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Best Golf Clubs for Beginners to Intermediate: Top Picks and Buying Guide

Last Updated on January 22, 2024

Selecting the right golf clubs is crucial for beginners and intermediate players to enhance their game. Drawing from my extensive experience in golf equipment, this article aims to guide you through the best golf clubs suited for this skill level. I’ve rigorously tested and compared various sets, focusing on design, forgiveness, and performance, to recommend clubs that offer the ideal balance of quality and value. Let’s explore these top choices to improve your game.

Our Top Choices

I’ve compiled a list of the best golf clubs suitable for beginners to intermediate players. Take a look below to find the perfect set for your skill level and improve your game.

Robin Golf Women’s Set – Complete Golf Clubs for Women 5’2″-5’10”, Matte Black… Right

I highly recommend the Robin Golf Women’s Set for beginners to intermediate players, as it offers a stylish, comfortable, and easy-to-use golfing experience.


  • Well-rounded set with 9 clubs and a backpack-style golf bag
  • Bigger sweet spot for straighter, cleaner hits
  • Sleek design with matte black finish


  • May not be suitable for advanced players seeking more specialized clubs
  • Limited to right-hand orientation only
  • Might be too short for players taller than 5’10”

I recently took the Robin Golf Women’s Set for a spin on the course, and I was thoroughly impressed with its performance. The set comes with a driver, fairway wood, hybrid, irons (5/7/9), wedges (pitching & sand), and a putter – everything a beginner to intermediate player needs. The sleek, matte black finish makes for a stylish statement, and the backpack style golf bag is both durable and comfortable to carry.

One thing that stood out to me was the club’s bigger sweet spot. It helped me achieve straighter, cleaner hits, which is essential for players at any level. I also appreciate the soft grip that made it easy to play multiple rounds without discomfort.

The only downsides to the Robin Golf Women’s Set are its limited options for left-handed players and anyone taller than 5’10”. Additionally, advanced players might find the limited club selection lacking for specialized shots they need in their arsenal. However, for beginners and intermediate players seeking a well-rounded, easy-to-use, and stylish golf set, I wholeheartedly recommend the Robin Golf Women’s Set.

Robin Golf The Essentials Junior Set

The Robin Golf Essentials Junior Set is a stylish and effective choice for beginner to intermediate young golfers.


  • Complete set for kids ages 9-12
  • Bigger sweet spot for better performance
  • High-quality design and components


  • Might not suit younger kids
  • Slightly expensive for a junior set
  • Lacks customization options

I recently had the opportunity to try out the Robin Golf The Essentials Junior Set with my young golf enthusiasts. These clubs are designed for kids aged 9-12, providing a comprehensive and stylish golf kit that brings excitement to the course. The matte black finish adds a touch of sophistication often lacking in junior equipment.

The performance of these clubs truly impressed me. The bigger sweet spot allows for cleaner, straighter shots – perfect for beginner and intermediate players. In addition, the soft grip handle ensures comfort throughout the game, allowing the young golfer to maintain control while enjoying their round.

One drawback is that younger kids may find these clubs not suited to their needs. Nevertheless, for the target age group, Robin Golf provides a high-quality, user-friendly experience that ignites a lifetime passion for golf.

The price might be a little steep for a junior set, but considering the quality and performance it offers, I believe it’s a worthy investment. My only complaint would be the lack of customization options, which would have been a nice addition for young golfers to express their personalities.

Overall, the Robin Golf The Essentials Junior Set delivers in terms of performance, design, and usability. It’s a great choice for young golfers looking to hone their skills and develop a love for the game in style.

Robin Golf Men’s Set – Complete Golf Clubs for Men 5’6″-6’2″, Matte Black… Right

This Robin Golf Men’s Set is an excellent choice for beginners to intermediate players seeking stylish, high-quality clubs at an affordable price.


  • Comprehensive 9-club set with durable backpack-style golf bag
  • Bigger sweet spot for straighter, cleaner hits
  • Sleek design with matte black finish


  • Not a full set of clubs
  • May not suit more advanced golfers
  • Adjusting to new clubs takes time

I recently had the opportunity to try the Robin Golf Men’s Set and was quite impressed with its overall performance. The set included all the essential clubs needed for a beginner to intermediate golfer: a driver, fairway wood, hybrid, irons (5/7/9), wedges (pitching & sand), and a putter. The backpack-style golf bag made it extremely easy to carry and store the clubs.

One of the biggest advantages of this set is the bigger sweet spot on the clubs. Even as a more seasoned golfer, I found that my shots were cleaner and straighter than with other sets I’ve used in the past. The soft grip also helped me feel comfortable throughout my round.

In terms of design, the matte black finish from top to bottom gives the set a sleek and stylish look. I received numerous compliments on the appearance while on the course.

However, it’s worth noting that this golf set is not a full set of clubs, which might not suit more advanced golfers looking for a wider variety of clubs. Additionally, adjusting to new clubs can be a bit challenging and will require some practice.

In conclusion, the Robin Golf Men’s Set is a great investment for beginners to intermediate players who want a solid, stylish, and easy-to-use set of clubs. Its comprehensive selection, bigger sweet spot, and sleek design make it a fantastic choice to enhance your golf experience.

PGA Tour GS1 Series Orange Kids Golf Club Set

The PGA Tour GS1 Series golf club set is a great investment for beginner to intermediate junior golfers aged 12-17 looking for quality clubs that offer both performance and durability.


  • Lightweight and comfortable to carry
  • Designed specifically for junior swing speeds
  • Fiberglass shafts provide durability and performance


  • Some buyers experienced issues with club heads breaking
  • Set may lack weight, causing it to tip over easily
  • Limited club selection

I recently had the opportunity to test out the PGA Tour GS1 Series Orange Kids Golf Club Set with a young golfer in my family. The clubs were a perfect match for their height and skill level and greatly contributed to improved gameplay.

The lightweight design of the driver and bag made it easier for my family member to carry the golf set throughout the course. Moreover, the non-slip grip on all the clubs allowed for comfortable handling and increased control during swings.

However, it’s worth noting that the set is limited to four clubs, which may not serve as a comprehensive golfing experience for some players. Also, a few buyers reported issues with the club heads breaking, though we didn’t face any such issues during our experience.

Overall, the PGA Tour GS1 Series Orange Kids Golf Club Set provides a reliable and enjoyable golfing experience for young players with room to grow and improve their skills. Despite a few minor drawbacks, I believe this set is a sound investment for any beginner to intermediate golfers in the 12-17 age range.

Tangkula Men’s Complete Golf Clubs Package Set

The Tangkula Men’s Complete Golf Clubs Package Set is an excellent choice for beginners to intermediate players looking for a well-rounded and affordable set.


  • Complete and premium set, perfect for beginners to intermediate players
  • 460cc alloy driver with large sweet spot and aerodynamic design
  • Putter with a great aiming mechanism for more forgiveness on off-center hits


  • May lack a few clubs experienced players might expect in a set
  • TPR handle covering may not suit everyone’s preference
  • Bag stand may not be as stable as higher-end options

I recently had the opportunity to test out the Tangkula Men’s Complete Golf Clubs Package Set. Right off the bat, I appreciated the completeness of the set, including a 460cc alloy driver, 3# fairway wood, 4# hybrid, 6#-9# irons, pitching wedge, putter, and a lightweight stand bag. As a beginner to intermediate player myself, this set had everything I needed.

The 460cc alloy driver impressed me by making it easy to generate more distance due to its large sweet spot and aerodynamic design. Meanwhile, the putter provided great control and improved shot making with its low weighting and easy-to-use alignment aid. I also appreciated the increased hitting distance and accuracy provided by the toe and heel weighting on the irons.

However, while the Tangkula set has a lot going for it, there are a few drawbacks. For one, some players might miss having certain clubs that are often found in more comprehensive sets. Additionally, the TPR-covered handles might not elicit a positive response from golfers who prefer a different type of grip. Lastly, the stand bag, while certainly lightweight and easy to carry, could be more stable.

All in all, I believe the Tangkula Men’s Complete Golf Clubs Package Set is a great investment for those starting out in golf or looking to improve their game on an intermediate level. With its variety of clubs and a well-balanced design, it’s definitely worth considering despite a few minor drawbacks.

Precise X7 Junior Complete Golf Club Set

The Precise X7 Junior set is ideal for children aged 9-12, offering lightweight, forgiving clubs that inspire confidence and enjoyment of the game.


  • Designed specifically for junior golfers
  • Lightweight and easy to hit
  • High-launching, longer-carrying shots


  • Limited to children of a specific age range
  • May outgrow the set quickly
  • Some durability concerns

The moment I picked up the Precise X7 Junior Golf Club Set for my son, I knew this was a great investment for his development in golf. The lightweight and forgiving clubs allowed him to easily improve his swing without feeling overwhelmed by the weight of adult clubs.

We’ve been playing numerous rounds together and it is clear that the technology put into this set ensures high-launching and longer-carrying shots that make the game more enjoyable for him. He is always excited to hit the course, and as a parent, it brings me joy to see him genuinely loving the game.

However, do keep in mind that the set is designed for children aged 9-12, which means that as they grow, they may need to upgrade. Some parts of the set also raised concerns about its durability. However, considering the overall benefits, these issues don’t take away from the value the Precise X7 Junior Golf Club Set offers for young golfers stepping into the world of golf.

Tangkula 9-Piece Men’s Complete Golf Club Set Right Handed

This complete golf club set is a solid option for beginners to intermediate golfers, offering comfort, precision and excellent value for money.


  • Comprehensive set including clubs, putter, and head covers
  • Graphite shafts and TPR grips for greater control and comfort
  • Built-in alignment aid in the putter for increased accuracy


  • May not suit advanced players seeking specialized clubs
  • Only available for right-handed golfers
  • Zinc alloy irons may not offer the same durability as more premium materials

Recently, I had the chance to try out this Tangkula 9-piece men’s complete golf club set. Firstly, I was impressed with the variety of clubs included in the set, making it perfect for new golfers and even intermediate players. With a 460cc driver, various irons, and a putter, I felt well-equipped, heading onto the course.

While using the clubs, I noticed how comfortable the TPR grips were, reducing hand fatigue over extended gameplay. The lightweight graphite shafts also made it easy to maintain control throughout my swings. I particularly appreciated the built-in alignment aid on the putter, as it improved my accuracy and precision while putting.

However, I found that the zinc alloy used in the irons may not be as durable as other materials on the market. Additionally, the set is currently only available for right-handed players, which may deter some left-handed golfers. Nonetheless, considering the great value for money and overall quality provided by the Tangkula 9-Piece Men’s Complete Golf Club Set, I recommend this set to any beginner-to-intermediate golfers looking to improve their game.

Confidence Golf Junior Golf Clubs Set for Kids 8-12 years old

I highly recommend this Confidence Golf Junior Set for kids aged 8-12, as it promotes a fun introduction to golf with quality clubs and bag.


  • Designed for beginners age 8-12 years
  • Durable and forgiving clubs
  • Quality bag with convenient stand and compartments


  • Not suitable for young children under 8
  • Could use an additional club
  • May be too big for some users

I recently had the chance to try out the Confidence Golf Junior Golf Clubs Set with my young nephew, and I must say, I was impressed. The set proved to be perfect for children looking to learn the basics of the game, with the clubs designed to promote easy hitting and forgiveness. The oversized, 15° driver with a junior flex graphite shaft made it much easier for my nephew to make solid contact with the ball, inspiring confidence in his swing.

The #7 and #9 irons also come with cavity back design, providing more forgiveness even for imperfect strikes. This design, paired with the graphite shafts, meant my nephew could get more distance and accuracy from his shots. The putter in the set features an alignment aid, which I found to be useful when teaching my nephew how to sink those crucial putts.

The deluxe stand bag is another highlight of the Confidence Golf Junior Set. It comes with auto pop-out legs, making it extremely easy to set up on the course. The bag also features dual shoulder straps and four exterior pockets, providing ample storage space for all the essential items a young golfer might need. The included rain hood helps to keep the clubs dry during wet playing conditions.

On the flip side, the set is targeted towards kids aged 8-12 and may not be suitable for younger children. Additionally, a few users have mentioned they wish the set came with an extra club for more variety in play. Some golfers may find the clubs a bit too big, but this can be primarily resolved if kids are within the recommended height range.

Overall, I am convinced that the Confidence Golf Junior Golf Clubs Set brings great value and helps young golfers build a strong foundation in the sport. This set provides an excellent start for kids looking to learn the fundamentals while also having fun on the golf course.

Confidence Golf Junior Golf Clubs Set – Lefty 8-12 years old

These Confidence Golf Junior clubs will get your young golfer started on the right path to success on the course.


  • Suitable for ages 8-12 and heights 4’6″ to 5’1″
  • Cavity back irons for increased forgiveness
  • Deluxe stand bag with multiple convenient features


  • Left-handed orientation only
  • Only two irons included in the set
  • May not be ideal for advanced players

When I first tried out this Confidence Golf Junior Golf Clubs set, I immediately noticed how easy it was to hit the 15° oversized driver. With its junior flex graphite shaft and a headcover, it’s perfect for a young golfer learning the game. The length of the driver is 39″, providing a comfortable swing for those budding players.

The #7 and #9 irons in the set were equally impressive. With their cavity back design and junior flex graphite shafts, they provide more forgiveness which is essential for beginners to intermediate players. The lengths are also tailored to fit 8-12 years old players – 33.5″ for the #7 iron and 40″ for the #9 iron.

The mallet putter was another standout feature of this set. Its forgiving design and easy alignment aid make it simple for young golfers to confidently roll in those putts. The putter is 31.5″ in length, making it a perfect fit for 8-12 years old players.

Lastly, the deluxe stand bag is a fantastic addition to the set. Its auto pop-out legs, dual shoulder straps, 4-way divider top, and rain hood ensure that your child will have no problem carrying their clubs around the course. There are also 4 exterior pockets which provide additional storage space for golf balls, tees, and other accessories.

Keep in mind that this set is designed for left-handed players, which might limit who can use it. Also, there are only two irons included, and advanced players might seek a wider variety of clubs. Nonetheless, the Confidence Golf Junior Golf Clubs Set is a comprehensive package that will no doubt bring joy to any young golfer beginning their journey in the sport.

Tangkula Junior Complete Golf Club Set

The Tangkula Junior Complete Golf Club Set is an excellent choice for beginners to intermediate players, offering great stability and accuracy.


  • Comprehensive golf club set for various situations
  • 460cc alloy fairway wood for higher launch and better shots
  • High accuracy irons and putter


  • May not be suitable for advanced players
  • Limited color options
  • Pricey for a starter set

I recently had the opportunity to test out the Tangkula Junior Complete Golf Club Set, and I can say with confidence that it caters excellently to beginners and intermediate players. The complete set includes 3# Fairway Wood, 7# & 9# irons, a putter, head cover, and a golf stand bag, making it ideal for young players to hone their skills in various golfing situations.

The 460cc alloy fairway wood is designed with beginner players in mind, delivering a higher launch, and the longer and softer shaft enables faster swings, resulting in higher and long-distance shots. This was particularly beneficial for young players who are still developing their technique.

The irons and putter in this set are designed to maximize accuracy. The irons have very low weighting to ensure precision and maintain the directionality of the shot, while the putter features an excellent aiming mechanism to help keep putts on line and straight.

One standout feature of this set is the portable golf stand bag, making it convenient for young golfers to carry their clubs on the course. The adjustable straps make the bag suitable for kids of different heights, ensuring comfortable use.

The material and construction of the clubs are of high quality. The shafts of the irons and wood are crafted from fiberglass, providing excellent energy conversion efficiency, while the steel shaft of the putter is durable and resistant to deformation.

Overall, the Tangkula Junior Complete Golf Club Set offers an excellent match for beginners and intermediate players, providing a comprehensive set of clubs suited to various situations with a focus on stability and accuracy. However, it may not be the best choice for advanced players or those looking for more customization options.

Buying Guide

When looking for the best golf clubs for beginners to intermediate players, several factors should be taken into consideration. In this buying guide, I will discuss the key features and aspects you should keep an eye on while choosing the best golf clubs for your skill level.

Club Type

An important aspect to consider when selecting golf clubs is the type of clubs you’ll need. The main types of golf clubs include drivers, fairway woods, irons, wedges, and putters. As a beginner to intermediate golfer, it’s essential to have a balanced set with the right combination of these clubs to suit your skill level.

Clubhead Size

The size of the clubhead can greatly affect your ability to hit the ball accurately and consistently. Larger clubheads generally offer a larger sweet spot, which can be more forgiving for beginners. However, as one progresses to intermediate skill levels, it might be beneficial to explore clubs with slightly smaller clubheads to improve control and precision.

Shaft Material

Shaft material is another significant factor as it affects both the weight and flex of the club. Graphite shafts are lighter, offering faster swing speeds and greater distance. Steel shafts, on the other hand, are heavier and more durable, providing more control. As a beginner to intermediate golfer, choosing a shaft that suits your swing speed is crucial, so make sure to test different options.

Club Flex

Club flex refers to the amount the shaft bends during a swing. As a beginner, it’s essential to choose a club with the right flex to match your swing speed. Common flex ratings include:

  • Ladies (L): Best for slow swing speeds.
  • Senior (A or M): Suitable for moderate swing speeds.
  • Regular (R): Ideal for average swing speeds.
  • Stiff (S): Suitable for faster swing speeds.
  • Extra Stiff (X): Best for extremely high swing speeds.

Club Length

Lastly, the length of the club is essential to maintain proper posture and swing mechanics. As a beginner to intermediate golfer, finding clubs that match your height and arm length will drastically improve your game. Many manufacturers offer custom fitting services to ensure each club is tailored to your specific measurements.

I hope this buying guide helps you make an informed decision while choosing the best golf clubs for your skill level. Remember to test various options and take your time finding the right clubs that complement your gameplay style.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top golf club sets for new players?

As a beginner to intermediate golfer, I would recommend sets that offer a mix of performance, forgiveness, and affordability, making them ideal for new players learning the game.

Which brands offer the best golf clubs for beginner and intermediate golfers?

In my experience, some of the best brands for beginner and intermediate golfers include Callaway, Wilson, and TaylorMade. They not only provide high-quality clubs, but also focus on making them user-friendly and suitable for those developing their skills.

How to choose the right golf clubs for your skill level?

When choosing golf clubs, consider your skill level, physical ability, and budget. As a beginner to intermediate player, look for clubs with a larger sweet spot, more forgiveness, and a lighter weight to help improve your swing and control.

What factors are important when buying golf clubs for beginners?

Important factors to consider include clubhead size, shaft material, and club length. Look for larger clubheads for more forgiveness, graphite shafts for less weight, and ensure the length matches your height and posture. Proper fitting is crucial for optimal performance and comfort.

Are there specific golf clubs designed for women beginners?

Yes, there are golf clubs specifically designed for women beginners. The key differences include lighter overall weight, shorter club lengths, and more flexible shafts. Some popular options include Callaway’s Women’s Solaire set and Wilson’s Profile SGI Women’s set.

What considerations should a junior golfer make when selecting clubs?

For junior golfers, consider the child’s height, age, and skill level. Junior clubs are generally lighter weight, shorter, and more flexible than adult clubs. Many brands, like US Kids Golf and Callaway, offer junior specific sets to accommodate their needs and help them develop their skills.

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