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Best Golf Drivers for Mid Handicappers: Top Picks for 2024

Last Updated on March 8, 2024

Golf requires precision, and for mid handicappers, the right driver is key to enhancing their game. This guide, based on in-depth experience and testing, focuses on selecting the best drivers for mid handicappers. We’ve considered factors like loft, shaft flex, clubhead size, and adjustability, aiming to find drivers that balance forgiveness and shot-shaping abilities. Our goal is to recommend drivers that not only fit the unique swing of each golfer but also provide the technological edge needed to lower their scores and improve playability.

Our Top Choices

We’ve researched meticulously to curate a list of golf drivers that will suit mid handicappers looking to improve their game. Each driver has been selected based on its ability to combine forgiveness with playability and adjustability, thereby helping you to strike the ball with greater consistency and control. Our aim is to provide options that can help you gain distance, accuracy, and overall satisfaction on the course.

COOLO Titanium Driver

For mid handicappers seeking to elevate their game without breaking the bank, the COOLO Titanium Driver offers a promising blend of technology and performance.


  • Generous sweet spot for increased ball speed and distance
  • Lightweight design, enhancing swing speed effortlessly
  • Low center of gravity improves launch for longer carry


  • Some users report durability concerns with the head
  • May not appeal to players used to premium brand drivers
  • Limited feedback on performance for expert analysis

We’ve recently had the pleasure of taking the COOLO Titanium Driver out for a test drive, and we’re impressed by the significant distance we can achieve with this driver. Its 460CC titanium head paired with state-of-the-art CUP face technology seems to create a larger impact area, leading to consistently faster ball speeds when our strikes aren’t perfectly center.

The sensation of swinging this driver is one of ease and control, thanks in part to its ultralight head. The graphite shaft seems to complement the overall system, offering us a reduced weight that undoubtedly aids in achieving higher clubhead speed. We can feel the ball launch off the tee with a pleasing trajectory, which seems to be the result of the strategically positioned low center of gravity.

In discussing this driver with peers, we find that while it’s a solid choice for intermediate golfers looking to improve, some do encounter concerns with its construction. The major point of contention revolves around the driver’s durability, presumably when it comes to rigorous or frequent play. There is also a slight reservation among players who typically reach for higher-end, established brand clubs.

However, for its price point, the COOLO Titanium Driver offers compelling features that are hard to ignore. We’re quite satisfied with its performance on the course, and it’s likely to be a beneficial addition to a mid handicapper’s golf bag, especially for those valuing the combination of innovative design and affordability.

Fairway Finder Driver

We believe the Fairway Finder Driver could be an excellent choice for mid handicappers looking to gain accuracy and forgiveness from the tee.


  • Impressive forgiveness on off-center hits
  • Oversized grip for enhanced control
  • Premium titanium face for energy transfer


  • May take time to adjust to the shorter shaft
  • Premium price point might not suit all budgets
  • Some golfers prefer a traditional grip size

Having just hit the course with this driver, I’m confident in saying that the Fairway Finder lives up to its promise of forgiveness. Mishits felt less disappointing as the well-designed clubface seemed to compensate, keeping shots more in play. The oversized grip gave me a more controlled feel, and I noticed less tension in my hands through the swing.

I was initially skeptical about the shorter shaft but found that it actually contributed to a smoother swing. The driver’s balance felt spot on, and I could sense an increase in my clubhead speed after a few tee shots. The way the ball jumped off the titanium face was truly satisfying, offering a premium sense of contact each time.

The downside, however, comes from the adjustment period—the shortened shaft might throw off your timing at first. Also, the price is on the higher end, which could be a hurdle for some. As for the grip, while it provided great feel and control, golfers who prefer standard-sized grips may need some time to get accustomed to the difference.

The Fairway Finder Driver really shows its strengths on the course, delivering straighter shots and a significant confidence boost. The premium materials and thoughtful design combine to give you a potent tool in your golfing arsenal. Its performance could very well justify the investment for players serious about improving their game.

Intech Behemoth Driver

We believe the Intech Behemoth Driver is an excellent choice for mid-handicappers looking to gain an edge with a unique and powerful driver that’s built to enhance distance.


  • Massive head size boosts confidence and forgiveness
  • Aerodynamic design increases club head speed
  • Affordable with a quality build for its price range


  • Non-conforming to USGA standards
  • Some durability concerns mentioned in customer feedback
  • Limited to senior flex, which might not suit all swing styles

Swinging the Intech Behemoth, the first thing you notice is the massive head that just exudes confidence. It’s forgiving, making it a great ally for mid-handicappers on days when their swing is a bit off. During our time on the range, the aerodynamic design seemed to translate into real-world performance, providing us with a noticeable boost in club head speed.

On the course, the Behemoth truly shines by delivering impressive carry and distance. It makes you feel as though you’ve got professional power in your hands without the professional price tag. It’s certainly a game-changer for players unconcerned with club conformity in official tournament play.

However, it’s also obvious why this driver isn’t USGA-compliant; it gives a considerable advantage off the tee. This won’t impact recreational rounds but it’s a consideration if you’re eyeing competition. Durability is another aspect we’ve scrutinized. There’s feedback suggesting that the driver might not stand the test of time, but during our rounds, it held up well. Lastly, the senior flex might not mesh with the mechanics of every mid-handicapper’s swing, which can be limiting.

In sum, the Intech Behemoth stands out for its ability to empower recreational golfers through extra distance and a forgiving structure. It makes for an invigorating day on the course, and at its price point, it’s hard to overlook the value it brings to your game.

Intech Behemoth Driver

For the casual golfer not bothered by equipment restrictions, this Intech Behemoth Driver might just level up our long game with its boundary-pushing design.


  • Gigantic sweet spot for enhanced confidence and forgiveness
  • Helps rectify a slice with its draw bias design
  • Comes at a reasonable price point compared to premium brands


  • Non-conforming size can’t be used in official tournament play
  • Constructed from aluminum, which might not appeal to all players
  • Some durability concerns raised by a handful of users

As we took the Intech Behemoth Driver out for a spin, the first thing we noticed was the sheer size of the head. It’s an absolute behemoth, living up to its name. The effect on the ball when you hit the sweet spot is like watching a rocket launch – it just goes. The extra confidence that big face provides made us bold on the tee, unafraid to give it a proper whack.

However, this driver isn’t all about muscle. The offset hosel design intended to combat slices actually made a noticeable difference. Many of us who tend to lose balls to the right found ourselves staying more on target. This made our rounds more enjoyable, not to mention how it saved us time and frustration digging around in the rough.

Although the club comes equipped with an Intech rubber grip and matching lightweight regular flex graphite shaft, the feel is different from the usual titans of titanium drivers. It’s less premium, yet that’s expected at its price point. And while some users have cast doubts over its longevity, our experience with the club didn’t give us any immediate concerns – it felt solid and well put together.

It’s worth noting that due to its size, this club wouldn’t be allowed in official events sanctioned by golf’s governing bodies. But for the weekend warriors among us, the Intech Behemoth Driver could be a fun addition to the bag that might just give us the edge in our friendly rounds. Even if performance gains are marginal for some, the psychological boost is tangible.

POSSOT Titan Driver

We find that the POSSOT Titan Driver is a solid choice for mid handicappers seeking a blend of forgiveness and power on the course.


  • Eases the learning curve with a forgiving sweet spot
  • Generous distance thanks to the lightweight construction
  • Engaging sound and feel on impact


  • Closed clubface might be off-putting for some
  • Not as long as some other drivers on the market
  • Questions about durability with reports of head splitting

Swinging the POSSOT Titan Driver is a pleasant experience; its light graphite shaft facilitates a smooth, controlled swing that beginners and mid-handicappers will appreciate. I’ve noticed the driver promotes a satisfying connection with the ball, even when the shot isn’t perfect, making it a confidence booster off the tee.

When standing over the ball, the driver exudes an air of quality that you’d expect from higher-priced models. There’s a genuine sense of excitement knowing that the reinforced titanium frame of the POSSOT Titan is built to deliver straighter and more extended drives. After a couple of rounds, it’s clear how the design aids in achieving satisfying ball flights, especially when teeing off on wider fairways where there’s room to let the ball soar.

Although the closed clubface initially gave me pause, after a few hits, I adjusted my stance and began to see a consistent flight path, free from the dreaded slice. However, not every product is perfect. I’ve heard murmurs at the club about the driver’s durability, echoing concerns of wear after a season’s use. It’s an aspect worth considering if you’re a frequent player who demands a driver that withstands the test of time and use.

Buying Guide

a woman testing out a golf driver for mid handicappers

Key Factors to Consider

When looking for the best golf driver as a mid handicapper, we must focus on several crucial features. Our selection process should hone in on the following aspects to ensure the driver enhances our game.

  • Adjustability: A driver with adjustable loft and lie angles can help us fine-tune ball flight.
  • Club Head Size: The maximum 460cc head offers a larger sweet spot, which is beneficial for our consistency on the tee.
  • Shaft Material: Graphite shafts are generally lighter and can aid in achieving higher swing speeds for us.

Performance Characteristics

Understanding and comparing performance characteristics is essential:

FeatureBenefit to Us
ForgivenessReduces the impact of off-center hits
Center of GravityAffects ball flight and trajectory
Moment of InertiaProvides stability during swings

Aesthetic and Feel

While performance is key, we should not overlook aesthetic and feel. Our confidence is boosted when we have a driver that feels right in our hands and aligns with our visual preferences. A comfortable grip and an appealing look can make a significant difference in our overall experience.


Finally, we have to consider our budget. Investing wisely in a driver means balancing the cost with the features we need; it’s not always necessary to go for the top-tier price range to find a driver that suits our skill level.

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