largest towel size
  • Might not be suitable for heavy-duty cleaning
  • Clips could potentially wear out over time

After recently using the MOSUMI 3 Pack Golf Towel for my golfing sessions, I’ve experienced firsthand how useful and convenient these towels can be. The three different colors allowed me to coordinate and match them with my golf bag, and the microfiber waffle pattern truly assists in removing dirt, mud, sand, and grass from my clubs and balls with ease.

The tri-fold design with a clip is another feature I found highly beneficial. Being able to attach the towel to my golf bag or even my belt loop saved space and allowed me to conveniently access it whenever needed during my round. The size of the towel was suitable for my needs, although larger options might be needed for those who desire a more heavy-duty cleaning.

One minor downside I noticed was that the clips could potentially wear out over time. However, given the affordable price of the product, it’s a minor concern. In summary, the MOSUMI 3 Pack Golf Towel is a practical and beneficial addition to a golfer’s arsenal, offering convenience and effective cleaning for clubs and balls on the go.

Fpxnb Tri-fold Golf Towel Set

I highly recommend the Fpxnb Tri-fold Golf Towel Set for their efficiency, convenience, and stylish design.


  • Efficient microfiber waffle pattern
  • Durable and convenient carabiner clip
  • Two stylish color choices


  • Smaller than traditional golf towels
  • Absorbs less water than cotton
  • May require frequent washing

After using the Fpxnb Tri-fold Golf Towel Set during my recent games, I found the microfiber waffle pattern to be very effective at removing dirt, mud, sand, and grass from my clubs. The high-quality material made cleaning easy, giving me more time to focus on my game.

The heavy-duty aluminum carabiner clip is an essential feature of these towels. It securely attaches to my golf bag, ensuring that I never lose my towel on the course. I also appreciate the variety of stylish color options, allowing me to choose a set that matches my personal taste and style.

However, I found that these towels are smaller compared to traditional golf towels which might be a disadvantage for some golfers. They also absorb less water compared to cotton towels, so I had to wash them more often, especially on wet or muddy days.

Overall, the Fpxnb Tri-fold Golf Towel Set is an excellent accessory for any golfer, offering efficient cleaning, convenience, and style on the golf course. Despite some of its downsides, it is still a valuable addition to my golf gear.

Aebor Golf Towel and Brush Tool Kit

This Aebor Golf Towel and Brush Tool Kit is an excellent choice for keeping your clubs clean and maintaining their performance on the course.


  • High-quality microfiber waffle pattern towel
  • Retractable brush with groove pick
  • Available in black/dark color


  • Towel material may appear shiny
  • Retractable zip-line might feel flimsy
  • Needle cap on brush can come off easily

I recently used this combo on the course, and the tri-fold microfiber waffle pattern towel effectively removed dirt, mud, sand, and grass from my clubs; it left no lint or streaks behind. The towel measures 15.7″ x 23.6″ and has a carabiner clip, making it easy to attach to my golf bag.

The brush tool kit included in this set impressed me as well. The powerful brush effortlessly wiped off tough dirt from both my irons and woods without leaving any scratches. The sharp pick was very useful for cleaning the grooves of my clubs. The ergonomic design of the brush offered a soft and firm grip in all weather conditions. Plus, the 2-foot retractable zip-line made it easily accessible and convenient.

However, I noticed that the towel material might appear a bit shiny, which some people may not prefer. The retractable zip-line could also feel a bit flimsy, but it didn’t cause any issues during my use. Lastly, the needle cap on the brush can come off easily, which can be a minor inconvenience.

Overall, the Aebor Golf Towel and Brush Tool Kit is an excellent addition to any golf bag. It effectively cleans your clubs, and the compact and stylish design makes it a great accessory on the course.

Favritt 3 Pack Golf Towel Set

The Favritt Golf Towel Set is an excellent purchase for golfers who value efficient cleaning and convenience on the course.


  • Value pack combo with 2 towels and 1 club brush
  • High-quality microfiber waffle design for efficient cleaning
  • Heavy-duty carabiner clips for secure attachment


  • Towels may be smaller than expected
  • Water absorbency could be improved
  • Brush’s groove pick might get in the way at times

I recently used the Favritt 3 Pack Golf Towel Set, and one of the first things that caught my attention was the value pack combo. Having two microfiber waffle weave golf towels along with a club brush made it feel like a great deal. The additional towel serves as a useful backup, and I appreciated the attention to detail in providing the extra item.

The waffle design of the towels made it easier to remove dirt, mud, sand, and grass. I noticed a significant difference when using these towels compared to traditional cotton ones. Despite these towels being smaller than expected, they still performed well in cleaning my clubs. However, I would have liked if the water absorbency was improved, as I felt the microfiber material did not absorb water as well as cotton towels would.

The heavy-duty carabiner clip allowed me to attach the towels securely to my golf bag, preventing any chances of losing them. The club brush cleaner included in this set featured a durable plastic handle, nylon bristles, and aluminum carabiner. The retractable zip-line made it easy to reach and use the brush during play. However, the groove pick sometimes got in my way while using the brush.

Overall, the Favritt 3 Pack Golf Towel Set will be a valuable addition to your golf gear for effective club cleaning and convenience.

SlickNik Pack of 3 Microfiber Golf Towel

These microfiber golf towels by SlickNik are an excellent addition to any golfer’s gear, offering strong absorbency, durability, and striking colors.


  • High absorbency with orange petal technology
  • Included aluminum clip for easy attachment
  • Attractive colors in a pack of three


  • Might be small for some users
  • Some may prefer different material
  • Limited color choices

I recently tried out the SlickNik Pack of 3 Microfiber Golf Towels and was impressed by their quality and functionality. The orange petal technology really enhances the absorbency of the towels, making it easy to clean off my clubs after each shot. This saves me time and ensures that my clubs stay in good condition.

The aluminum clip is a great bonus, as it enables me to attach the towel to my golf bag quickly and securely. This kept the towel within reach when I needed it, allowing me to focus more on my game.

The colors of the towels in the pack are stylish and look great with my golf gear. Although there are limited color options, the available choices are still attractive and can easily match with any golf bag.

One downside I noticed is that the towels may be a bit small for some people’s preferences. However, I found the size to be perfect for a quick club wipe or to clean my hands during a round. Additionally, individuals who prefer a different material for their golf towels, like cotton or other fabrics, might not be fully satisfied with the microfiber.

In conclusion, the SlickNik Pack of 3 Microfiber Golf Towels are a great accessory for any golfer, combining strong absorbency, convenient design, and stylish colors. While the size and material might not be ideal for everyone, I believe these towels are a solid investment for a better golf experience.

Handy Picks Microfiber Golf Towel

The Handy Picks Microfiber Golf Towel is a reliable and efficient option for golfers looking to keep their gear clean and dry on the course.


  • Convenient size and waffle pattern for effective cleaning
  • Lightweight and highly absorbent microfiber material
  • Comes with built-in carabiner and hook and loop fastener for easy organization


  • May not be suitable for those who prefer larger towels
  • Colors might not exactly match the images
  • Lacks some refined features found in more expensive towels

When I took the Handy Picks Microfiber Golf Towel to the course, I appreciated its handy 16″ x 16″ size, which easily fit in my pocket. The waffle pattern microfiber effectively cleaned the dimples on my golf ball and the grooves of my club with ease. Plus, it left no streaks on my eyewear.

The microfiber material is lightweight, yet highly absorbent and quick-drying, which helps eliminate unpleasant odors. I found the built-in carabiner allowed me to conveniently clip the towel to my golf bag, belt, or cart, making it easily accessible during my game. The included hook and loop fastener helped me keep my towels organized when not in use.

On the downside, if you prefer larger towels, the 16″ x 16″ size may not be ideal for you. Also, some customers reported that the colors of the towels might not precisely match the images. While the towel’s quality is good overall, some might miss the finer details found in pricier options.

Overall, the Handy Picks Microfiber Golf Towel is an excellent choice for golfers who value convenience, efficiency, and affordability.

NAPHYLAIFA Small Golf Towel

I found this compact and functional NAPHYLAIFA golf towel to be great for players looking to keep their golf equipment clean and ready for action.


  • Space-saving small size
  • Sturdy clip for secure attachment
  • Highly absorbent cotton material


  • Limited to one color option
  • Might be too small for some golfers’ preference
  • Only one clip attachment point

The NAPHYLAIFA Small Golf Towel has really caught my attention for its compact size, measuring at 6″ x 6″. I appreciate how it saves space in my golf bag, and it is easy to carry without the risk of being misplaced or left behind like larger golf towels. The 100% pure cotton material is super absorbent and quick-drying, with an efficient dirt removal design. I found it to be effective in removing stubborn dirt, sand, and grass from my golf balls and clubs.

What also sets this towel apart is its sturdy clip, designed for easy attachment to golf bags, belt loops, or carts. I never had to worry about losing my towel on the course, thanks to the secure attachment. Besides being functionally impressive, the NAPHYLAIFA golf towel can also be considered as a thoughtful gift for family, friends, or colleagues who are into golf or other outdoor activities. The towel makes for an appealing birthday, Father’s Day, or Valentine’s Day present.

That being said, there are a few downsides to this product. Firstly, it only comes in a grey color, which might not appeal to those looking for variety. Additionally, the small size might not be suitable for all golfers as some may prefer larger towels to cater to their needs. Lastly, there’s only one clip attachment point, which can limit the towel’s versatility in terms of positioning on the bag or cart.

In conclusion, the NAPHYLAIFA Small Golf Towel is a convenient and practical piece of golf equipment for those looking for a compact and absorbent towel. Although it has a few limitations, its pros outweigh the cons, making it a smart choice for both new and experienced golfers.

Buying Guide

When it comes to choosing the best golf towel, there are several factors to consider to ensure you make the right choice. In this buying guide, I will outline some key features to help you make an informed decision.


The material of the golf towel is crucial for its performance. Look for towels made from high-quality materials such as microfiber or cotton. Microfiber is known for its excellent absorbency and quick-drying properties, while cotton is soft and gentle on clubs and hands.


The size of the towel should match your needs on the course. A larger towel allows you to dry multiple clubs at once and have enough surface area to clean your golf ball. However, a smaller towel is easier to carry around and takes up less space on your golf bag.


A good golf towel should be easy to attach and detach from your bag. Look for towels with sturdy clips or hooks that allow you to quickly access them during play. Having the option to attach multiple towels is also a bonus, as you can use them for different purposes such as wiping sweat, cleaning clubs, and drying hands.


A durable towel will last for years and withstand countless washing cycles. Pay attention to the thickness and the quality of the stitching, as these features determine the longevity of the towel.


Aesthetics are important, as well. Choose a towel with a design that complements your golf bag or matches your unique style. Some golfers prefer towels with their favorite team’s logo, while others opt for simple, classic designs.

By considering the features mentioned above, you can find the perfect golf towel that meets your needs and keeps your clubs clean. Happy golfing!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top golf towels with magnets?

In my opinion, some of the top golf towels with magnets include the Callaway Magnetic Towel, Mile High Life Tri-fold Golf Towel, and the Club Glove Microfiber Caddy Towel. These towels are known for their strong magnets, ensuring that they stay secure on your golf bag while you play.

Which golf towels are best for sweaty hands?

For sweaty hands, I recommend towels made from microfiber or moisture-wicking materials, such as the Frogger Golf Wet & Dry Amphibian Towel, Callaway Players Towel, and the Under Armour Golf Towel. These towels effectively absorb sweat and leave your hands feeling clean and dry.

How to choose the right golf towel?

When selecting a golf towel, consider factors such as material, size, and additional features. Microfiber and cotton are popular choices for their absorbency and durability. A standard size towel (around 16″ x 24″) will generally suffice, but larger options are available for those who prefer extra coverage. Features like a center hole, magnet, or clip can provide added convenience while on the course.

What is the purpose of a golf towel with a hole in the middle?

A golf towel with a hole in the middle, also known as a center-cut towel, serves two primary purposes: it allows the towel to hang around the neck of a golf club, providing easy access during play, and it enables it to drape over the golf bag without obscuring the clubs, keeping the towel secure and within reach.

How do professionals like Tiger Woods select their golf towels?

Professional golfers often receive customized towels from their sponsors or sports brands with specific preferences in mind. The essentials include high absorbency, durability, and compatibility with their existing golf gear. While the exact selection process may vary, professional golfers like Tiger Woods likely place a strong emphasis on performance and aesthetics.

Where should a center cut golf towel be placed on a bag?

A center cut golf towel can be placed around the neck of a golf club, so that it drapes over the front of the bag. Alternatively, it can be hung on a convenient hook or clip on the side of the golf bag. The important thing is to ensure the towel is easily accessible and securely attached during play.

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