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Best Golf Rain Gloves 2024: Top Choices for All-Weather Performance

Last Updated on January 23, 2024

Golfing in the rain requires the right gear for a steady grip and enjoyable experience. Drawing from my extensive experience in golf equipment, I’ve rigorously tested and identified the best golf rain gloves. These gloves are designed to excel in wet conditions, ensuring grip, comfort, and durability. Read on to discover the top choices that will enhance your rainy golf rounds.

Our Top Choices

I’ve compiled a list of the best golf rain gloves to keep your hands dry and improve your grip in wet conditions. Take a look at my top picks below.

FootJoy Men’s RainGrip Golf Gloves

The FootJoy Men’s RainGrip Golf Gloves are perfect for those in need of a reliable grip in wet or humid conditions on the golf course.


  • Unmatched grip in wet conditions
  • Quick-drying and breathable
  • Sold in pairs for convenience


  • Not specifically designed for regular conditions
  • May not last as long as some other gloves in the market
  • No warranty information provided

After using the FootJoy RainGrip gloves during a rainy round of golf recently, I was impressed with the level of grip and control they provided. The Autosuede knit palm truly delivered an unmatched grip in the wet conditions, allowing me to securely hold my club and maintain maximum control throughout my swings.

The QuikDry knit material on the back of the hand and fingers was a definite plus, ensuring breathability, flexibility, and quick-drying comfort. This helped to keep my hands comfortable and dry while playing in the rain. Moreover, the gloves came in a pair, making it convenient to have both hands covered and ready for any unexpected weather changes on the course.

While these gloves performed excellently in wet conditions, their primary focus on rain grip may not make them the best option for golfers who primarily play in dry conditions. Additionally, they may not be as durable as other gloves in the market, particularly those designed for regular use. No warranty information was provided, which could be a concern for some potential buyers.

In conclusion, the FootJoy Men’s RainGrip Golf Gloves are an excellent addition to any golfer’s kit, particularly those who frequently play in wet or humid conditions. Their incredible grip, quick-drying material, and convenient pairing make them well worth considering, despite the lack of warranty information and potential durability issues.

TaylorMade Rain Control Golf Gloves

The TaylorMade Rain Control Golf Gloves are definitely a great buy for golfers seeking enhanced grip and comfort in wet conditions.


  • Exceptional grip in wet conditions
  • Comfortable and secure fit
  • Durable and versatile for all types of weather


  • Slightly tight fit for some users
  • No touchscreen capability
  • May wear out quicker with frequent use

I recently played a round of golf in a light drizzle, the kind that gets everything damp but doesn’t make it unbearable. As I unpacked my new TaylorMade Rain Control Golf Gloves, I couldn’t help but wonder how they would perform under these conditions. To my surprise, they not only held up but exceeded my expectations.

The gloves provided a 40% stronger hold compared to their Stratus Wet model, offering a solid grip even in slippery situations. The added confidence allowed me to focus on my swing and not the raindrops falling around me. The snug fit made them feel like a natural extension of my hands, which is exactly what you want from a golf glove.

One minor drawback I noticed was that the gloves did not provide touchscreen capability, meaning I had to remove them to use my smartphone on the course. However, this was a minor inconvenience and didn’t deter me from continuing to wear them.

Another thing I want to mention is that if you play golf frequently, these gloves may wear out quicker than others due to their thinner and more flexible material. However, their performance in wet conditions is hard to beat, making them an excellent choice for those looking to brave the elements.

In conclusion, the TaylorMade Rain Control Golf Gloves are a fantastic investment for golfers who want to perform at their best, even when Mother Nature isn’t cooperating. The enhanced grip and comfortable fit give you the confidence you need to swing with ease, making these gloves an essential addition to any golfer’s gear.

Mizuno 2018 RainFit Men’s Golf Gloves

These Mizuno RainFit gloves are a fantastic option for those golfers seeking superior grip during wet conditions.


  • Excellent grip in wet conditions
  • Comfortable 3D palm printing
  • Comes as a pair


  • Might not be suitable for hotter weather
  • Limited color options
  • Not as warm as winter golf gloves

Recently, I had the opportunity to try out the Mizuno RainFit Men’s Golf Gloves during a round on a particularly rainy day. Immediately upon putting them on, I noticed the comfort provided by the 3D palm printing and the quality of the elite Japanese synthetic suede material, Mizuno Clarino. This, combined with the flex mesh inserts, resulted in a snug and flexible fit.

During the round, I was genuinely impressed by the grip that these gloves provided, despite the constant wet conditions. My club never slipped, and I found myself playing with increased confidence, knowing that the Mizuno RainFit gloves had my back.

However, it is worth noting that these gloves might not be as suitable for players who often find themselves in a hot and humid environment. Additionally, the available color choice is limited, and for those looking for a warmer glove during the winter months, these might not be your best option. But if superior grip in wet conditions is your primary concern, I highly recommend giving the Mizuno 2018 RainFit Men’s Golf Gloves a try.

FootJoy Women’s RainGrip Golf Gloves

The FootJoy Women’s RainGrip Golf Gloves are a must-have for confident play in wet or humid conditions.


  • Exceptional wet-weather grip
  • Quick-drying and breathable
  • Includes a removable ball marker


  • Limited color options
  • Only available in medium size
  • No warranty

After using the FootJoy Women’s RainGrip Golf Gloves during a rainy round of golf, I am quite impressed with their performance. The auto suede knit palm ensures an unmatched grip even in wet or humid conditions, giving me maximum control of my club. The quick-drying and flexible material on the back of the fingers provided optimum breathability, keeping my hands comfortable throughout my game.

What I also appreciate about these gloves is their strategically placed angled Comfortable closure, ensuring a precise fit and stress-free comfort. The removable ball marker is a convenient addition, allowing for quick and easy ball marking on the green.

However, I noticed a few downsides to these gloves. Firstly, the color options are limited to only black, which may not appeal to golfers looking for more stylish choices. Additionally, the gloves are only available in medium size, further limiting their accessibility to a wider range of players. Lastly, these gloves come with no warranty, which could be a concern for some buyers.

In conclusion, the FootJoy Women’s RainGrip Golf Gloves are a great investment for golfers who play in wet or humid conditions. The impressive grip and comfort they provide outweigh the cons related to limited sizing and color options.

Zero Friction Men’s Storm All Weather Golf Gloves

The Zero Friction Storm gloves deliver a secure grip and durability for playing golf in wet conditions.


  • Reinforced Lycra for maximum strength and durability
  • Microfiber suede grip for wet or humid weather
  • Detachable tee and ball marker


  • Synthetic materials may be less durable than leather
  • One size fits all may not be ideal for smaller hands
  • Received color may vary from the product image

I recently used the Zero Friction Men’s Storm All-Weather Golf Gloves during a rainy day on the golf course, and I must say, they exceeded my expectations. The reinforced Lycra construction provides excellent durability, and the premium microfiber suede ensures a solid grip even in wet conditions.

The black mesh Lycra on the fingers, back of the hand, and palm allows these gloves to fit better and provide enhanced breathability. This kept my hands comfortable throughout the game. Additionally, the leather patch on the first finger helped me maintain a solid grip on my club.

While I had a great experience with these gloves, I did notice some potential drawbacks. For one, the synthetic materials may not be as durable as leather options, so the gloves may wear out faster. Additionally, the one-size-fits-all design may not work for those with smaller hands. Finally, the received color may differ from the product image, which could be disappointing for some people.

Overall, I recommend the Zero Friction Men’s Storm All Weather Golf Gloves for anyone seeking reliable rain gloves for golfing. Their performance in wet conditions and practical bonus features, such as the detachable tee and ball marker, make them a great investment. Just be aware of the potential issues with sizing and color accuracy.

FINGER TEN Golf Rain Gloves

If you’re searching for a reliable pair of golf gloves for wet and sweaty conditions, give FINGER TEN gloves a shot!


  • Excellent grip in rain and wet conditions
  • Lightweight and well-ventilated design
  • Suitable for both left and right-handed golfers


  • Sizing may be inconsistent
  • Limited color options
  • Could benefit from more padding

I recently had the chance to try out FINGER TEN Golf Rain Gloves during a wet weather game, and I was genuinely impressed by their grippy performance. The gloves are designed using high-quality 3D performance mesh, which delivered an excellent fit while keeping my hands dry and comfortable. To my delight, the gloves were lightweight and flexible, offering exceptional dexterity on the course.

What stood out to me most about FINGER TEN gloves, though, was their ability to handle moist conditions. I’ve tried other gloves in the past that have become slippery and uncomfortable when wet, but FINGER TEN seems to have found just the right formula. Their gloves not only stay dry but also provide a secure grip, which is crucial to maintaining control over your club during swing.

However, it’s worth noting that I wasn’t overjoyed with the sizing of the gloves. While I eventually found the right fit, it took some trial and error – so I recommend referencing the size chart and considering other customers’ feedback before making a purchase. The limited color choices are also a bit disappointing, but that’s a minor drawback compared to the glove’s solid performance.

Finally, I would have liked a bit more padding in the gloves, particularly around high-wear areas like the palms and fingers. Although this might detract from their current lightweight design, I believe it would provide additional comfort and durability for regular golfers.

All in all, the FINGER TEN Golf Rain Gloves are a solid investment for those who don’t let adverse weather conditions or sweaty hands keep them from enjoying a game of golf. Just keep an eye on the sizing, and you’ll be well on your way to improved performance in even the most challenging conditions.

FINGER TEN Golf Gloves Men Left Hand Rain Grip

With excellent performance in rain, hot, and wet conditions, these FINGER TEN Golf Gloves are a must-have for golfers looking for an affordable yet high-quality option.


  • Unbeatable wet weather grip and quick-drying comfort
  • Quality materials for moisture-wicking and breathability
  • Comes in a pack of 3 with different sizes and color options


  • May not hold up well for daily golfers
  • Slightly snug fit might require breaking in
  • Leather gloves version has a ball marker, while microfiber gloves do not

I recently used these FINGER TEN Golf Gloves during a practice round on a hot and humid day. They truly exceeded my expectations when it came to maintaining a solid grip in such challenging weather conditions. The patterned microfiber material felt lightweight and flexible, solving my sweat and moisture problem effectively. I appreciate that they come in different sizes, making it easy to find the perfect fit.

The gloves arrive well-packaged and in good condition, which showcases the brand’s attention to detail. I received each glove individually bagged, followed by the paper packaging, ensuring the utmost care taken during delivery. Besides, pricing is quite reasonable, considering you get three gloves in one purchase, making it worth the investment.

However, the only downside I found was that the gloves might not be ideal for golfers who play daily, as the durability could come into question. Additionally, you should note that the snug fit may require a little breaking in before they feel perfectly comfortable.

In conclusion, FINGER TEN Golf Gloves make a great addition to your golf gear. They offer excellent grip, comfort, and value, especially for those who play golf in hot and humid conditions and require a high-performance glove without breaking the bank.

Amy Sport Golf Gloves

These gloves provide excellent moisture wicking and grip in hot or wet conditions, making them a great choice for golfers who experience sweaty hands.


  • High quality 3D performance mesh for moisture wicking and breathability
  • Excellent grip in wet or humid conditions
  • Available in standard US sizes and four colors


  • Prone to getting dirty quickly
  • May have durability concerns due to fraying
  • Small holes in between fingers may not suit everyone

I recently tried the Amy Sport Golf Gloves to address my sweaty hands issue during hot and wet weather. Once I put them on, I could instantly feel the high quality performance mesh material working to wick away the moisture and keep my hands cool and dry. This allowed me to maintain a solid grip on my clubs throughout the entire round.

Aside from the excellent moisture wicking, the gloves provided unbeatable grip in wet conditions. I found myself confidently swinging my club even when it started to drizzle, which has historically been a challenging situation for me. I also appreciated that the gloves came in four different colors and standard US sizes, making it easy for me to find the perfect fit and style.

However, I did notice a couple of drawbacks after using the Amy Sport Golf Gloves for a while. First, they tended to show dirt and wear more quickly than I had expected. Although I haven’t tried washing them yet, it is something to keep in mind if you prefer a clean-looking glove. Additionally, some fraying on the index finger of the left glove raised concerns about the durability of the product. The small holes in between the fingers could be off-putting for some, but they didn’t bother me personally.

Overall, the Amy Sport Golf Gloves provide an excellent solution for golfers with sweaty hands or those looking for better grip in wet and humid conditions. Just be aware that they may lose their clean appearance quickly and may have some durability concerns.

FINGER TEN Golf Gloves

These affordable gloves excel in rain and hot, wet weather conditions, making them an ideal choice for golfers in need of a reliable grip.


  • Excellent wet weather grip
  • Quick-drying comfort
  • Helps with sweaty hands in hot weather


  • Not sold as a pair
  • Limited color selection
  • May not be as durable as higher-priced alternatives

During my last golf session, I tried the FINGER TEN Golf Gloves and was genuinely pleased with their performance. I was in need of a new pair of gloves that could provide a firm grip in rainy and hot weather conditions, and these definitely fit the bill.

The high-quality 3D performance mesh material does a great job of wicking away moisture and ensuring breathability, which is crucial when my hands turn sweaty in hot weather. I found that these gloves not only kept my grip secure during wet weather but also remained light and flexible.

However, it’s worth noting that these gloves aren’t sold as a pair like other rainy weather gloves. They are available in sizes S to 3XL, which conform to US regular sizes, and come in grey color. The gloves weren’t as durable as other more expensive options, but considering the affordable price point, I still found them to be a great value.

Overall, I recommend the FINGER TEN Golf Gloves for golfers seeking an affordable, reliable, and comfortable glove to tackle rain, hot, and wet weather conditions. With their impressive grip and quick-drying comfort, these gloves are a worthwhile addition to any golfer’s gear collection.

GALWAY BAY Golf Rain Gloves

These GALWAY BAY Golf Rain Gloves are perfect for golfers seeking a comfortable, high-quality glove for wet and humid conditions.


  • Maximize performance in wet conditions
  • Suitable for all weather conditions
  • Versatile and ambidextrous design


  • Available only in black color
  • May not be ideal for extremely cold temperatures
  • Only comes in small size

In my experience, the GALWAY BAY Golf Rain Gloves performed exceptionally well in keeping my grip secure even during wet and humid conditions. The soft breathable fabric conformed to my hand comfortably, ensuring a snug fit throughout my golf game.

These gloves were perfect not only for golfing but also for other outdoor activities like skiing, rowing, and biking. The all-weather design meant that I could use them in various conditions without sacrificing comfort or performance.

However, I found the gloves to be available only in black, which might not please those looking for more color options. Also, the gloves only come in small size, so it may not fit everyone’s hands comfortably. Lastly, while suitable for most weather conditions, they might not be the best choice for extremely cold temperatures.

Overall, I would highly recommend the GALWAY BAY Golf Rain Gloves for golfers looking to improve their grip in wet conditions and for those who engage in various outdoor activities. The versatility and quality of these gloves make them a valuable addition to any golfer’s rain gear arsenal.

Buying Guide

When it comes to choosing the best golf rain gloves, there are several factors you should consider to make the most informed decision. As a golfer myself, I understand how crucial it is to maintain grip and comfort during wet weather conditions.

Material: The first aspect to look at is the material used in the glove construction. Opt for gloves made from synthetic materials, as they provide excellent grip in wet conditions and dry quickly. Additionally, ensure the material is breathable to prevent your hands from overheating.

Fit: A secure fit is vital when selecting golf rain gloves. Make sure to measure your hand and refer to the manufacturer’s sizing chart to find the perfect size for you. The gloves should fit snugly but not restrict your hand movements.

Grip: The grip on your golf rain gloves is essential for maintaining control over your swing. Look for gloves with non-slip surfaces, such as textured or patterned materials on the palm and fingers. This will ensure a secure grip on your club, even during wet conditions.

Adjustability: Adjustable features like Velcro closures or elastic cuffs allow for a customizable fit and additional protection from the rain. These options help to keep your gloves in place and prevent water from seeping in during your game.

Price: While it’s essential to invest in quality golf rain gloves, keep your budget in mind. There are excellent options available at various price points, so be sure to find a pair that falls within your price range without sacrificing the necessary features.

Key Features to Look for in Golf Rain Gloves

MaterialOpt for synthetic materials that provide excellent grip, dry quickly, and are breathable
FitEnsure a snug but comfortable fit by measuring your hand and referring to the manufacturer’s sizing chart
GripChoose gloves with textured or patterned materials on the palm and fingers for a secure grip
AdjustabilityLook for adjustable features like Velcro closures or elastic cuffs for a customizable fit and added protection
PriceFind quality golf rain gloves within your budget while ensuring they possess the necessary features

Keeping these factors in mind will help you navigate the process of choosing the best golf rain gloves for your needs. Prioritizing material, fit, grip, adjustability, and price will allow you to enjoy your golf game, even in rainy weather conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top waterproof gloves for golfers?

In my experience, some of the best golf rain gloves include options that offer excellent grip, comfort, and protection from the elements, ensuring you can maintain your performance during wet weather.

How do golf rain gloves improve grip during wet conditions?

Golf rain gloves are designed with specific materials that enhance grip in wet conditions. They feature a combination of synthetic and water-resistant materials that provide a secure grip while keeping your hands dry. As moisture increases, the gloves’ grip improves, which is essential during rainy or wet rounds.

How do I choose the right size for my golf rain gloves?

To choose the perfect size for your golf rain gloves, measure your hand’s circumference at its widest point in inches or centimeters. Use the manufacturer’s size chart as a reference to find the correct fit. Properly sized gloves should feel snug but not restrict your natural hand movements.

Which brands offer the best quality golf rain gloves?

Some reputable brands I’ve found that produce high-quality golf are those with a long history in golf and are known for their durability, performance, and quality.

Can golf rain gloves be used for other sports or activities?

While golf rain gloves are specifically designed for the unique demands of golf, they can be used for other activities that require grip-enhancing gloves in wet conditions. Such activities may include cycling, sailing, hiking, or even fishing. However, you should consider gloves tailored to your specific activity for optimal performance.

How do I care for and maintain my golf rain gloves?

To extend the life of your golf rain gloves, follow these simple steps:

  1. After each use, allow them to air dry away from direct heat sources like radiators or direct sunlight.
  2. Hand wash the gloves with mild soap and cold water. Avoid using bleach or fabric softeners, as these can damage the materials.
  3. Gently squeeze out excess water and let the gloves air dry again, this time with fingers facing upwards.
  4. Store them in a cool, dry place, ready for your next round.

By following these tips, your golf rain gloves will last longer and continue to provide reliable grip even in the toughest weather conditions.

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