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Best Golf Speaker 2024: Top Choices for Audio Enthusiast Golfers

Last Updated on January 22, 2024

As a seasoned expert in golf technology, I understand the unique charm of blending a peaceful round of golf with your favorite tunes or podcasts. Golf speakers, specifically designed for the course, offer this blend of entertainment and practicality. In this concise guide, backed by extensive research and testing, I’ll help you navigate the key features of golf speakers—sound quality, durability, and convenience—to enhance your golfing experience with the perfect audio companion.

Our Top Choices

I have curated a list of the best golf speakers available on the market for you to improve your golf experience. These high-quality speakers provide superb sound and unique features that make them perfect companions on the course.

Bushnell Golf Wingman View GPS Speaker

The Bushnell Golf Wingman View GPS Speaker is an excellent investment for golfers seeking a reliable, versatile, and easy-to-use golf speaker.


  • Outstanding sound quality
  • Easy-to-read LCD screen
  • Viewable hazard distances


  • Some find it complicated to start
  • Inconsistent GPS transitioning between holes
  • Limited weekend customer support

I recently had the pleasure of using the Bushnell Golf Wingman View GPS Speaker, and the sound quality genuinely impressed me. The music played crisply and clearly, ensuring an enjoyable experience on the golf course. The easy-to-read LCD screen provided real-time distance and music information, making it convenient to use while playing.

The Wingman View’s audible callouts and viewable hazard distances were beneficial in guiding me through the course, offering up to six hazard distances per hole. The device’s front, center, and back readings were visually displayed, while the audible readings made it easy to plan my shots.

The Integrated BITE magnetic cart mount was another great addition, allowing for easy attachment to the cart bar. However, I did experience some difficulty in starting the device, which could be frustrating for some users. Additionally, the GPS transition between holes was sometimes inconsistent, causing minor confusion at times.

The limited weekend customer support was a downside, particularly considering that golf is often played on weekends. Overall, despite these minor drawbacks, the Bushnell Golf Wingman View GPS Speaker’s performance outweighs its cons. Its impressive sound quality, informative display, and helpful course insights make it a top product for golf enthusiasts who want to enjoy their favorite tunes and enhance their gameplay.

Rokform G-ROK Portable Golf Speaker

The Rokform G-ROK is an ideal golf speaker for its impressive durability, sound quality, and convenience.


  • Magnetic mounting for easy attachment
  • IPX7 waterproof and dustproof
  • 24-hour battery life


  • Heavier than some competitors
  • May not be loud enough for some users
  • Only 8 watts speaker output

I recently used the Rokform G-ROK Portable Golf Speaker during a round of golf and was pleasantly surprised by its seamless integration into my game. The built-in magnetic mount made attaching the speaker to the golf cart effortless, ensuring constant entertainment throughout my game.

The sound quality of the G-ROK was outstanding, delivering crisp and clear audio even at full volume. Its IPX7 waterproof rating provided peace of mind, knowing that it can withstand any weather conditions on the golf course.

The 24-hour battery life was another remarkable feature of the G-ROK. I played a full day without needing to recharge the speaker, which was perfect for my long golf session.

While the Rokform G-ROK is an excellent portable golf speaker, it isn’t perfect. I found the speaker to be slightly heavier than its competitors. Additionally, the 8 watts output might be insufficient for some users who prefer louder audio. However, these drawbacks didn’t impact my overall experience with the speaker.

Dprofy Pro Portable Magnetic Bluetooth Golf Speaker

The Dprofy Pro Portable Magnetic Bluetooth Golf Speaker is a solid choice for those seeking convenience and quality sound on the golf course.


  • Instant installation with built-in super-strong magnets
  • Bluetooth 5.3 and SD card function
  • IPX6 Waterproof and Dustproof


  • Charging cable not USB
  • Takes 1.5 hours for a full charge
  • Sound may not be loud enough for some users

I recently took the Dprofy Pro Portable Magnetic Bluetooth Golf Speaker for a spin on the golf course, and I found it incredibly easy to install on the golf cart. The super-strong magnets ensured that the speaker stayed put, even when going over bumpy terrain. Connecting my phone to the speaker was a breeze, thanks to the updated Bluetooth 5.3 technology. I also appreciated the SD card functionality, allowing me to play music without even needing my phone.

The IPX6 waterproof and dustproof rating is perfect for those unpredictable days on the course. I didn’t have to worry about it getting damaged in the rain or dusty terrain. The stereo sound quality is impressive for its size, and the 24-hour playtime meant that there was no need for constant charging.

One downside I noticed is that it doesn’t come with a USB charging cable, which may be inconvenient for some users. Also, it takes about 1.5 hours for a full charge, which might be an issue for those who are short on time. Some users have mentioned that the sound isn’t loud enough for their preference. However, I found the volume to be more than adequate for my needs.

Bushnell Outdoorsman Bluetooth Speaker

The Bushnell Outdoorsman Bluetooth Speaker is a solid choice for avid golfers due to its durability, magnetic mount, and rugged design.


  • Waterproof and rugged design
  • Strong magnetic mount
  • Impressive battery life


  • Sound quality could be better
  • Somewhat bulky
  • May not be loud enough for some users

I recently had the chance to use the Bushnell Outdoorsman Bluetooth Speaker on my golf cart, and was quite pleased with its performance. The rugged rubber armor provided excellent protection, and the included Bite Magnetic Mount made attaching the speaker to the cart a breeze.

In terms of sound quality, the Outdoorsman produced decent audio, though it may not be loud enough for some users. However, I found the volume sufficient for my needs on the golf course. What impressed me most was the battery life – it lasted throughout my entire round of golf and even had some juice left over.

One downside to the Bushnell Outdoorsman is its bulkiness. Fitting it into the pocket of my golf bag proved to be a bit of a challenge. However, this is a small trade-off considering the overall durability and convenience the speaker provides.

ACHIX Bluetooth Golf Cart Speaker

The ACHIX Bluetooth Golf Cart Speaker is a great addition for golf enthusiasts with impressive sound quality and a strong magnet.


  • Powerful magnetic attachment
  • Extended Bluetooth range
  • Waterproof and shock resistant


  • Limited bass response
  • Not the loudest speaker
  • Battery life shorter at higher volume

I recently tested this ACHIX Bluetooth Golf Cart Speaker and found it to be a versatile accessory for golf and outdoor activities. The powerful magnet made it incredibly easy to attach to the golf cart, without worrying about it falling off on rough terrains. I also used it on my hiking backpack, as well as in the kitchen while cooking.

The extended Bluetooth range (up to 100ft in open areas) allowed me to sync the speaker with my smartphone quickly. I could control the music from a distance without any interruptions. At 50% volume, the battery lasted for 20 hours, but at a higher 70% volume, it lasted only for 12 hours.

The speaker’s waterproof and shockproof design is a plus, especially when playing in unpredictable weather conditions or during off-road adventures. However, I noticed that the bass response was not as strong as I’d like, and the overall sound could be louder.

CHIFENCHY Golf Speaker

The CHIFENCHY Golf Speaker is a fantastic choice for golf enthusiasts looking for a portable and feature-packed speaker to enhance their on-course experience.


  • Portable and easy to attach to golf carts, bags, and other surfaces
  • Exceptional 24-hour battery life
  • Stable TWS pairing with impressive 360° stereo sound


  • Attaching both speakers simultaneously may be slightly tricky
  • Needs more than one speaker for 360° sound effect
  • Requires strict adherence to instructions to maximize features

I recently had the pleasure of using the CHIFENCHY Golf Speaker during a round of golf and was genuinely impressed with its performance. Its compact size and built-in magnet made it incredibly easy to attach it to my golf cart and bag. The detachable hook also proved convenient for securing it to various surfaces during my practice sessions.

The speaker’s battery life is exceptional, offering a full 24 hours of playtime on a single charge. I didn’t have to worry about running out of battery in the middle of a long tournament, which was a significant relief. Additionally, the Bluetooth 5.3 technology allowed for a fast and stable connection to my devices, so I could easily access my favorite tunes and podcasts while out on the course.

One of the standout features of the CHIFENCHY Golf Speaker is its 360° stereo sound. While I thoroughly enjoyed the sound quality, I did notice that for the full 360° effect, it’s necessary to carry two or more speakers. It’s not a deal-breaker, but something to keep in mind if you want the best possible audio experience.

The main challenge I encountered with this speaker was connecting both units simultaneously. This process proved tricky at times, but once I followed the instructions carefully, I was able to get them both working together for that immersive audio experience. It requires some patience initially, but the results are well worth the effort.

Ampcaddy Golf Speaker with Mount

The Ampcaddy Golf Speaker is a fantastic investment for enhanced golfing experiences with powerful sound and secure mounting.


  • Impressive sound quality with bass boost
  • Easy mounting to golf carts and push carts
  • Long battery life and extended Bluetooth range


  • May sag slightly due to weight when mounted
  • Not the most affordable option
  • Limited adjustments to the mount

I recently tried the Ampcaddy Golf Speaker during a round on the course, and I was quite impressed with its performance. The 40-watt audio output provided loud, crystal-clear sound, and the bass resonator made my playlist feel more immersive. Having used other portable speakers in the past, I found the Ampcaddy’s audio quality to be exceptional for outdoor settings.

Mounting the Ampcaddy speaker onto my golf cart was a breeze, and its compatibility with both golf carts and push carts adds to its versatility. I appreciated the 180° directional audio swivel for adjusting the sound direction, ensuring that it wouldn’t disturb fellow golfers. However, I did notice the speaker sagging slightly due to its weight, and I had to readjust it occasionally.

The extended battery life of 12 hours, combined with a 100-foot Bluetooth range, made it simple to connect my phone and enjoy a full day of golf without any interruptions. The waterproof IPX7 certification offered added peace of mind, as I didn’t have to worry about it getting damaged in case of sudden rain.

JBL Clip 3, Fiesta Red

JBL Clip 3 is a perfect companion for golf lovers seeking a compact and waterproof speaker with excellent sound quality.


  • Compact design with built-in carabiner
  • Impressive waterproof performance
  • Long-lasting battery life


  • Maximum output power is just 3.3 watts
  • No track control on the speaker
  • Limited noise reduction in noisy environments

As a golf enthusiast, I found the JBL Clip 3 to be an outstanding portable speaker for my golf outings. Its compact and lightweight design, featuring a durable carabiner, allowed me to clip it easily to my golf bag, keeping my hands free.

The JBL Clip 3’s waterproofing was a pleasant surprise. It is IPX7 rated, ensuring it’s protected even when submerged in water. As a result, I never had to worry about the speaker getting damaged during rainy days on the course.

The battery life of the JBL Clip 3 also impressed me, lasting up to 10 hours on a single charge. This allowed me to enjoy my favorite tunes throughout a full day on the golf course without needing to recharge the speaker.

However, the JBL Clip 3 does come with a few minor drawbacks. The maximum output power of 3.3 watts might not be loud enough for some people, especially in noisy environments. Additionally, the speaker lacks track control buttons, so I had to use my smartphone to change songs, which could be a bit inconvenient. Lastly, although the noise-cancelling speakerphone delivers clear calls, it may struggle in extremely noisy settings.

Cambridge Soundworks OontZ Golf-Edition Bluetooth Speaker

I highly recommend the OontZ Golf-Edition Bluetooth Speaker for its excellent sound quality, durability, and portability on the golf course and beyond.


  • Crystal-clear stereo sound
  • Impressive 100 ft Bluetooth range
  • Rugged design for outdoor use


  • Limited playback volume control
  • AUX-IN cable not included
  • Only 14-hour battery life at 2/3 volume

Recently, I used the OontZ Golf-Edition Bluetooth Speaker on a golf outing, and I was amazed by its performance. The unique triangular design not only caught my eye but also contributed to the crystal-clear stereo sound it provided. I could easily enjoy my favorite tunes on the green and immerse myself in the music without any distortions, even at maximum volume.

One aspect that stands out for me is the advanced antenna design and Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which offers a remarkable wireless range of up to 100 ft. I could venture far from my golf bag and still listen to music without any interruptions. Moreover, the rugged and durable design makes it perfect for outdoor enthusiasts like me, as it can withstand rough conditions and environments.

However, there are a few minor drawbacks. The speaker’s battery lasts only 14 hours at 2/3 volume, which might not be sufficient for an entire weekend trip. And, if you want to connect non-Bluetooth devices, you will need to buy an additional 3.5mm AUX-IN cable as it’s not included in the package. Furthermore, the playback volume control could be better, especially when trying to find the right balance between loudness and sound quality.

Overall, I believe the Cambridge Soundworks OontZ Golf-Edition Bluetooth Speaker is an excellent choice for avid golfers, outdoor adventurers, and music lovers alike. Despite its minor drawbacks, the sound quality, portability, and ruggedness make it a valuable investment.

Upside Golf Magnetic Bluetooth Speaker

This Upside Golf Magnetic Bluetooth Speaker is the ultimate companion for any golfer seeking high-quality sound and versatile features.


  • Impressive 120+ foot Bluetooth range
  • Magnetic mounting system for secure attachment
  • Waterproof and durable design


  • Slightly heavier at 2 pounds
  • Requires a metal surface for magnetic attachment
  • Limited to 12 hours of battery life

When I tried out the Upside Golf Magnetic Bluetooth Speaker, I was amazed by its superior audio quality. The 40-watt speaker delivers crystal clear sound, making it perfect for outdoor use on the golf course, or any adventure.

The magnetic mounting system is a game-changer. I simply attached it to a metal surface on my golf cart, and the powerful built-in magnet held it securely in place. Bluetooth connectivity allowed me to effortlessly play music from my iPhone while focusing on my game.

One downside I noticed is the speaker’s weight, which at 2 pounds is slightly heavier than some other portable speakers. However, this doesn’t affect its performance, and the magnet ensures it stays put while you play.

Another thing to note is that the magnetic attachment requires a metal surface; otherwise, you’ll need to find an alternative way to secure it to your cart. Finally, although the 12-hour battery life is sufficient for most golf outings, you might need to recharge it during extended days on the course.

Buying Guide

a portable speaker

As someone who is passionate about golf, I understand the importance of having a good golf speaker. To help you choose the best product, I am providing a guide to assist you in making an informed decision.

  • Size and Portability: The first thing to consider is the size and portability of the golf speaker. It is crucial to have a compact and lightweight speaker that can easily be attached to your golf bag or cart, so it doesn’t become a burden while you’re on the course.
  • Durability and Weather Resistance: Golf is an outdoor sport, meaning your speaker should be built to withstand different weather conditions. Look for a speaker with a rugged design, water resistance, and dustproof qualities to ensure it can handle a bit of rough handling and wear and tear.
  • Sound Quality: The main purpose of the golf speaker is, of course, to listen to music or other audio content. Therefore, sound quality is an essential factor to look for when making a purchase. A speaker with solid bass and clear treble will enhance your golfing experience.
  • Battery Life: Golf rounds can last for hours, and you don’t want your speaker to run out of battery in the middle of a game. Make sure to choose a speaker with a long battery life, enabling you to enjoy your music or listen to updates throughout your entire round without having to worry about recharging.
  • Connectivity: Your golf speaker must be compatible with your devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Check for Bluetooth compatibility, and consider speakers with auxiliary input and USB charging ports for added convenience.
  • Price: Price is always a factor when making any purchase. When choosing a golf speaker, ensure that it meets your desired features and falls within your budget. Remember, however, that high-quality products might come at a higher cost, so it’s essential to balance the price and the features you want.

Keep these factors in mind while you’re shopping for a golf speaker, and you’ll be on your way to finding the perfect product for your golf outings. Happy shopping!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Bluetooth speaker is ideal for a golf bag?

In my experience, the best Bluetooth golf speakers for a golf bag are the ones that are compact, lightweight, and easy to attach. These golf speakers offer clear sound quality and are water-resistant, making them suitable for outdoor use on the course.

Which golf speaker offers GPS functionality?

For a golf speaker with GPS functionality, there are options available that come with high-quality audio and built-in GPS functions to provide audible distances to the front, middle, and back of the green. Plus, it has the ability to access over 36,000 golf courses worldwide and provides hole-by-hole layouts on the Bushnell Golf Mobile App.

What are the top options for golf cart sound systems?

When it comes to golf cart sound systems, I think a few excellent options are available. Each of these systems provides a clear and powerful audio experience suitable for your golf cart, offering easy installation and Bluetooth connectivity for streaming your favorite music on the course.

How do JBL golf speakers compare to other brands?

As a popular audio brand, JBL golf speakers tend to perform well compared to other brands. However, it’s worth considering other golf speaker brands like Ampcaddy, Bushnell, and Rokform, which offer unique features and benefits tailored to golfers.

Which golf speakers have the highest sound quality?

When it comes to sound quality, I believe that there are top contenders in the golf speaker market. Each of these speakers delivers a powerful, clear, and immersive audio experience suitable for on-course music and are designed to withstand outdoor conditions.

Are Rokform and Bushnell Golf speakers worth the investment?

In my opinion, both Rokform and Bushnell Golf speakers are worth the investment for different reasons. Rokform’s G-ROK Portable Golf Speaker is known for its durability, magnetic mounting system, and impressive 24-hour battery life. Meanwhile, Bushnell Golf speakers, like the Wingman, offer the added benefit of GPS functionality, providing valuable on-course information alongside quality audio. Ultimately, your choice depends on your priorities and desired features in a golf speaker.

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