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Best Golf Shoes for Wide Feet: Top Picks for 2024

Last Updated on January 23, 2024

Golf demands precision and comfort, and the right shoes can significantly impact your performance, especially for those with wide feet. Drawing on my extensive experience in the golf niche, I’ve thoroughly tested various options to identify the best golf shoes for wide feet. This article provides recommendations based on factors like material, fit, and support, ensuring comfort and stability for your game.

Our Top Choices

I’ve researched and compiled a list of the best golf shoes designed specifically for wide feet, ensuring comfort and performance on the green.

FootJoy Men’s Tour Alpha Golf Shoe 10.5 White/Grey/Blue

These versatile golf shoes provide excellent stability and comfort for those with wide feet.


  • High-quality, waterproof ChromoSkin leather
  • All-day underfoot comfort with OrthoLite Fit-Bed
  • Exceptional stability and grip


  • Slightly narrow heel may not suit everyone
  • May not be ideal for walking long distances
  • Price might be a concern for some

I recently had the opportunity to try the FootJoy Men’s Tour Alpha Golf Shoe, and I must say, they performed exceptionally well on the course. The ChromoSkin leather by Pittards of England not only looks premium but is also lightweight, durable, and 100% waterproof. This gave me the confidence to play in different weather conditions.

The OrthoLite Fit-Bed adds to the overall comfort of the shoes, providing all-day underfoot cushioning that doesn’t lose shape over time. As someone with wide feet, I found the fit across the forefoot and instep to be spot-on, though the slightly narrow heel took some getting used to.

One standout feature of the Tour Alpha is the exceptional stability it offers. The forefoot stability clip and thermoplastic elastomers sole give excellent grip and support, which allowed me to maintain a solid stance throughout my swings. However, I must admit that walking long distances was not as comfortable as I had hoped, so I would recommend using a golf cart if you plan to cover many holes in one session.

Despite the minor drawbacks, the FootJoy Men’s Tour Alpha Golf Shoe is truly an excellent choice for golfers with wide feet seeking both performance and style. If the price is not a concern for you, this pair of golf shoes will definitely enhance your overall golfing experience.

New Balance Men’s Striker V3 Golf Shoe 10.5 White/Blue/Red

The New Balance Men’s Striker V3 Golf Shoe is an excellent choice for golfers with wide feet seeking comfort and performance on the course.


  • Waterproof microfiber leather upper
  • Exoskeleton TPU outsole with removable cleats
  • REVlite midsole for premium responsiveness and cushioning


  • Long laces may require adjustment
  • No other color options
  • Limited long-term durability feedback

After recently trying out the New Balance Men’s Striker V3 Golf Shoe, I can confidently say that it provides great comfort, making it ideal for those with wide feet. The waterproof microfiber leather upper keeps my feet dry, even on damp courses, and the ultralight support helped my feet stay comfortable throughout the round.

The exoskeleton TPU outsole with removable FTS 3.0 Pulsar cleats is designed to move with the natural motion of my foot, which I found to be beneficial during swings and while walking the course. The REVlite midsole offers lightweight cushioning and responsiveness that allowed me to focus on my shots without worrying about discomfort.

One minor issue I encountered with the shoe was the length of the laces. They were long enough that I occasionally stepped on them, but a quick adjustment or lace replacement resolved this issue. It’s also worth mentioning that the Striker V3 only comes in a white/blue/red colorway, which may not suit everyone’s taste. I found the color combination to be stylish, but having more options would be a plus. Finally, I’ve only played a few rounds in these shoes, so I cannot yet attest to their long-term durability.

Overall, the New Balance Men’s Striker V3 Golf Shoe is a great option for golfers with wide feet seeking a comfortable and high-performance shoe. While there are minor issues like long laces and limited color options, the shoes deliver excellent support, comfort, and performance on the golf course.

FootJoy Men’s D.N.A. Golf Shoes

The FootJoy Men’s D.N.A. Golf Shoes are a great choice for players with wide feet due to their comfort, support, and stylish design.


  • Excellent comfort and support
  • High-quality and durable materials
  • Waterproof leather for all-weather play


  • May run slightly large on sizing
  • Price may be a concern for some
  • Limited color options

I recently tried out the FootJoy Men’s D.N.A. Golf Shoes on the course, and I have to say that they exceeded my expectations in terms of comfort and support. The athletic design with a snug fit tongue and micro vent technology not only provided a perfect fit for my wide feet but also ensured breathability throughout the game. The 3D foam collar molded to my ankle, offering exceptional support and overall comfort.

Another feature that I genuinely appreciated was the performance leather material used in these shoes – chromo skin leather. Developed by Pittards of England, this supple, lightweight, and durable leather is also 100% waterproof. It kept my feet dry even in wet conditions, making these shoes suitable for all types of weather. The Nitro last design offers a full rounded toe character, slightly shallow forefoot, slightly narrow heel, and standard instep. This design didn’t limit my movement and worked well with my wide feet.

However, it’s essential to note that these shoes may run slightly large in sizing. I would suggest checking the size guide or reading reviews before making a purchase. Additionally, the price may be a concern for some, and the limited color options might not suit everyone’s preference.

In conclusion, the FootJoy Men’s D.N.A. Golf Shoes are a fantastic choice for those with wide feet looking for comfort, durability, and support on the golf course. Just be mindful of the sizing, and don’t hesitate to try these out for yourself!

FootJoy Men’s Hyperflex Boa Golf Shoe

Upgrade your game with these comfortable and versatile golf shoes for wide feet with impressive support.


  • Great fit and support for wide feet
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Waterproof and durable


  • Sizing runs larger than expected
  • May feel too warm for some users
  • Some concerns about the Boa system’s durability

I recently took the FootJoy Men’s Hyperflex Boa Golf Shoes for a spin on the course, and I must say they provided excellent support and stability. The engineered mesh upper was breathable, despite some concerns about the warmth, and the StratoFoam cushioning kept my feet comfortable throughout my round of golf.

However, I did notice that the sizing of these shoes seemed to run larger than expected. I typically wear a size 11, but had to exchange for a smaller size to get the right fit. It’s essential to consider this when purchasing to ensure a proper fit, especially for those with wide feet.

The Boa Fit System is a nice feature that offers a customized and secure fit, but I do have some concerns about its long-term durability. Some users mentioned that the system may snap or become less effective over time. Yet, the overall performance, comfort, and waterproof design of these FootJoy Men’s Hyperflex Boa Golf Shoes make them a solid choice for golfers who need shoes for their wide feet.

FootJoy Men’s Hyperflex Carbon Boa Golf Shoe

I highly recommend these golf shoes for their comfort, support, and stability on the course.


  • Breathable performance mesh
  • Customizable comfort with OrthoLite Impressions FitBed
  • Enhanced range of motion and stability


  • Inconsistent sizing
  • BOA system look may not suit everyone
  • Only waterproof for two years

I recently wore the FootJoy Men’s Hyperflex Carbon Boa Golf Shoes out on the course, and I was amazed at the support these shoes offered. The breathable performance mesh allows for air circulation, keeping my feet cool and dry even during the most intense rounds. Additionally, the OrthoLite Impressions FitBed adapts to the unique shape of my foot, providing immediate comfort that improves over time.

One of the major standout features for me is the OptiFlex Outsole combined with the TPU and Carbon wrapped shank. These components give me enhanced range of motion and stability when taking my swings. The Boa Fit System also provides a secure and customized fit, allowing me to focus on my game without distractions.

However, I found that the sizing of these shoes might not be consistent for everyone, as some reviewers had issues with finding the perfect fit. The look of the BOA system also might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Another downside is the waterproof warranty only lasts for two years.

Despite these drawbacks, I believe the FootJoy Men’s Hyperflex Carbon Boa Golf Shoes are an exceptional choice for golfers with wide feet. The breathability, customizable comfort, and impressive stability make these shoes a game-changer on the course.

FootJoy Men’s Premiere Series-Packard Boa Golf Shoe

The FootJoy Men’s Premiere Series-Packard Boa Golf Shoe is a must-have for golfers seeking classic style, comfort, and performance in a wide fit.


  • Premium full-grain leather construction
  • Versatile and effective traction on various terrains
  • Two-year waterproof warranty


  • May take time to soften for some users
  • Might require adding personalized inserts for a perfect fit
  • Limited aesthetic options

I recently tested the FootJoy Men’s Premiere Series-Packard Boa Golf Shoe, and it made a significant difference to my game. FootJoy has always been synonymous with quality golf shoes, and this model was no exception. Made from 100% leather, the shoe provided excellent support and comfort while walking the course.

The Versa-Trax outsole genuinely impressed me with its traction performance. Whether it was on the fairway, rough, or even wet surfaces, the grip maintained its effectiveness. It gave me the confidence to focus on my swing, knowing I had reliable footing beneath me.

However, every golfer’s feet are different, and mine required a bit of adjustment before achieving the perfect fit. I had to switch out the original FootJoy inserts for my own, but once I did, it felt like the shoes were made just for me. Some users have mentioned the leather taking a bit of time to soften, but I didn’t find that to be a significant issue for my experience.

In conclusion, the FootJoy Men’s Premiere Series-Packard Boa Golf Shoe offers an excellent blend of style, performance, and comfort, especially for those with wide feet. With its classic design, quality construction, and dependable traction, this golf shoe is well worth considering for any serious golfer.

FootJoy Men’s Fj Flex Golf Shoe 10.5 Grey/White/Lime

The FootJoy Men’s Fj Flex Golf Shoe is a great option for golfers with wide feet seeking comfort, breathability, and versatility on and off the course.


  • Excellent breathability and comfort
  • Versatile for both on-course and off-course activities
  • Good support and stability


  • Traction could be improved
  • Not ideal for wet conditions
  • May be difficult to keep clean

I recently tried out the FootJoy Men’s Fj Flex Golf Shoe and I was genuinely impressed by its comfort and breathability. The 100% synthetic lightweight performance mesh material ensured exceptional comfort and breathability during my time on the course, especially during hot days. I also appreciated the soft EVA midsole, which provided a great deal of cushioning and stability.

The VersaTrax outsole is designed to offer traction on the course while still being suitable for everyday wear. However, I found the traction to be slightly lacking compared to other golf shoes I’ve tried. While walking on the course, the grip provided by the shoes was mostly sufficient, but during more intense swings, I sometimes felt my feet slipping.

One downside to these golf shoes is that they may not be ideal for wet conditions. Users who reported playing in wet conditions mentioned that their feet began to feel damp after a while. Additionally, the mesh material might make it difficult to keep the shoes clean, especially if you often play on muddy courses.

Overall, the FootJoy Men’s Fj Flex Golf Shoe is a great choice for golfers with wide feet who prioritize comfort and breathability. Although it has some drawbacks in terms of traction and suitability for wet conditions, its on and off-course versatility make it a solid option to consider.

adidas Men’s Codechaos Boa Golf Shoe

These shoes are a great choice for golfers with wide feet who want superior comfort and traction on the course.


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Easy-to-use Boa Fit System
  • Excellent grip with Chaos TRAXION outsole


  • Difficult to put on at first
  • Not completely waterproof
  • High-top sock look may not suit everyone

After trying on my new pair of adidas Men’s Codechaos Boa Golf Shoes, I couldn’t wait to test them out on the course. The premium adidas primeknit upper provides an incredibly comfortable and snug fit, making these shoes feel almost like a second skin. The L6 Boa Fit System ensures a precise fit without the need for traditional laces, allowing me to quickly and easily slip these shoes on and off.

When I first wore the shoes, I had to spend some extra time figuring out how to loosen the Boa Fit System and initially struggled to get them on. However, once I got the hang of it, the process became much smoother. As I walked through the grass, I noticed that the shoes held up well against light moisture and protected my feet from the elements. However, I wouldn’t rely on them to keep your feet completely dry in a downpour or heavier, wet conditions.

The performance on the course is where these shoes truly shine. The responsive boost midsole and spikeless Chaos TRAXION outsole deliver exceptional grip and traction, which allowed me to feel more stable and confident during my swings. It’s worth noting that the high-top sock look of the shoe may not be everyone’s preference, especially when wearing shorts, but it does provide additional support around the ankle.

All things considered, I genuinely enjoyed using the adidas Men’s Codechaos Boa Golf Shoes during my rounds, and I believe they would be an excellent choice for players with wide feet who value comfort and control on the course. Just keep in mind that they may not be the best option in very wet conditions and might not suit those who prefer a more traditional shoe style.

FootJoy Men’s Premiere Series-Packard Golf Shoe

The FootJoy Men’s Premiere Series-Packard Golf Shoe is a fantastic choice for wide feet golfers seeking top-notch comfort and performance.


  • Premium full grain leather construction
  • Excellent on-course traction and versatility
  • 2-year waterproof guarantee


  • Slightly narrow heel
  • May require a break-in period for some
  • Pricey for budget-conscious golfers

I recently wore my new FootJoy Men’s Premiere Series-Packard Golf Shoes for a round, and it was impressive how comfortable they were right from the start. The premium Pittards full grain leather not only gives the shoes an elegant and classic look but also offers a great fit, even for my wide feet.

The Versa-Trax outsole really stands out in these shoes. I found it provided excellent traction on the golf course, and the translucent rubber traction elements gave it a stylish appearance. The traction allowed me to swing confidently without worrying about slipping or losing my footing.

One thing to note, though, is the slightly narrow heel. While it didn’t bother me too much, it could be an issue for some golfers. Also, even though the shoes were quite comfortable for me out of the box, some people might require a break-in period to achieve the perfect fit.

The OrthoLite EcoPlush Fit-Bed is another noteworthy feature, as it provided all-day underfoot comfort. It’s reassuring to know the cushioning won’t diminish over time, making these golf shoes a worthy investment.

The only drawback might be the price tag for those on a tight budget. However, if you’re willing to spend a bit more for top-quality construction, comfort, and performance, the FootJoy Men’s Premiere Series-Packard Golf Shoe is highly recommendable for players with wide feet.

FootJoy Men’s Hyperflex Ii Golf Shoes

These FootJoy Men’s Hyperflex Ii Golf Shoes are an excellent choice for wide-footed golfers due to their comfortable fit and impressive performance features.


  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Excellent grip and stability
  • Consistent sizing


  • Older model design
  • Sizing runs large
  • Limited color options

I recently took my new pair of FootJoy Men’s Hyperflex Ii Golf Shoes for a spin on the course, and I must say that I was impressed. These shoes are incredibly comfortable, being lightweight and well-cushioned, which allowed me to stay on my feet comfortably for 18 holes.

FootJoy has become a trusted brand for me because their shoe sizes are consistent, and these are no exception. While some might see the fact that they’re an older model as a drawback, I find it a positive because it means I’m getting a high-quality product at a reduced price.

One thing to note is that the shoes tend to run about half to a full size larger than normal. My usual 9.5 size worked perfectly in these shoes, but if you prefer a snug fit, you might want to consider going half a size down. Additionally, although the color options are limited, the performance of these shoes on the golf course far outweighs this minor drawback.

The extremely effective traction and stability provided by the innovative flex grid 3.0 technology and N.E.O. outsole impressed me. My feet stayed firmly planted during my swing, giving me the confidence I needed to hit my shots with precision.

Overall, I highly recommend the FootJoy Men’s Hyperflex Ii Golf Shoes for golfers with wide feet who value comfort and performance on the course. The minor drawbacks pale in comparison to the pros, making this a worthy investment for your golf game.

Buying Guide

When looking for the best golf shoes for wide feet, there are several factors I consider in order to make an informed purchase. Here, I will discuss the key features to look for while choosing the right golf shoes.


The most vital aspect to consider is comfort. For golfers with wide feet, it’s essential to find shoes that properly accommodate the width of their feet, preventing discomfort on the course. It’s also important to take note of cushioning and arch support, as these elements provide additional comfort over long hours spent walking and playing.

Traction and Stability

Traction is crucial for maintaining a stable stance on the golf course, particularly during a swing. I look for golf shoes with sturdy, durable, and well-made outsoles to maximize traction and stability. Also, consider whether spiked or spikeless shoes suit your needs better. Spiked shoes generally offer better traction in wet conditions, while spikeless shoes are more versatile for walking on and off the golf course.


The material of the golf shoe impacts its comfort, breathability, and durability. I typically consider shoes made of leather or synthetic materials. Leather shoes usually provide a more premium feel and are highly durable. Synthetic materials, on the other hand, offer more water resistance and are often more budget-friendly.


Getting the right fit is crucial for ensuring comfort and preventing issues such as blisters and foot pain. I carefully check the available width options provided by the brand and use their fitting guide, if available. Also, remember that different brands may have slightly different sizing standards, so comparing measurements to a well-fitting shoe you already own can be helpful.

Style and Design

Lastly, I consider the style and design of the golf shoes. Personal preferences play a big role here, as you’ll want to feel confident and comfortable in the shoes you choose. Consider factors such as color, design, and overall aesthetic when making your final decision.

While there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the best golf shoes for wide feet, keeping these features in mind will help you make an informed decision and find the perfect pair to meet your needs and preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

What brands offer the best wide toe box golf shoes?

In my experience, there are several brands that offer golf shoes with a wider toe box. It’s important to try on different brands and models to find the ideal fit for your wide feet.

Which men’s golf shoes are ideal for wide feet?

Men with wide feet can find comfort and style in golf shoes from various brands. These shoes provide ample room in the toe box while still offering excellent support and stability. Always try on multiple pairs to find the perfect fit.

Do Nike and FootJoy have wide golf shoe options?

Yes, both Nike and FootJoy offer wide golf shoe options. As with any shoe, be sure to try them on and walk around before making a purchase.

Are Adidas wide fit golf shoes good for wide feet?

Adidas offers wide-fit golf shoes in some of their models, like the Tour360 XT-SL. They provide additional room in the toe box and across the foot, making them a suitable option for golfers with wide feet. However, it’s always advisable to try on any golf shoe before buying to ensure the perfect fit and comfort for your feet.

How do Ecco golf shoes cater to wide feet?

Ecco incorporates technology like their HYDROMAX® treatment, which enhances breathability and provides a wider fit in several of their golf shoe models. The Biom Hybrid 3, for example, features a roomy toe box and stability suited for wide feet. Nevertheless, trying on different Ecco golf shoes is vital to determining the best fit for your feet.

Are Skechers golf shoes suitable for those with a wide toe box?

Skechers has made a name for themselves by developing comfortable and stylish golf shoes with ample room in the toe box. As always, the key to finding the right golf shoe is to try on different options to determine the best fit for your unique feet.

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