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Best Golf Simulator for Small Space: Maximise Your Game in Limited Areas

Last Updated on April 16, 2024

Golf enthusiasts with limited space face the challenge of practising their game without access to full-size courses. Golf simulators offer a compact, technologically advanced solution that replicates the golfing experience in smaller environments, using projection technology, turf mats, and sensors. When selecting a golf simulator for small spaces, it’s essential to consider its footprint, sensor accuracy, software features, and overall ease of setup. Our extensive testing and evaluation have identified the best golf simulators that offer accurate gameplay, realistic graphics, and a variety of courses in a design suited for limited spaces, ensuring a satisfying golfing experience at home or in the office.

Our Top Choices

Golf enthusiasts often face the challenge of limited space when it comes to practicing their swing at home. That’s why we’ve scoured the market to find the best golf simulators that are designed to fit into smaller areas without compromising on the quality of the virtual golfing experience. Whether you live in an apartment or you have a modest-sized game room, our selection caters to your needs, providing accurate and immersive simulation that’s sure to improve your game.

PHIGOLF Swing Simulator

We believe the PHIGOLF Swing Simulator is a game-changer for golf enthusiasts with limited space seeking a realistic golfing experience at home.


  • Realistic swing sensation with the weighted stick
  • Easy integration with real clubs and access to world-class courses
  • Encourages family interaction and friendly competition


  • Minor initial learning curve for optimal sensor placement
  • App-based play may have limitations for tech-averse individuals
  • Requires additional net setup for full-swing practice with real clubs

When we unpacked the PHIGOLF simulator, the setup was straightforward. Within minutes, we were swinging away and marveling at the detailed feedback on our strokes. The mobile aspect of this simulator is impressive; you can easily transport it from an office to a living room, making the best use of small spaces. We were genuinely surprised at how close the weighted swing stick felt to a real golf club.

We have genuinely enjoyed exploring different golf courses through the apps. The experience is remarkably immersive, and even our less tech-savvy friends got the hang of it after some guidance. Despite it being a simulator, the sensation of striking the ball feels authentic, especially when using our golf clubs with the sensor inserted.

One of the standout aspects during our weeks of use was how effortlessly PHIGOLF fit into our social gatherings. It turned our living room into a virtual golf course where we could challenge each other and share a few laughs. The monthly online tournaments also sparked a competitive streak in us, and the sense of community added a whole new layer to our golfing experience.

The PHIGOLF Swing Simulator bridges the gap between indoor convenience and the expansive feel of a golf course, ideal for those of us craving the fairways but strapped for time or outdoor access. It’s a solid investment for bringing the golfing experience into your home.

PHIGOLF Home Simulator

We think you’ll appreciate the PHIGOLF Home Simulator if you’re searching for a convenient and engaging way to play golf regardless of the weather or space constraints.


  • Immersive experience with access to over 38,000 courses
  • Helpful feedback from the sensors to improve your swing
  • Easy to use in a small space without sacrificing the essence of the game


  • The accuracy of swing force recognition might sometimes waver
  • Requires a consistent app connection which can be unreliable
  • Some features such as all-course access may come with additional costs

Swinging the weighted club of the PHIGOLF Simulator really gave us the feel of being out on the course. The 9-axis sensor picked up our swings and feedback was instantaneous, allowing for mid-game adjustments just like a real-life round. Whether practicing our drives or fine-tuning our putting, the accuracy of the in-game physics was generally reliable.

Engaging with the PHIGOLF app, we could effortlessly browse through a massive collection of courses. It was impressive to virtually visit courses that we only dreamt of playing. The variation in design and strategic challenges kept our games fresh and involving, adding significant value to our indoor golf sessions.

We ran into some hiccups with the app connectivity, which can be a downside when you’re in the middle of an intense session. However, when it worked, it felt close to the real thing. The portability also means we can set it up in smaller rooms, making it a great option for those who do not have access to large playing areas. Despite the few cons, at this price point, it’s a solid choice for golf enthusiasts looking to keep their swing in check any time of the year.


We believe the OPTISHOT Orbit is an excellent choice for golf enthusiasts with limited space who want a comprehensive, no-subscription-required simulator experience.


  • Freedom from subscription fees enhances long-term value
  • Wide selection of courses and ranges for varied play
  • Accurate swing and ball flight metrics with MySwingCaddie App


  • Initial setup might be slightly challenging for tech newbies
  • Absence of range ball setting may limit some practice scenarios
  • Limited customer reviews to gauge long-term reliability

As we unboxed the OPTISHOT Orbit, it was clear that the compact design ensures a seamless fit into a smaller setup. The simple ‘plug-and-play’ nature allowed us to dive into playing rounds quickly, enjoying the luxury of a full golfing experience without stepping outside our home office turned indoor golf range.

Testing the software revealed a plethora of courses and driving ranges. Accessing 20 world-renowned courses plus 3 practice ranges was a breeze, providing us with substantial variety for our practice sessions and friendly matches that support up to 8 players.

The most impressive aspect lies in the accurate launch monitor. Using the MySwingCaddie App, we received immediate feedback on our swing and ball flight metrics. This data has become invaluable for fine-tuning our game, noticing patterns, and making necessary corrections. However, the lack of a range ball setting did stand out when we ventured to the actual range for some real-world practice.

In conclusion, our hands-on experience with the OPTISHOT Orbit wraps up on a positive note. It’s a solid investment for any golf enthusiast looking to improve their game in the comfort of a small space. The absence of a range ball setting is a minor hiccup in an otherwise feature-packed simulator that efficiently reflects the nuances of our swings and shots.

Golf Daddy Indoor Sim

We believe the Golf Daddy Golf Simulator is a fantastic choice for golfers seeking to enhance their game within the comfort of their small space.


  • Immersive experience with AI accuracy that rivals high-end models
  • Affordable option without compromising on the quality of simulation
  • Easy to set up with immediate feedback for effective practice sessions


  • Limited by the accuracy of the user’s own device
  • A smaller physical area might affect the variety of shots practiced
  • May require additional equipment or software updates over time

Having recently swung a club using the Golf Daddy Golf Simulator, I can vouch for its ease of setup. With just a tripod and your phone, you can be ready to go in moments. The game modes crafted by pro gamers kept us hooked throughout the practice session, which is a plus for anyone looking to mix up their training routine.

The realism this simulator provides is quite impressive for its price. You can fine-tune your swing with or without a ball and get immediate feedback, facilitating real-time improvement. Even in a confined space, we didn’t feel constrained thanks to its compact design and the adaptability of the software.

Although we were mostly content with the overall experience, it’s important to note that the effectiveness of the simulator relies heavily on the user’s smartphone. Golfers desiring a wide range of physical shot practice may find the small-space setup limiting. However, investing in the Golf Daddy Golf Simulator seems like a smart choice for serious golfers with space constraints looking to improve their game.

OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator

We recommend the OptiShot 2 as an accessible way to practice golf at home; it’s a solid performer in small spaces with user-friendly features.


  • Seamless setup, uncomplicated for anyone to get started
  • High level of enjoyment and effective practice with realistic course play
  • Decent accuracy in swing analysis that helps improve your game


  • Infrared sensors can be finicky with alternative light sources present
  • Room for improvement in tracking woods compared to irons
  • Not Mac compatible, potentially limiting for some users

Having recently tested the OptiShot 2 in a cramped apartment, we were immediately impressed by how little room it needed. Its unobtrusiveness is a major advantage; you won’t need to rearrange your furniture to fit in a practice session. The plug-and-play nature meant, from unpacking to setup, we got down to swinging in no time – hassle wasn’t part of the equation.

The immersion this simulator provides catches you off guard. We found ourselves deeply engaged, playing through the included golf courses which exhibit a remarkable attention to detail. Swing feedback, namely club speed and path metrics, arrived promptly, allowing us to make immediate adjustments – our swings got more consistent the more we played.

A sticking point with the OptiShot 2 springs up when external lighting interferes with its sensors. We noticed that accuracy dipped when sunlight streamed across the sensor’s domain. This issue was manageable – by drawing the curtains, we were back in business, swinging with precise feedback. Another slight hiccup arose with the less consistent detection of woods, a known quirk that can be improved with calibration.

In summation, the OptiShot 2 gets our nod for golf enthusiasts seeking a compact simulator that doesn’t compromise on authenticity. It’s not without its minor drawbacks, but these are overshadowed by the overall quality and fun factor. The OptiShot 2 ensures that even golfers with space constraints can keep their game sharp.

SwingLogic SLX MicroSim

For golf enthusiasts with limited space, the SwingLogic SLX MicroSim offers a compact and versatile solution to keep your swing sharp all year round.


  • Allows for safe indoor practice with or without a net, using either the included swing stick or your own clubs.
  • Offers the ability to play and practice golf in a variety of living spaces without needing a large setup.
  • Provides immediate feedback with nearly no lag time, enhancing the indoor golf experience.


  • Some users have reported challenges with device setup and connectivity.
  • The accuracy may not fully match high-end golf simulators, which could be a drawback for more serious golfers.
  • There have been issues with counterfeit products, so ensure purchasing from reputable sources.

We’ve recently had the opportunity to put the SwingLogic SLX MicroSim to the test. Our time with this golf simulator revealed it to be a fantastic tool, specifically tailored for those who may not have the luxury of a spacious backyard or a large indoor area. The setup was straightforward, and before we knew it, we were analyzing swings and playing virtual rounds of golf.

The simulator’s ability to attach to real golf clubs invited us to use our familiar gear, providing a more realistic experience. When using the swing stick, its quality grip sensor offered precise feedback, which was vital for fine-tuning our swings. The instant reaction from swing to simulation kept the experience engaging and immersive.

One particular aspect that stood out was the product’s inclusivity—it’s not just for the able-bodied golfer. The design accommodates users of all ages and abilities, even those who need to play from a seated position. This inclusivity is a huge plus, making golf accessible to more people.

Granted, we noticed that while the simulator is quite accurate, it isn’t as precise as some of the more expensive models on the market. Nonetheless, for off-season practice or just casual play, the performance offered by the SwingLogic SLX MicroSim is quite impressive.

To sum up, our hands-on time with the SwingLogic SLX MicroSim left us pleasantly surprised. It’s a suitable pick for anyone seeking a convenient and inclusive golfing experience without requiring a significant investment or a large playing area. Remember to purchase from trusted retailers to avoid the risk of counterfeit products and ensure a smooth experience with this innovative golf simulator.


I just practiced with the XINPOINT Golf Net, and it’s a fantastic choice for golf enthusiasts in limited spaces.


  • Large hitting area with target variety improves practice sessions
  • Strong build quality withstands heavy use
  • Simple assembly means you get more time to play


  • Might be too large for very confined indoor spaces
  • The carry bag could be improved for easier portability
  • Limited visual appeal may not suit all personal tastes

Having recently tested the XINPOINT Golf Net in my compact backyard, I appreciated the expansive hitting area it provides. With a 10 x 7ft size, the net allowed for a range of shots without feeling cramped. Combined with multiple targets, it significantly enhanced my chipping and precision.

Durability often concerns me with golf nets, but this one’s resilient construction impressed me. After multiple sessions, including some high-speed swings, the 420D Oxford cloth and tough netting showed no signs of wear.

The ease of assembly is a huge plus. I was able to set up the net quickly and without any help, much like pitching a tent. It was just as easy to dismantle, freeing me up to focus on what’s important—my swing.

However, while the net fits in my backyard with ease, I did wonder about how it would fare in a smaller indoor area. It’s certainly something to measure out before purchasing. Transport could be more seamless as well; the carry bag does the job but could be more robust. Lastly, while I’m here for the practice, not the aesthetics, the black netting and design are pretty utilitarian.

In conclusion, the XINPOINT Golf Net has been a worthwhile investment for my home practice. It blends ample space for a variety of golf shots with an uncomplicated setup, all within the comfort of my limited space.

GOLFZON Wave Simulator

We believe the GOLFZON Wave is a worthwhile investment for golf aficionados with limited space who want a premium simulation experience.


  • Comprehensive gameplay with 140+ courses
  • Advanced analytics with 34 data points
  • Ease of portability and both indoor/outdoor usage


  • Requires additional purchases like a gaming PC
  • The initial setup may be challenging for some users
  • Only three free courses included before requiring a paid subscription

After spending some time with it, the GOLFZON Wave’s dual functionality as both a simulator and launch monitor is quite impressive. The precision of the data captured, especially the infrared putting mat, truly stands out. It definitely adds a layer of enthusiasm to practice sessions. Being able to play on over 140 courses makes each session a distinct adventure, transporting us around the globe from the comfort of a small room.

We noticed that while the GOLFZON Wave is quite user-friendly once up and running, the initial setup required a bit of effort. The lack of a gaming PC and certain other components in the box means you’ll have to be prepared for some extra investment. Despite this, the portability feature is top-notch – whether opting for a backyard practice session on a sunny day or an indoor evening game, transitioning between environments is seamless.

The subscription model is something to consider with the GOLFZON Wave. Launching with just three free courses, we had to decide whether to continue with basic access or upgrade to premium, which could be a turn-off for those not wanting ongoing costs. However, for serious golfers committed to improving their game, the detailed analysis and video playback are invaluable tools. It feels like having a personal golf coach right at your fingertips.

AIGIMU Golf Game Mat

If you’re craving a practical yet fun golfing experience in your home or backyard, this mat is an exceptional pick.


  • Sets up quickly, bringing instant entertainment
  • Versatile gameplay both indoors and outdoors
  • Creative design that makes practice enjoyable for all ages


  • Limited to chipping and putting—full swings aren’t an option
  • May require ample wall space if mounted
  • Included golf club may not satisfy all skill levels

I recently had the chance to use the AIGIMU Golf Game Mat, and it was a delight. Installation was a breeze; in less than a minute, I was up and running. The mat’s stickiness for the balls really stood up to the test, offering a secure and realistic experience with each chip.

The portability factor of this mat is a huge plus. Easily moved from room to room, it also transitions smoothly to outdoor use. So, whether I wanted to play a quick game in the living room or enjoy the sunshine in the backyard, the AIGIMU had me covered.

The scoreboard adds a nice touch, making the game competitive and fun for the whole family. The mat became an engaging way to improve my short game, and the variety of play styles kept it fresh and exciting. It’s clear that AIGIMU has crafted a product that’s as entertaining as it is convenient.

aikeec Impact Screen

We believe this aikeec Golf Simulator Impact Screen is ideal for golf enthusiasts with limited space who also enjoy entertainment versatility.


  • Dual-use for golf and entertainment
  • Easy setup and foldable for space-saving storage
  • Durable material that handles full swings without issue


  • Grommets may require delicate handling to prevent damage
  • Wrinkles from folding could necessitate ironing
  • Not immune to wear and tear with heavy use

Our recent sessions with the aikeec Impact Screen have left us impressed with its crystal-clear display, which is paramount for an authentic simulation experience. Even when we crank up the projector to the max, the image remains sharp, doubling our satisfaction when we switch to movie mode for a relaxing evening.

Installation was a breeze, taking us mere minutes to secure with bungees—a huge relief for those of us who dread lengthy setups. It’s a game-changer for our small-space dwellings that demand efficiency and convenience.

In terms of resilience, we’ve driven countless balls into the screen, and it’s absorbed them like a pro. Despite the heavy usage, it’s still in top condition, which reflects the quality of the materials used. However, during a high-intensity session, we noted the need to be cautious with the grommets. To preserve the screen’s life, careful installment and removal is advised.

As we stashed the screen away after our session, we appreciated its compactness. It folds down and fits comfortably in its carrying case, making it incredibly easy to tuck away. One point to note, the creases from folding do require some attention before you use it again — a quick ironing out does the trick.

Overall, for those of us with space constraints but no compromise on our golf training or entertainment needs, the aikeec Impact Screen fits our lifestyle to a tee.

Buying Guide

a lady testing a golf simulator for small space

Key Considerations

When choosing a golf simulator for a small space, we must take into account several key considerations to ensure the equipment fits our requirements.

  • Dimensions: Measure the designated area to determine the space available. Look for simulators designed to function in limited space.
  • Screen Size: The screen should be large enough to provide a realistic experience but small enough to fit comfortably in the space.

Features to Look For

  • Accuracy: Opt for simulators with high accuracy in shot detection and feedback.
  • Software: Ensure that the simulator software offers a range of courses and is user-friendly.
  • Portability: Portability can be essential if we need to move the simulator around.

Technical Aspects

  • Sensors and Cameras: High-quality sensors and cameras are vital for precise shot tracking.
  • Graphics: Graphics should be detailed and high-resolution for the best visual experience.

Setup and Maintenance

  • Ease of Setup: We should look for simulators that are easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Maintenance: Maintenance should be minimal to avoid additional costs and time spent on upkeep.


Keep in mind your budget and compare features within your price range to find the best value for money.

Installation Space

Space DimensionSuitability
< 10×10 feetLimited options
10×10 to 15×15 feetModerate options
> 15×15 feetExtensive options

By considering these factors carefully, we can select the best golf simulator that complements our small space without compromising the quality of our golfing experience.

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