Best Golf Grip for Small Hands: Finding the Perfect Fit

Golfers with small hands face a unique challenge: finding a grip that enhances control and comfort without compromising performance. With years of expertise in golf equipment, I’ve thoroughly tested and evaluated various grips to address this issue. This article cuts through the clutter to recommend the best golf grips for small hands, based on factors like size, material, and texture. Rest assured, our recommendations are designed to feel like a natural extension of your body, allowing for optimal performance on the course.

Our Top Choices

Finding the right golf grip is crucial for players with small hands to ensure comfort, control, and performance on the course. We’ve researched and tested a variety of grips to bring you our top picks that provide the best feel and traction for smaller hands. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced golfer, our selection is designed to help you improve your game by enhancing your grip on the club.

Inheming Swing Aid

We think these grips are an excellent investment for newcomers to golf, helping to establish reliable, proper grip patterns with relative ease.


  • Tailor-made for beginners seeking proper grip habits
  • High-quality, comfortable rubber material for prolonged use
  • Specially designed for small hands, greatly benefiting kids and women


  • Exclusively for right-handed individuals, limiting versatility
  • Some users report durability issues with the white line guides
  • May be challenging to install on clubs without proper technique

From the moment we handled the Inheming Swing Aid grips, we appreciated their no-slip texture and comfortable feel. They’re soft yet sturdy, ensuring that long practice sessions don’t translate into discomfort. The rubber material has a nice flex to it, giving that quality feel you’d want from a golf grip designed to mold technique.

Implementing these grips into our teaching routine has been a game-changer. Especially for our young or female students, this tool has made it simple for them to grasp the fundamentals of a correct golf swing. It’s refreshing to see an aid that hones in on proper hand placement without overcomplicating the process.

Remember, these grips are for practice and should not substitute regular grips for actual play. But for training purposes, we’ve seen a noticeable improvement in how beginners position their hands, and that’s a valuable step forward in mastering golf’s subtleties. Despite the issue some have had with the white alignment lines during installation, by exercising care and attention, we’ve avoided these problems.

SuperStroke Traxion Tour Grip

We’ve found this grip to be a solid choice for golfers with smaller hands seeking comfort and enhanced club control.


  • Enhanced surface texture for better grip
  • Stabilizing inner core boosts confidence during swings
  • Minimal taper design promotes even hand pressure


  • May be too firm for those preferring a softer feel
  • Installation can be slightly challenging for new users
  • Smaller diameter might not be suitable for all preferences

After recently re-gripping our clubs with the SuperStroke Traxion Tour Grip, the immediate improvement in our shots was noticeable. For those with smaller hands, the grip felt secure and manageable, allowing for a more natural swing. The advanced surface texture definitely lives up to its promises, providing a tactful feel that sends sufficient feedback to our hands.

The stability offered by the Torsional Performance feature has been particularly impressive. It’s common to find grips that are either too squishy or too rigid, but SuperStroke seems to have struck a fine balance. We’ve experienced a reassuring firmness while holding our clubs, which translates to improved control and, ultimately, better performance on the course.

Regarding the Taper Control Technology, it really seemed to reduce tension in our lower hand. Our swings felt more fluid, and the need to adjust grip pressure mid-swing was virtually eliminated. This allowed us to focus more on our game strategy and less on our grip. Overall, the SuperStroke Traxion Tour Grip has proven to be a reliable ally on the golf course, effectively catering to our need for both comfort and control.

Grip & Rip Golf Spray

We think the Grip & Rip Golf Spray is a game-changer for golfers with small hands striving for a consistent hold on their clubs.


  • Enhances grip even in wet conditions
  • Easy to apply and doesn’t leave residue
  • Small and portable for any golf bag


  • May require reapplication in extremely humid environments
  • Not as effective as re-gripping for long-term use
  • Could be less effective in colder climates

Having tested the Grip & Rip Golf Spray out on the course, we immediately noticed an improved feel on the club; our hands stayed secure through every swing. It’s especially useful while driving off the tee, as a firm grip could mean extra yards on your shots. Not once did the club feel like it was slipping out of our grasp which typically happens in hot, sweaty conditions.

The convenience of Grip & Rip can’t be overstated. Its compact size fits neatly inside our bag without taking up much space. When we applied it to our grips, it dried quickly and didn’t leave the stickiness we’ve come to expect from similar products. It truly does make holding the club more comfortable, helping us focus on our stance and swing instead.

We did find that during a particularly muggy afternoon, we had to apply the product a couple of times over the course of the round. In our experience, while Grip & Rip is not a substitute for a good-quality grip, it certainly extends the life of older grips by providing that necessary tackiness that might have worn down over time.

Karma Training Grip

Our time on the green with the Karma Training Grip convinces us it’s a worthy investment for novices with smaller hands aiming to perfect their hold on the club.


  • Encourages proper hand positioning
  • Affordable training aid
  • Comfortable non-slip rubber material


  • May not fit all club sizes
  • Limited to undersize grip option for small hands
  • Some users reported sizing issues

Handling the Karma Golf Training Grip, it’s immediately clear how it’s tailored for smaller hands. The contours align with our fingers and palms in such a way that we can’t help but grip it the right way. It acts as a subtle guide without being obtrusive, making it a natural choice for beginners who are just getting acquainted with the game.

The material of the grip is another high point. The soft, non-slip rubber stayed comfortable, even after hours of practice swings, and it gave us a reassuring sense of control. It’s easy to underestimate how pivotal a good grip is until you’ve held a club with one as ergonomically sound as this.

However, we must note that fitting it onto different clubs can be hit or miss. While the undersize grip is ideal for smaller hands, some club types may not mesh well with it. We also encountered feedback from fellow golfers on the course who faced challenges with the grip sizing, which flags a consideration before purchase. Despite this, the Karma Training Grip held its own as a valuable training tool, enough so that we would recommend keeping one in the bag for practice shots.

Lamkin Swinging Grips

We believe these Lamkin grips are a fantastic choice for golfers with smaller hands seeking a comfortable and controlled swing.


  • Larger design and textured surface reduce grip pressure
  • Eases hand pain, beneficial for arthritis sufferers
  • Enhances club control, supporting longer and more enjoyable playtime


  • Some users may find the grip firmer than expected
  • Not the thinnest option, if that’s the preference
  • Limited color options could be a downside for style-conscious players

After recent rounds with the Lamkin grips, we’ve noticed the nubbed texture genuinely eases the grip for anyone struggling with arthritis or just seeking more comfort. Its features allow us to focus less on maintaining a tight hold and more on our swing mechanics.

The reduction in hand pressure these grips facilitate means we can play longer without the typical fatigue. With less strain on our hands, our concentration remains on the game rather than any discomfort.

While the Lamkin grips are undeniably beneficial, we found them a touch on the firmer side. This stiffness, however, didn’t detract from their performance on the course, and it may even translate into greater durability over time. The limited color range and somewhat bulkier size won’t suit everyone’s taste or need but those are minor trade-offs in an otherwise excellent product for enhancing play with small hands.

Buying Guide

When selecting the perfect golf grip for small hands, various features are crucial to consider to enhance your performance and comfort on the course.

Grip Size

We should first ensure the grip size aligns with our hand size. Smaller diameter grips can improve control and feel for players with smaller hands.

  • Standard: Often too large for small hands
  • Undersize/Junior: Recommended for smaller hands


The material of the grip affects the texture and tackiness. We must choose a material that offers a balance between comfort and durability.

  • Rubber: Common, provides a secure hold
  • Polymer: Soft and tacky, good for moisture absorption


Texture impacts the grip’s feel and our ability to hold it securely, especially in varying weather conditions.

  • Smooth: Less friction, can be slippery if wet
  • Corded: Enhanced grip in wet conditions, may be abrasive
  • Patterned: Offers extra grip without the roughness of corded


Some grips are tapered to fit our hands more ergonomically, which can affect the pressure applied by our fingers.

  • Non-tapered: Uniform size, might offer better control for some
  • Tapered: Wider at the butt end; can help reduce grip tension


The firmness of the grip will affect the feedback we receive during swings.

  • Soft: Greater comfort, may absorb more vibration
  • Firm: Better feedback, can feel more secure

By taking these features into account, we can choose a golf grip that complements our hand size and enhances our game.

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