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Best Golf Driver for Beginners: Top Picks for Starting Strong on the Green

Last Updated on March 5, 2024

For golf beginners, choosing the right driver is key to enhancing both enjoyment and performance on the course. This guide, based on my extensive experience and rigorous testing, focuses on selecting golf drivers that offer forgiveness and help maximise distance. We’ve evaluated factors like head size, loft, shaft flex, and adjustability, ensuring beginners find a driver that’s not only forgiving on mishits but also adaptable to their developing skills. Our aim is to recommend drivers that build confidence and improve the game for new golfers.

Our Top Choices

We’ve researched extensively to compile a list of golf drivers that are ideal for beginners. Our criteria for selection included ease of use, forgiveness on off-center hits, adjustability for growth, and overall value for money. These drivers have been chosen for their ability to help new players improve their game while providing the best balance between performance and affordability.

COOLO High-Flex Driver

We think the COOLO High-Flex Driver is an excellent choice for beginners looking for forgiveness and an affordable entry into the game.


  • Forgiving 460cc head size suitable for beginners
  • Ideal loft selections tailored to different skill levels
  • Light and comfortable, promoting confidence off the tee


  • Limited functionality for advanced players seeking fine-tuning
  • Possible durability concerns for frequent, high-intensity players
  • Basic design, lacking the premium touch of higher-end models

On the course, this driver feels remarkably accommodating, especially when we’re not quite hitting the sweet spot. Its generous 460cc head size gives us the confidence to swing freely, knowing there’s plenty of room for error.

Selecting the right driver is crucial, and we’ve found that the COOLO High-Flex’s variety of loft options caters well to various swing speeds. Whether you swing slower or are looking for a bit more challenge, there’s a loft setting just for you.

What sets this driver apart is not just its performance; the lightness of the graphite shaft has a significant impact. We noticed the driver feels easy to handle, helping tee shots fly higher and further, which is exactly what beginners and average golfers need.

However, this doesn’t feel like a driver for those who frequently play or are quickly progressing their skills. As we improve, we seek drivers with more advanced capabilities and customization, which the COOLO High-Flex lacks.

Also, for those of us who play round after round, it’s worth considering how well this club will hold up over time. Initial impressions suggest that it might not be the most durable if subjected to intense use.

Lastly, style matters to some of us, and while functionality is the driver’s strong suit, the design is basic. It doesn’t have the aesthetic appeal or fine finish as some of the top-tier drivers.

In summary, the COOLO High-Flex Driver steps up as a solid choice for newcomers. It provides a comfortable, forgiving experience on the course without overwhelming the player or their wallet. It’s an ally for building confidence and enjoying early golfing adventures.

Ram Golf SGS Driver

In our hands, the Ram Golf SGS Driver is a solid pick for beginners aiming to improve their game without breaking the bank.


  • Generous sweet spot enhances forgiveness on off-center hits
  • Shorter steel shaft offers improved control
  • Comes with a matching headcover for added value


  • A bit heavier due to the steel shaft, which could affect swing speed
  • Metal shaft may exaggerate slice for those with improper technique
  • Reports of durability concerns after extensive use

Having recently taken the Ram Golf SGS Driver out for a spin, we were quite impressed with the generous sweet spot its 460cc driver head provides. This feature is particularly beneficial for beginners who are working on achieving a more consistent strike. It’s clear that forgiveness is a key aspect of this club’s design.

The slightly shorter steel shaft, while contributing some heft, actually helped us keep our shots under better control. This could be a real game-changer for new players who tend to struggle with longer clubs. And while the weight of the driver might not suit everyone’s swing, it certainly adds a reassuring sturdiness to each drive.

In addition to its performance, the SGS Driver includes a headcover, which is a nice touch at this price point. However, it’s worth noting that although it’s built to serve beginners well, certain aspects—like the effect of the steel shaft on slices and the potential for wear over time—could have you eyeing up an upgrade eventually. Still, when considering the positives alongside the drawbacks, we’re confident in saying this driver is well-suited for those getting started on their golfing journey.

Intech Behemoth Driver

We’ve taken swings with the Intech Behemoth Driver and find it’s an excellent choice for beginners looking to make an immediate impact on their driving distance.


  • Significant reduction in slice due to the offset hosel
  • The oversized head boosts confidence and offers ample forgiveness
  • Decent quality for the price, especially for newcomers to the sport


  • Non-conforming size may limit where you can use it competitively
  • Some durability concerns as expressed by others
  • Grip and build could feel underwhelming for experienced golfers

When we got our hands on the Intech Behemoth Driver, the first thing we noticed was its massive head. It’s undeniably big, which instills a bit of confidence right before you tee up. Out on the range, we found that this driver does indeed help in reducing the slice—a common issue for many beginners—thanks to its anti-slice technology.

This club is not just about fixing a slice; it’s also meant to give you extra yards. During our session, the sweet spot on this jumbo-sized head felt more forgiving, allowing us to manage some decent distances even on off-center hits. The launch was consistently higher with less spin, which is exactly what you need for better carry and overall distance.

The Intech Behemoth might be on the more economical side, but it didn’t shy away from performance. We were a bit wary of its non-conforming size at first, thinking it could be more of a novelty than a functional driver. However, it held up pretty well on the course. But, it did make us think twice about its long-term durability. The club’s construction and grip quality are adequate, not top-notch, but that’s to be expected at this price point. It’s a great tool for beginners, but as your skills improve, you might crave something with a bit more finesse and fine-tuning.

In sum, the Intech Behemoth is worth considering if you’re a beginner golfer. It helps tackle common issues like slicing and builds confidence with its generous sweet spot. Keep its limitations in mind, but it’s a solid first driver that won’t break the bank.

Swing Magic Trainer

We firmly believe any beginner would benefit from the Swing Magic Trainer as it remarkably improves swing tempo and distance.


  • Enhances swing consistency
  • Noteworthy distance gains
  • Fair price for quality


  • Slightly shorter than a standard driver
  • May take time to adjust to it
  • Limited to right-hand golfers

I found myself driving balls in a way I never thought possible after a few sessions with the Swing Magic Trainer. It’s a game-changer, reshaping my swing to be more fluid and controlled. I noticed a more disciplined backswing and a power-packed downswing that translated not just into sound but truly gratifying distance on the golf course.

What caught my attention next was the quality of the build. The whippy, heavy shaft encouraged a better swing sequence, keeping my hands at bay which, before, tended to take control and mess up my shots. The sensation of hitting a tee shot with the Swing Magic is something else – the effortless power feels like a secret weapon you’ve just unlocked.

We’ve seen new players struggle to find consistency, but after introducing them to the Swing Magic Trainer, it’s like watching a caterpillar turn into a butterfly. Their tee shots become something to behold, and they start reaching greens they’d only previously longed for. It’s a fitting testament to the transformation this training aid can catalyze in one’s golf game.

Speed System Driver

Our rounds just got a serious upgrade with this driver, delivering on both distance and control for the casual golfer.


  • Enhanced distance from the tee
  • Lightweight design for faster swing speeds
  • Tailored to amateur golfers’ abilities


  • May not significantly outperform existing drivers for some
  • Hook face design might not suit all swing types
  • Premium price compared to entry-level clubs

Many of us struggle to match the prowess of tour professionals, but this driver fills that gap with finesse. When we hit the course recently, the noticeable lightweight feel of the Speed System Driver made for a comfortable, swift swing that didn’t sacrifice control. Tailored to our less than pro-level capabilities, it ensured our efforts were better rewarded in both distance and accuracy.

Playing with this driver, we appreciated how it’s optimized for amateur swing speeds. Instead of trying to adapt to equipment meant for tour players, it felt like this system is designed precisely for golfers like us. Naturally, we could see the result – our drives soared further than usual, seemingly with less effort.

What’s more, this isn’t just about the driver itself; it’s an entire system. The accompanying spring-loaded tees and tour-grade golf balls form a trio that synergizes well on the field. You’re not just getting a club; you’re getting a fine-tuned arsenal to up your game from the tee box.

Taking this driver to the tee shot at our local course felt empowering; the claims of added yardage held up under scrutiny. This may not be a majesty cure for all, as some golfers with already optimized equipment might not notice drastic improvements. Yet for us, the prospect of an extra edge without remolding our entire approach was too good to pass up.

POSSOT Titanium Driver

Given our time on the course with this club, we believe it’s an excellent choice for beginners seeking forgiveness and distance in their drives.


  • Amply forgiving across the face, even on off-center hits
  • Achieves satisfyingly straight and long ball flights
  • Pleasant sound and feel that boosts confidence at tee off


  • The closed clubface address may not appeal to all golfers
  • Some players have reported durability concerns over time
  • Not suitable for those who prefer highly customizable drivers

Our first impressions with the POSSOT Golf Driver were quite positive. We noticed right away how the club’s design has us hitting the ball with a pleasant, crisp sound. This boosts confidence, as sound and feel can greatly impact a golfer’s comfort with a club. The ease of use was obvious, too; the lighter weight graphite shaft made our swings feel more natural, helping to maintain a smooth tempo.

Even on days when our form wasn’t perfect, the driver’s enhanced forgiveness allowed us substantial leeway. The reinforced Titanium Speed Frame and claimed high-MOI construction certainly did their job. Balls still soared off the tee with a trajectory that beginners will find very helpful—a high launch with reduced sidespin that lead to less slicing.

During use, some of our team were divided on the closed clubface at address. While it can help those who tend to slice, it might feel unnatural to golfers who usually have no issue hitting straight. While we didn’t experience durability issues during our test rounds, we’ve taken note of some reports about the driver’s longevity. Lastly, while some customization is available with this driver, those used to tweaking every possible angle and weight might find the adjustability a bit lacking.

Overall, our recommendation stands; for the novice looking to improve their game without overcomplicating things, the POSSOT Titanium Driver could well be an ace up your sleeve. It simplifies the driving process and lets you focus on enjoying the game. We have to say, for a club that falls into an affordable price range, it certainly exceeded our initial expectations.

COOLO 12° Beginner Driver

We think the COOLO 12° Beginner Driver is a smart pick for new golfers, providing an accessible entry point to the game with a design catering to slower swing speeds.


  • Forgiving 460cc head size maximizes sweet spot
  • Optimized loft and weight for beginners and slower swing speeds
  • Comfortable grip enhances handling and confidence


  • Potentially limited use as skills advance
  • May lack customization for experienced players
  • Specific design may not suit fast swingers

Swinging the COOLO 12° Driver on the tee box feels intuitive, as if the club were an extension of us. The lightweight design and comfortable rubber grip offer a reassuring hold, which contributes positively to our swing dynamics. The large head and sweet spot ensure we can hit the ball with confidence, even when our technique is less than perfect.

Out on the fairway, this driver shines for those of us looking to improve our game. It’s particularly adept at giving our shots the loft they need, which is especially welcome when we’re still finding our swing rhythm. Even as we’re learning, it’s great to watch the ball soar and feel proud of our progress.

Thinking about the longer term, we anticipate that as our skills sharpen and swing speeds increase, we might outgrow this club. Yet, considering its affordability, the COOLO 12° Driver serves as a commendable stepping stone into the world of golf for any beginner, and we can always look back fondly at the rounds we played with it as part of our golfing journey.

Ram Golf SGS Ladies Driver

We think this driver is a stellar option for beginners looking for a combination of comfort and affordability.


  • Enlarged 460cc driver head maximizes forgiveness on off-center hits
  • Shorter steel shaft enhances control during the swing
  • Includes a matching headcover for protection without added costs


  • Some users may prefer a lighter graphite shaft for speed and flexibility
  • May not be suited for more experienced golfers seeking advanced features
  • A few reports of durability concerns over extensive use

Upon heading to the course with the Ram Golf SGS Ladies Driver, we immediately noticed the large sweet spot provided by the 460cc driver head. It lends a reassuring confidence at tee-off, particularly for our beginner swings that aren’t always pin-point accurate. The increased forgiveness results in less punishing off-center hits.

The steel shaft, cut a tad shorter than we’re used to, indeed offers more control, which is something we can all appreciate when we’re just getting the hang of our drives. It makes it more manageable to handle and swing the club, contributing to a smoother experience for those of us still working on our swing mechanics.

As we wrapped up our session, we were glad to have the matching headcover on hand. It’s a nice touch that keeps the driver safe from the occasional knocks and scrapes that happen during transportation. We understand that no golf club is perfect, and while the steel shaft is not as flexible or as light as the graphite options out there, we valued the control it provided. We also concede that as our skills grow, we might look for something with more specialized features, but for now, the Ram Golf SGS Ladies Driver was a budget-friendly companion that didn’t let us down.

Fairway Finder Premium Driver

We found the Fairway Finder Premium Driver to be a remarkable asset for beginners seeking consistent, straight drives.


  • Effortless aiming with the Forward Guidance Crown
  • Oversized PU Leather grips for a comfortable hold
  • Durable titanium club face for long-term use


  • Might take time to adjust to the shorter shaft
  • Stiff flex may not suit all swing speeds
  • Limited feedback for precise swing corrections

Stepping onto the first tee with the Fairway Finder in hand, we felt an immediate sense of confidence. The club’s visual appeal is matched by its performance; drives are straight and long. If you struggle with slicing, this driver could be a game-changer for you, as it certainly helped us keep the ball on the fairway more consistently.

The oversized grips were a standout feature. They offered us a firm yet comfortable grip, which led to a relaxed swing with less hand tension. With the enhanced control, our swings were smooth, and the ball seemed to jump off the titanium face with a satisfying ping.

After a full round, it was clear that the Forward Guidance Crown was more than a gimmick. It genuinely aided our aiming, making it simpler to align shots and boost accuracy. We did notice, however, that the stiff flex might not be ideal for those with slower swing speeds. In such cases, the club might not provide the optimal degree of whip for maximum distance.

Overall, the well-thought-out design of the Fairway Finder Premium Driver offers a blend of forgiveness and control that is perfect for golfers looking to improve their game.

Pinemeadow PGX Offset Driver

If you’re starting out in golf and want a forgiving driver without spending a fortune, this Pinemeadow PGX Offset Driver could be your ally on the course.


  • Promotes straighter drives with offset technology
  • Aesthetically pleasing with matte black finish
  • Generous 460cc clubhead aids in forgiveness


  • Limited to a 10.5-degree loft option
  • Some users report a unique impact feel that might not appeal to everyone
  • Primarily designed for beginners, experienced golfers might outgrow it

I recently took the Pinemeadow PGX Offset Driver out for a spin to see how it holds up on the golf course. The offset design certainly helped in squaring the ball at impact, which for someone like me who tends to struggle with accuracy, was a huge benefit. The drives were noticeably straighter, an improvement I was thrilled to see.

The first thing I noticed was the sleek matte black finish. Not only does it look sharp in the bag, but I could tell it was turning heads on the driving range. The 460cc clubhead was larger than I expected for the price point, providing a confidence-boosting sweet spot.

Durability is always a concern with affordable options, but after several rounds, the driver still looks and performs like new. The included headcover is a nice touch, ensuring the club stays protected between games.

In terms of performance, there’s no denying the value it offers, especially for those just finding their way into the game. This driver was much lighter than I anticipated, making it easy to handle and less fatiguing over long games. However, the specific 10.5-degree loft and ladies’ flex might not suit everyone’s game, and I found the impact sound a bit unusual at first, though it wasn’t a dealbreaker.

As with any club aimed at beginners, it may not satisfy the needs of more seasoned golfers, but it’s a solid stepping stone for those developing their swing. Overall, for the price point and the ease of use for novice players, the Pinemeadow PGX Offset Driver merits consideration as a starter club.

Buying Guide

a man testing a golf driver for beginners

Essential Features to Consider

When selecting a golf driver as beginners, we must focus on certain key features that can enhance our game from the tee box. These features include:

  • Loft: The angle of the driver’s face affects trajectory and spin. We look for a higher loft between 10° and 12°, which offers better lift and is more forgiving for amateur swings.

  • Shaft Flex: Shaft flexibility is tied to swing speed. As beginners, we generally benefit from a more flexible shaft, which often includes options like ‘Regular’, ‘Senior’, or ‘Ladies’ flex.

  • Clubhead Size: The maximum allowable clubhead size is 460cc. As beginners, we opt for this size for its larger sweet spot, which offers more forgiveness on off-center hits.

  • Weight: The weight of the driver impacts swing speed and stability. Many beginners find a lighter driver easier to handle, resulting in better speed and control.

Clubhead Shape and Material

  • Shape: Modern drivers come in various shapes. We choose a round or pear-shaped head, which can help with aerodynamics and confidence at address.

  • Material: Titanium or composite heads are desirable for their strength-to-weight ratio, offering durability and improved swing speeds.


Some drivers feature adjustable heads, allowing us to modify the loft, lie, and even the face angle. This adjustability can be valuable as we refine our swing, but simplicity may be preferable for true beginners.

Price vs. Quality

We balance affordability with quality, understanding that as new players, our skills are developing. Investing in the most expensive driver isn’t necessary; instead, we consider the best value offering us the features we need without breaking the bank.

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