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Best Golf Clubs for Teenagers: Top Picks for Young Players in 2024

Last Updated on March 28, 2024

Golf demands the right equipment, especially for teenagers whose abilities are evolving. Clubs designed for teens offer forgiveness and flexibility, fostering skill development and enjoyment. When choosing these clubs, consider factors like length, weight, shaft flex, and head design to match their growing game. Our thorough evaluation targets clubs that balance quality, performance, and value, ensuring young golfers have the best tools for their development.

Our Top Choices

Selecting the right golf clubs is essential for teenagers looking to improve their game. We’ve curated a list of the best golf clubs suitable for the teenage golfer. Our selections are based on quality, performance, and value, ensuring that you can confidently choose a set that will support your journey on the golf course.

Aspire XD1 Teenager Complete Golf Set

We recommend this set for any teenager looking to improve their game with a high-quality, well-rounded golf set.


  • Lightweight stand bag with comfortable dual straps
  • Graphite shafts on woods enhance swing speed
  • A good mix of clubs including irons and a putter


  • Steel shafts on irons may not suit all preferences
  • Designed for a specific height range, limiting versatility
  • Some users report minor cosmetic issues on clubs

When we got our hands on the Aspire XD1 Teenager Complete Golf Set, the quality immediately stood out. The set especially caters to newcomers, providing a comprehensive selection of clubs that will suit nearly all aspects of their developing game. Our swings were consistent with the driver and fairway wood, and the comfortable grip on the putter helped us maintain steady strokes on the green.

We noticed the dual straps on the bag make carrying the set a breeze – it felt like a lightweight backpack. On the course, the 100% graphite shaft woods contributed to a satisfying distance even with moderate swing speeds.

While using the irons, the True Temper Steel Shafts might be less forgiving for those still working on their swing. This wasn’t a significant issue for us, but less experienced players may want to consider a set with more flexible shaft options. The set is optimized for teens between 5’1″ and 5’6″, so it might not be the right fit for everyone.

We did find a few scratches on the clubs, though these were purely cosmetic and didn’t affect performance. The clubs still felt solid, and the set as a whole seems like a smart investment for its price point – a fine choice for any teenage golfer ready to step up their game.

Tour Edge Junior Set

If you’re looking for a comprehensive set that allows young golfers to hit with confidence and grow into their game, this set is a solid choice.


  • Enhances game with technology designed for younger players
  • Complete set ensures a versatile playing experience
  • Comes with a lightweight and comfortable bag


  • Might be slightly long for those on the shorter end of the age range
  • Premium price point may be a consideration for some
  • Limited color options

Swinging the HL-J Junior clubs felt natural; the driver sent balls soaring off the tee with ease. I was particularly impressed by how forgiving the oversized irons were—scuffs and off-center hits still managed respectable distance and trajectory. The lightweight stand bag added to the experience; moving around the course was effortless and comfortable, thanks to the well-designed straps.

Out on the fairway, the low-profile wood proved its worth. It seemed to simplify the often tricky fairway shot, especially noticeable when we were tackling long approach shots. The convenience and peace of mind it brought to the younger golfers in our group were undeniable. Plus, the included headcovers kept the clubs well-protected between games.

At the green, the mallet-style putter did not disappoint. Its ease of alignment translated into more accurately judged putts, and it did a good job giving our budding golfers the right feedback for improving their putting game. Coupled with the hybrid’s performance, our time on the course was not only enjoyable but also incredibly productive in terms of skill development.

Precise Teen Complete Set

We believe this golf club set is a solid choice for teens looking to enhance their game with versatile and forgiving equipment.


  • Good range of clubs for most situations on the course
  • Lightweight and durable stand bag included
  • Available for both right and left-handed players


  • Driver may be too long for shorter teens
  • Bag durability could be improved for heavy use
  • Club lengths may not suit all teen heights accurately

Hitting the fairway with these clubs felt intuitive, as the lightweight graphite shafts on woods promoted a smooth swing. The comfortable grip and balanced weight distribution of each club seemed designed to boost both distance and accuracy, invaluable for any golfer looking to sharpen their skills.

We particularly appreciated the stand bag with its dual straps, which made carrying our gear around the course a breeze. While playing, transitioning between clubs was seamless, and each headcover protected the woods and irons from dings and scratches during transport.

Our time on the green confirmed the putter’s performance, with a consistent roll and formidable control, contributing to a satisfying round. Overall, it’s clear that these clubs are well-suited for most teen golfers seeking improvement without breaking the bank.

XJ Junior Set for Teens

We believe that the Callaway Golf XJ Junior Set is an excellent choice for teenagers looking to up their game with reliable, top-grade equipment.


  • Premium Callaway technology enhances distance and performance
  • The set offers a diverse range of clubs for complete course coverage
  • Sleek design and suitable for the height of most teens


  • Pricing may be steep for beginners who are unsure about their long-term interest in golf
  • Right-hand orientation may not cater to all teenage golfers
  • The set is made in China, which could be a downside for those who prefer products made in other countries

Our recent time on the green was made all the more enjoyable with the Callaway Golf XJ Junior Set. The difference in our long game was notably improved, thanks to the meticulous engineering that Callaway is known for. The clubs have just the right weight and balance, which significantly enhances swing control.

Equally impressive is the selection of clubs in this set. Whether it’s teeing off with confidence or approaching the green, we found everything needed to cover all types of shots. The set’s aesthetic is also a cut above, with its pristine white color catching many admiring glances from fellow golfers.

We must admit, the cost had us weighing our options at first. However, the durability and quality we’ve experienced have convinced us that this set is well worth the investment. It’s fitting for teenagers who are serious about golf and will likely stick with it for years.

The Callaway XJ Junior Set is tailored specifically for right-handed players, which means left-handers would regrettably need to look elsewhere. While manufactured in China, this doesn’t take anything away from the set’s performance on the course.

Scholars in the sport and seasoned players alike will appreciate the value packed into this set. The club flex, shaft material, and grip size all align to provide the ultimate golfing experience for growing teenagers. Using this set, we noticed a remarkable improvement in shot precision and general gameplay, cementing our confidence in recommending it to others.

Wilson Profile SGI Teen

We recommend this set for any teenager getting into golf, thanks to its custom fit options and performance-enhancing features.


  • Encourages longer distance with large 460cc driver
  • Improved swing speeds due to lightweight components
  • Irons offer forgiving play with deep cavity back design


  • Carry bag may lack durability for heavy use
  • Designed specifically for right-handed players only
  • Potential for more advanced players to outgrow the set

After a recent round with the Wilson SGI Complete Set, we’re quite impressed with the ease these clubs offer to entry-level players. The large driver had us feeling confident on the tee, clearly designed for maximizing distance, a definite advantage for new golfers.

Out on the fairway, the irons were equally satisfying. We appreciated the low center of gravity for its forgiving nature, a feature that seems to effortlessly straighten out mishits which is crucial for building a teenager’s confidence and skillset.

Our experience with the carry bag highlighted both its practicality and a potential drawback. While it has a variety of pockets and the airflow shoulder straps provide carrying comfort, we’re skeptical about how it might hold up to the rigors of frequent transportation and play. Nevertheless, for a starter set, it’s more than adequate.

In conclusion, the Wilson SGI Teen Set struck us as an optimal choice for those stepping onto the green for the first time. It offers a solid foundation for foundational skills, although as teenage players enhance their game, they might need to upgrade to fit their evolving style.

PGA TOUR G1 Series Golf Set

For teenagers stepping onto the course, we find the PGA TOUR G1 Series Golf Set to be an ideal match for their growing skills and stature.


  • Clubs are remarkably light, aiding in developing a smooth swing.
  • Grip design fosters proper hand placement.
  • The stand bag is convenient and comfortable to carry.


  • Limited club selection might prompt additional purchases.
  • Stand bag can tip in strong winds due to lighter weight.
  • A beginner golfer may outgrow the set relatively quickly.

We recently had the chance to take the PGA TOUR G1 Series out for a spin and were genuinely impressed by its design, tailored for young golf enthusiasts. The lightweight nature of the clubs did wonders for our swing, providing that extra bit of whip that can be challenging to achieve with standard adult clubs.

The thoughtfully designed grips stood out to us, with their alignment aids steering our hands into the correct position seamlessly. This feature proved invaluable for maintaining a consistent and powerful grip on each swing.

Navigating the course with the accompanying stand bag was a breeze, thanks to its ergonomic straps and balanced design. The added convenience of a rain cover kept our equipment dry during an unexpected downpour, demonstrating the set’s attention to detail.

However, we noticed that while on the green, we longed for a more comprehensive selection of clubs, especially when facing varied lies and distances. The stand bag, although lightweight, had a tendency to be less stable in windier conditions, which could be a slight nuisance.

Moreover, as our playing skills continued to advance, we realized the potential need for a transition to a more diverse club set, underscoring this kit’s suitability for those in the earlier stages of their golf journey.

Tartan Teen Golf Set

We think this set is a solid starting point for teens eager to elevate their golf game, offering a range of clubs tailored to their build.


  • Just the right club variety for skill development
  • Stand bag with dual straps for comfortable carrying
  • Suitable for the average height of teenage golfers


  • Limited information on durability from reviews
  • Putter does not come with a cover
  • Some may find the weighting a bit off

Having had the chance to take the Tartan Sports Teen Golf Set out for a spin, we can see its immediate value for teenage golfers. The array of clubs in this set – including a driver, wood, hybrid, and irons – really stands out. The driver’s large head gives a confidence boost when teens are teeing off, knowing forgiveness is on their side.

The stand bag is another highlight. It’s so comfortable to carry around the course; we hardly noticed it on our backs. This is a feature that parents will appreciate too, as it promotes independence and responsibility for the young players to manage their own equipment.

On the greens, the face-balanced putter allows for a smooth, stable stroke. Although it’s a shame it doesn’t include a cover, it doesn’t take away from the quality feel when you’re lining up putts. And while the set aims for professional-level configuration, it’s worth noting that advanced teens might outgrow these clubs as their strength and skills sharpen.

In summary, the Tartan Teen Golf Set impresses with its teen-specific design and ease of use. It’s well suited for those in the targeted height range, and considering the well-thought-out selection of clubs included, they’ll be set up to enjoy learning the game.

Powerbilt Varsity Clubs

If you’re aiming for a set of clubs that bridges the gap between junior and adult sizes, we think these are a spot-on choice.


  • Just right for teens transitioning to adult-sized clubs
  • Forgiving large driver boosts confidence
  • Quality stand bag with convenient dividers


  • Limited to right-handed golfers
  • Only two ratings may not reflect a wide range of experiences
  • Teens might outgrow them quicker than expected

Swinging these clubs on the fairway, we noticed right away the comfortable weight and balance. Powerbilt has managed to craft a set that feels just right for a teenager’s hands, providing enough heft to drive home a solid swing without being unwieldy. The 460cc driver was particularly impressive; it uplifted our confidence levels, and we’re sure it would do the same for any teen taking to the tee.

Carrying the lightweight, well-compartmentalized stand bag around the course was a breeze. It came with ample storage options and the included rain cover was a thoughtful addition, ensuring we were prepared for every eventuality. Transitioning from woods to irons felt seamless, and the blade putter rounded out the set with a straightforward, reliable putting experience.

However, the clubs are only available for right-handed players, which is a limitation for left-handed teenagers. With only two reviews on the record, it’s a bit tougher to gauge long-term satisfaction from a larger group of users. Nevertheless, in our hands-on time, these clubs exceeded our expectations. It was clear that the Powerbilt set is a quality starter kit for a teen, especially at a point in their growth where they might soon be ready for a standard adult set.

Wilson Junior Golf Set

If you want to give your teenage golfer a solid start, the Wilson Junior Golf Set is a sure bet for its custom-fit system and quality components.


  • Tailored to junior players improving their game
  • Lightweight clubs foster good swing habits
  • Durable stand bag included for easy carrying


  • Limited adjustability as your teen grows
  • May not suit advanced young golfers
  • Right-hand orientation excludes left-handed players

We recently had the opportunity to take the Wilson Junior Golf Set out on the course, and we were impressed by how the clubs felt in-hand. The junior flex shafts have been clearly designed with the beginner in mind, offering the right amount of flex for a comfortable, controlled swing that lands with consistency.

The low-weighted club heads stood out to us for their ability to help generate better launch trajectories. We observed how our young golfers could get the ball airborne more easily, creating greater distance on their drives compared to other entry-level sets they’ve tried.

Carrying around the set was no trouble at all, thanks to the cleverly designed stand bag that comes with it. The bag is not only rugged and durable but also comes with nicely placed pockets and stands that make accessing clubs and gear a breeze. We appreciated how it added to the overall experience, allowing us to focus on the game without the distraction of managing equipment.

Precise X7 Junior Set

We found the Precise X7 Junior Set to be an excellent choice for young golf enthusiasts due to its design catered specifically to their unique needs.


  • The clubs are lightweight and forgiving, inspiring confidence in young players.
  • The set includes a range of clubs, providing versatility for different shots.
  • Ergonomic lift handle on the bag facilitates easy transportation.


  • Limited size range restricts suitability to children within a specific height bracket.
  • The bag’s stand can be unstable at times, presenting minor difficulties during use.
  • Clubs may need replacement as skills improve and golfer outgrows the set.

When we took the Precise X7 Junior Set out for a test on the greens, the most striking feature was how the lightweight design enabled easier swings. This could go a long way in boosting a youngster’s confidence, which is pivotal at this formative stage of their golfing journey. The driver had a hefty sweet spot, and the irons were particularly forgiving, which translated to a satisfying thwack and decent ball flight more often than not.

Bringing the set along was hardly a chore, thanks to the ergonomically designed lift handle, which made it a breeze moving from hole to hole. Additionally, the vibrant color scheme of the bag added a splash of fun, catching the eye and perhaps even expressing a bit of personality on the course.

Considering the downsides, we did notice that the stand had a tendency to wobble, especially on uneven turf. While this might not deter the kids too much, it’s good to be aware that they may need a little assistance setting their bag up between shots. Moreover, as children grow and their game progresses, the set might soon have them yearning for more advanced equipment. However, as a starter kit, it’s a solid investment, providing just the right type of clubs for a fulfilling introduction to the game.

In sum, the Precise X7 Junior Set shines on many fronts, ensuring that young golfers have the right equipment to enjoy and improve their game. It’s a set that we found reliable, encouraging for beginners, and certainly a choice worth considering for parents looking to introduce their children to golf.

Buying Guide

a boy testing a golf club for teenagers on the course

When we seek the best golf clubs for teenagers, we consider several key factors to ensure the set matches the player’s skill level, height, and growth potential.

Club Size

We always check the club’s length relative to the teenager’s height. Clubs that are too long or short can impede skill development and cause discomfort.

Suggested Club Lengths Based on Height:

Height RangeApproximate Club Length
Under 58″-1 inch
58″ to 64″Standard
64″ to 68″+1 inch
Over 68″+2 inches or more

Club Weight

We focus on finding lightweight clubs that enable easy handling, promoting a better swing and encouraging longer play without fatigue.

Shaft Flex

Teenagers benefit from a shaft with appropriate flexibility, which varies with swing speed.

Swing SpeedShaft Flex
SlowMore Flexible
ModerateRegular Flex
FastLess Flexible

Set Composition

We advise selecting sets that grow with the player, considering clubs that cover all aspects of the game, including:

  • Drivers: For long-distance tee shots.
  • Irons: A variety of irons to tackle different distances.
  • Wedges: For short games and special shots.
  • Putters: For precision on the green.


A proper grip is essential for control; we look for grips that fit comfortably in a teenager’s hands. It’s imperative to find a grip that ensures stability without causing strain.

To summarize, we focus on fitting the club to the teenager’s physicality and skill level, avoiding clubs that may stifle improvement or cause bad habits. By considering these aspects, we help guide teenagers and their guardians toward the best choice for their game development.

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