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Best Golf Balls for Women: Top Picks for Enhanced Performance

Last Updated on January 31, 2024

Golf requires the right equipment for optimal performance, with the golf ball playing a pivotal role. This guide, based on extensive experience and testing, focuses on selecting the best golf balls for women, considering factors like swing speed and compression. We’ve evaluated balls with softer cores and lower compression, ideal for moderate swing speeds, to enhance distance and feel. Our recommendations aim to meet individual needs, whether for distance or control, ensuring each selection enhances the player’s confidence and enjoyment of the game.

Our Top Choices

In our search for the best golf balls tailored for women, we focused on options that combine soft feel, optimal performance, and aesthetic appeal. We understand that every golfer’s game is unique, which is why we’ve selected a variety of balls that cater to diverse skill levels and preferences. The following roundup showcases our top picks to help enhance your game, whether you’re looking for distance, control, or a balance of both.

Callaway Supersoft Pink Golf Balls

We recommend the Callaway 2021 Supersoft Golf Balls for a delightful blend of distance, feel, and green-side control.


  • Exceptional feel off the club face
  • Impressive distance for slower swing speeds
  • Bright color aids visibility


  • May not suit players with faster swing speeds
  • Higher price point than some competitors
  • Limited spin control for advanced players

After trying out the Callaway Supersoft, we were immediately struck by the plush feel they provide at impact. It’s clear that the soft cover material isn’t just a gimmick; it offers a sincere level of responsiveness, especially around the greens where feel is crucial.

Driving the ball down the fairway also revealed the balls’ propensity for long flights with minimal spin. Our drives were not only straighter but carried a few extra yards, likely due to the aerodynamic design. Less experienced players in our group noted a significant improvement in their distance.

The vibrant pink color was impossible to miss, a feature that saved us time searching for stray shots. However, we did observe that players with a proclivity for high swing speeds might not get the optimal performance these balls are capable of. They’re very much suited to those with moderate swing velocities. Despite this, our rounds with these balls were enjoyable, reaffirming the quality that Callaway consistently delivers.

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

Our latest round on the greens with the Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls left us impressed with their performance tailored to our women golfers’ needs.


  • Exceptional feel off the club face, enhancing control
  • The vibrant pink color makes them very easy to locate on the fairway
  • Built to maximize distance for slower swing speeds


  • The finish might scuff with repeated use
  • Some players may find them too soft, impacting feedback
  • May not roll as smoothly on the green for all putting styles

Hitting the course with these balls, the first thing we noticed was how soft they felt at impact, living up to their name. Whether off the tee or around the greens, these golf balls provided a pleasant tactile experience that translated to better control.

Their pink hue isn’t just for show; it genuinely simplifies ball-spotting against the green backdrop of the fairways. For players who often spend time searching for their ball, this feature alone could significantly speed up play.

We also appreciated the way these balls are tuned for those with a slower swing speed. If your drives have lost some yardage over the years, the Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls could be the game-changer you need, giving you that extra distance without having to change your swing.

However, durability could be a concern for golfers who play frequently, as we noticed the potential for scuffs after several rounds. Players who prioritize a firm feeling might also take issue with the ultra-soft exterior, although this is largely a matter of personal preference.

Finally, while putting, some of us found these balls to have a different roll from what we were used to, which required a slight adjustment in our strokes. Still, a few extra practice putts were all it took to get used to their feel on the greens. Overall, the Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls are a solid choice, especially if you’re looking for a responsiveness and a visibility boost on the course.

Srixon Soft Feel Ladies

We recommend these golf balls for the soft feel and enhanced control they provide, making them a staple in our golf rounds.


  • Exceptional softness enhances feel and control around the greens
  • FastLayer Core enables longer distance off the tee
  • 338 Speed Dimple Pattern minimizes drag, aiding performance in windy conditions


  • Some may find them less responsive than tour-level balls
  • Not the ideal choice for golfers with very high swing speeds
  • Limited color options may not appeal to all preferences

Having played several rounds with the Srixon Soft Feel Ladies golf balls, we’ve grown quite fond of the excellent balance between softness and distance these balls deliver. It’s noticeable how the FastLayer Core adds a spring to tee shots while maintaining a satisfying softness. Our approach shots benefit from the control given by the thin ionomer cover, akin to having an extra touch of finesse in our arsenal.

Gauging the wind effect can be a challenge, but thanks to the 338 Speed Dimple Pattern, we’ve seen stable flight trajectories that lend us greater confidence when playing in breezy conditions. The balls cut through headwinds with less resistance, and we’re pleased with the carry and lift we notice during descent.

Reflecting on the downsides, these Srixon ladies golf balls may not meet the mark for those of us with higher swing speeds who are after a firmer feel. However, for our swing profiles and preferences, the pros far outweigh these minor gripes. Plus, while some of us fancy a pop of color to make balls easier to spot, the classic white has its own timeless appeal on the fairway.

Legato LTX 3085

We recommend these golf balls for their excellent performance, striking a balance between distance and control, perfect for women golfers looking to improve their game.


  • Enhances distance off the tee regardless of swing speed
  • Maintains control and feel around the green
  • Bold Track Technology aids in better putting alignment


  • May lack the desired distance for golfers with slower swing speeds
  • Durability could be an issue with visible wear after several rounds
  • Putting feel may not meet everyone’s preferences

Having recently taken these to the course, the experience was quite noteworthy. It’s evident that the Legato LTX 3085 golf balls are designed with the average golfer’s challenges in mind. These balls offer a promising combination of distance and accuracy. Off the driver, the ball jumps off the face, and we’ve observed a pleasant improvement in carry and overall length of our drives.

Approaching the greens, we appreciated the ball’s softer feel, which translated to more confidence as we executed those crucial wedge shots. Most notably, the Urethane cover plays a significant role in adding spin control, a feature we usually look for in premium golf balls.

While putting, the Bold Track Technology proved useful; our alignment was simplified, and we could better visualize the intended putting path. Although some may argue that these balls fall slightly short in terms of ‘putting feel’, we noticed that with a bit of adjustment, our putts rolled true.

Overall, after playing a few rounds, we believe the Legato LTX 3085 stands out as a solid choice for any woman golfer aiming to break 90. They hold up well compared to pricier alternatives and exhibit properties that could very well transform an average game into a series of memorable outings on the links.

Titleist AVX Balls

We’ve found these Titleist AVX balls to be a solid choice for golfers seeking impeccable performance with a soft feel and precise control.


  • Noticeable distance gain on drives
  • Enhanced spin control around the greens
  • Pleasing soft feel on impact


  • Higher price point than some competitors
  • May not suit golfers who prefer a firmer feel
  • Limited visibility in certain conditions compared to colored balls

When we hit the course with the Titleist AVX balls, one thing stood out immediately: the distance. Off the tee, these balls provided a satisfying long reach, which was quite beneficial for our game. There’s a distinct feel when connecting with these balls—the soft response is gratifying, and it’s not just a sensation; our approach shots seemed to stick to the greens nicely.

What impressed us as well is the control we had on chips and putts. It’s often overlooked, but having a ball that responds consistently in the short game can shave strokes off your round. The AVX’s increased spin around the green gave us that extra edge for finesse shots, translating to more confident play.

However, let’s talk cost and feel. High performance usually comes at a higher price, and the Titleist AVX isn’t an exception to that rule. Some of our players, who prefer a firmer feedback, found the softness to be a bit of a departure from what they’re accustomed to. Additionally, while the traditional white hue is a classic look, it can get lost against cloudy skies or in dense rough.

In sum, our rounds with the Titleist AVX balls were a testament to their superior design. They’re a premium choice that will satisfy players looking to level up their game with a product that backs up its promises with unwavering quality on the course.

Piper Golf Balls

If you’re seeking golf balls that offer extra distance with a straighter flight, we find these are a solid pick for the casual golfer.


  • Promote longer, straighter drives with the 2-piece construction
  • The unique alignment guide aids in quick identification and shot accuracy
  • Durable Surlyn cover withstands regular play


  • May not suit players who prefer a softer feel
  • High-handicappers may still need additional practice for significant improvements
  • The green color might not appeal to all golfers

After trying out the Piper Golf Balls on the course, we’ve gathered that these are indeed targeted towards golfers who value extra yardage and a reduction in their hooks or slices. The green alignment aid certainly pops against the fairway, facilitating quicker ball spotting and helping with putting alignment.

Their 2-piece construction is engineered to yield maximum distance, a factor we found to be true especially for our drives. The stable flight characteristic is a boon for those of us whose swings aren’t always as reliable as we’d like them to be.

Though these balls are poised as a solution for high-handicappers, we noticed that golfers with a penchant for soft-feel balls might find the Surlyn cover a bit firm. Furthermore, the unique Piper Green color, while distinctive, may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

In our experience, these golf balls have lived up to their promise of straighter shots and convenience. However, we recommend golfers use them in conjunction with practicing on their overall technique to truly capitalize on the benefits the Piper Golf Balls offer.

Nitro Pulsar Golf Balls

We recommend these balls for their noticeable distance off the tee and soft feel around the greens.


  • Noticeably enhances distance
  • Consistent flight with minimal wind interference
  • Vibrant yellow color aids visibility


  • May not match up to the spin control of premium balls
  • Not the best pick for very low handicappers looking for tour-level performance
  • Matte finish might not appeal to all golfers

Having recently taken these Nitro Pulsar Golf Balls out for a spin, we noticed they had a knack for adding some extra yardage to our drives, something every golfer appreciates. Their 352 dimple design helps in keeping the ball flight stable even when the breeze kicks up—quite useful on those gusty days.

The softness of these balls is immediately apparent, particularly on the greens where feel matters most. We found that the softer feel didn’t compromise the ball’s speed, thanks to its energy core. This could be an excellent quality for golfers who rely on a gentle touch for their short game.

The vibrant yellow hue of the Nitro Pulsar is a standout feature. Not your typical white ball, which can easily camouflage with the backdrop, these yellow balls are easy to track during flight and locate on the fairway—or in the rough. While this may seem like a minor detail, it can really enhance the overall golfing experience, making it especially suitable for players who struggle with visibility or just prefer a pop of color.

WILSON Staff Zip

We find the Wilson Staff Zip Golf Balls to be an excellent choice for women golfers seeking a harmonious balance of distance and feel.


  • Exceptional stability and flight path due to the shallow dimples design
  • The zero compression core provides an impressive blend of distance and softness
  • They’re domestically crafted, showing a commitment to U.S. manufacturing quality


  • Some may find the minimal spin less suited for advanced control on greens
  • Not ideal for golfers preferring a firmer feel
  • Limited color options might restrict visibility for some players

Our recent rounds with the WILSON Staff Zip Golf Balls, specifically crafted for women golfers, have convinced us of their quality. The patented zero compression core delivers an incredible feel off the clubface, making them a pleasure to strike. Evidently, these golf balls are engineered for a satisfyingly soft touch, which aligns beautifully with the typically slower swing speeds found in female golfers.

Remarkably, the flat-bottomed, shallow dimples are not just for show. They play a significant role in slicing through the air, granting your shots a more stable and penetrating trajectory. This innovation has been a game-changer during windy conditions, where maintaining ball flight can often be challenging.

We’ve also appreciated the speed-generating cover of these balls, as it has consistently given us the extra yards off the tee. For golfers who struggle to gain distance, these balls may be the boost you’re looking for. Not to be overlooked, the roll-out on greens was dependable and their performance around the green brought a level of confidence to our short game.

To sum up our experience, the WILSON Staff Zip Golf Balls are a solid performer in the price-friendly category. Although they might lack some advanced features of higher-priced models, their core and dimple design provide benefits that can be felt with every swing.

Kalea Purple Golf Balls

We highly recommend these golf balls for their soft feel and excellent distance, ideal for the female golfer looking to add style and performance to their game.


  • Delivers a soft touch around the greens
  • Optimized for longer drives off the tee
  • Vibrant purple color enhances visibility


  • Potential to be less visible in thick grass
  • May appear more orange than purple to some
  • Color preference is quite subjective

Having recently spent time on the greens, we’ve found the TaylorMade Kalea Purple Golf Balls to be a delightful addition to our golf bag. The soft ionomer cover truly stands out, providing a pleasant and soft feel upon impact – a sensation that resonates with us the entire round. They’re a dream to put and pitch with, as the softness translates into great control near the green.

Off the tee, these balls display impressive energy retention, thanks to the high-energy react core that seems to add yards to our drives. We’ve noticed that the aerodynamic dimple pattern does its job well, maintaining lift and assisting in achieving those extra distances we all covet.

The striking purple hue of the Kalea balls adds a fashionable flair to our game, but more than that, it’s about performance with style. However, we must admit, when it comes to searching for an errant shot, the lush fairways can swallow up the vibrant purple under certain light conditions. So, while they are exceptionally stylish, be mindful of your aim to avoid lengthy searches.

Overall, our experience suggests that these golf balls marry aesthetics with functionality. Whether you’re looking to add a pop of color to your game or want that soft, responsive feel with every swing, the TaylorMade Kalea Purple Golf Balls could very well be your next great golfing companion.

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

We find these balls provide just the right combination of control and distance, perfect for our games and perhaps yours too.


  • Excellent soft feel, aiding our short game
  • Impressive distance from the tee making our drives longer
  • Durable, surviving multiple rounds with minimal scuffing


  • Spin around the greens can be less pronounced, sometimes challenging our approach play
  • In very high swing speeds, performance might not match up to those of tour-level balls
  • White color may be harder to spot in rough compared to high visibility balls

After taking these Callaway Supersoft balls for a round, we noticed immediately the softness off the clubface. The soft feel lends a lot of confidence, especially on the putting greens, where touch is everything. We appreciated how our putts rolled true, with the soft exterior of the ball providing a much-needed gentleness.

The distance these balls deliver is clear from the first drive. They soar through the air, making our tee shots look even better. As average swing-speed golfers, we certainly felt the benefit of the ball’s design on longer holes, where every yard counts.

On approach shots, the control was good but occasionally fell short of expectation. While we managed to get the ball pretty close to the pin, the spin was not as high as some of the more premium balls we’ve played. Nonetheless, for the price point, the performance was more than satisfactory. We find it’s a trade-off worth making for the gains off the tee and the pleasing feel around the greens.

Buying Guide

a lady testing out a golf ball for women

When selecting golf balls, it’s crucial to consider several factors that align with our skill level and playing style.


The core impacts the compression and the ball’s reaction upon impact. We look for a low-compression core which provides better distance for slower swing speeds.


Dimples affect aerodynamics. A uniform dimple pattern contributes to a stable flight path. We examine the dimple design ensuring it suits our desired ball flight trajectory.


The construction, often ranging from two to five layers, determines the ball’s performance. We prefer multi-layered balls for a nuanced game where control and spin are key.


The feel is subjective; some of us like a soft feel, while others may prefer a firmer touch. Testing different balls on the green helps us decide which feel boosts our confidence.


High-visibility colors can be an advantage for us, making the ball easier to spot on the course.

Here’s a quick reference chart to summarize:

FeatureWhat to Look For
CoreLow compression for slower swing speeds
DimplesUniform pattern for stable flight
ConstructionMulti-layered for control and spin
FeelPreference-based, test for confidence
VisibilityHigh-visibility colors for ease of spotting

By considering these features, we can confidently choose golf balls that enhance our playing experience.

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