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Best Electric Golf Cart: Top 7 Models for 2024 Reviewed

Last Updated on February 29, 2024

Electric golf carts are revolutionizing the golf course experience, blending environmental friendliness with efficiency. As an expert with years of experience in golf cart technology, I understand the nuances that make a great electric cart. This article, backed by extensive testing and research, guides you through selecting the best electric golf cart, focusing on crucial factors like battery life, power, and extra features to enhance your golfing experience. Let’s uncover the top electric golf cart options to elevate your game.

Our Top Choices

I’ve researched and compiled a list of the best electric golf carts available on the market today.

Kandi Electric Cruiser

If you’re in the market for a capable and versatile electric golf cart, the Kandi America 4 Passenger Electric Cruiser should definitely be on your shortlist.


  • Robust motor conquers tough terrain
  • Impressive battery range on a single charge
  • Design versatility with foldable seats and extra storage


  • May experience service challenges with the manufacturer
  • Could be on the pricier side
  • Bulk delivery might require coordination

After spending some quality time with the Kandi Electric Cruiser, I’ve got to say — it handles like a dream. The power from the 5,000 Watt motor really does make a difference, especially when you’re dealing with hills or rougher paths that would typically challenge lesser carts.

The utility doesn’t end with performance. Having a 40-mile range is perfect for those extended rounds of golf or excursions around gated communities. What’s more, the convertible rear seat ingeniously flips down to create a flatbed, making it not just a people mover but also a handy hauler.

It’s not just about brawn, though — this machine has brains too. The front basket is a boon for personal items, and the chilled storage under the rear seat is a thoughtful touch, keeping drinks cool on a hot day.

Now, nothing’s perfect. Reaching out for service might test your patience, and the price tag can give pause. Also, be prepared for the delivery because the cart’s coming via freight service. Make sure your phone’s on and you’ve got some space ready for the new arrival.

In all, Kandi’s Electric Cruiser is a strong performer with the features to match. Whether it’s a day on the green or just cruising the neighborhood, it impresses more often than not.

Kandi Electric Golf Cart

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If you’re seeking a sturdy workhorse for your outdoor utilities, the Kandi Electric Golf Cart offers a robust experience you’ll appreciate.


  • Exceptional power for various terrains
  • Convenient and spacious dump bed utility
  • Extensive range suitable for long workdays


  • Freight delivery requires scheduling and a valid contact number
  • Lead acid battery may need regular maintenance
  • Limited feedback due to a smaller number of reviews

After spending some time with the Kandi electric cart, I’m impressed by its powerful 5,000-watt motor. It tackles steep terrain with no trouble, which gives me the confidence to navigate through challenging work environments. The strength of this cart never leaves me wanting more, such crucial when there’s a heavy load to haul.

The versatility of the rear dump bed is a standout feature for me. It easily carries all my tools and supplies, with a 500lb capacity that proves to be more than sufficient. I find it saves time and effort on trips back and forth across the property, which is a significant efficiency boost during a busy workday.

Driving range is often a concern with electric models, but the 40-mile limit on this Kandi cart means I can work uninterrupted for the entire day. The rapid recharge time of 6.5 hours ensures the cart is ready to go again after a night plugged in. This aspect alone is a game-changer for my daily routine.

Kandi 6-Seater Electric Kruiser

The Kandi 6-Seater Electric Kruiser is a solid choice for anyone needing a reliable and eco-friendly way to transport a group, offering a robust and comfortable ride.


  • Powerful motor supports smooth acceleration and climbing capability.
  • Prolonged battery life ideal for extended excursions.
  • Responsive electric power steering provides an enhanced driving experience.


  • Freight delivery might require coordination, which can be inconvenient.
  • Limited to a max speed of 20 MPH which may not be sufficient for all users.
  • Ice bucket under the rear seat, though innovative, isn’t a necessity and adds to the vehicle’s weight.

Having just taken the Kandi 6-Seater Electric Kruiser for a spin, I’m impressed by its smooth handling and acceleration. The golf cart feels sturdy and didn’t balk at a steeper incline – a testament to its powerful 5,000-watt motor. Group outings are poised to be a breeze with this gem.

The 40-mile range on a single charge gives me confidence on longer trips without the constant worry of a power outlet. And when it comes time to charge, the convenience of a 120V charging port that gets me back to full in just 6.5 hours adds to the overall efficient design.

Having experienced the Electric Power Steering (EPS) first-hand, I can vouch for its precision control and responsiveness; it’s a noticeable step up from traditional steering systems in golf carts. While I didn’t get to test the ice bucket’s full potential, it’s a clever addition for entertaining guests on a hot day.

Overall, navigating this electric cruiser is intuitive and fun. Despite a few minor drawbacks, given the speedy delivery and readiness upon arrival, I can say the Kandi 6-Seater Electric Kruiser stands out as a compelling option for anyone in the market for a new electric golf cart.

Kandi America Electric Cart

I’d recommend the Kandi America Electric Cart for anyone needing a sturdy and efficient way to maneuver through various terrains while hauling gear.


  • Strong performance with a 5,000-watt motor
  • Spacious and functional dump bed
  • Rapid 6.5-hour battery recharge time


  • Limited customer feedback due to a low number of reviews
  • Requires coordination for freight delivery
  • Higher upfront cost compared to non-electric models

Swiftly after pressing the accelerator, I could feel the power of its 5,000-watt electric motor, a reassuring hum beneath me that promised smooth handling, even with a full load in the back. Navigating across undulating courses, the torque and traction were impressive. The cart isn’t just about brawn, though; I could tell it was designed with sophistication in mind, seamlessly blending utility with the comfort of a passenger cruiser.

Hauling equipment around has never been more straightforward than with this electric cart’s dump bed. It handled my tools and supplies with ease, supporting up to 500 pounds without a hitch. The bed’s versatility became evident as I moved from task to task, appreciating the convenience of unloading with simplicity. I was able to use it for an extensive range of activities, from garden work to carrying larger items that would be cumbersome by hand.

Considering the resulting lengthy downtime that recharging can often cause, the swift 6.5-hour charge time to full capacity is a significant advantage. I was back on the move quickly, without the need to plan too scrupulously around recharging schedules. More so, the 40-mile range offered peace of mind, as I could spend the entire day out and about without worrying about finding the next charging station or having to cut my trip short.

HAOWEIH Electric Golf Cart

In my experience, this electric golf cart stands out for its convenience and versatility, making it an excellent choice for both golfers and seniors.


  • The ergonomic design offers a comfy rider experience.
  • Intuitive controls make it simple to operate.
  • Multifunctional as both a golf cart and a mobility scooter.


  • Heavier than expected, which may affect portability.
  • The battery takes up to 8 hours for a full charge.
  • May struggle with steep slopes despite the strong motor.

After taking this golf cart for a spin, I noticed its shock-absorbing system works wonders for a smooth ride, even when crossing bumpy terrain. With its chunky, explosion-proof vacuum tires, I was able to transition seamlessly from the fairway to the rough without missing a beat.

I really appreciated the control panel’s straightforward design during use. I could easily toggle between speeds or switch from forward to reverse without any hesitation. Plus, the headlight and warning tone features boosted my confidence when maneuvering in dimly lit conditions.

Lastly, the utility features caught my attention. The convertible nature serves well beyond the fairways. I could see myself using the handy cargo box for a trip to the store or to keep essentials while on the move. It was a pleasant surprise to find that the cart performed as well as a traditional mobility scooter.

HAOWEIH Electric Cart

If you’re in the market for a cart that deftly combines leisure and utility on the golf course or around your community, this is a smart pick.


  • The ride is exceptionally smooth and the ergonomic design ensures comfort even after long periods of use.
  • The intuitive controls and adjustable max speed invite a user-friendly experience from the get-go.
  • Handy utility features including a sizeable storage box making it highly versatile for a range of activities.


  • It’s a hefty unit at over 88 pounds, which may not be ideal for all transport situations.
  • With a full charge time of 6-8 hours, some planning is required if used frequently.
  • As it’s suitable for a variety of terrains, the 20mph speed might be on the lower side for open outdoor spaces but perfect for safe riding elsewhere.

The moment I took this electric golf cart for a spin, I noticed right away the difference the shock absorption system and pneumatic tires made. Even on a rough patch, the ride was free of jolts and bumps. The ergonomic handle and seating position allowed me to drive without any strain, which can be a real game-changer during a full day on the golf course.

Using the control panel was a breeze. I could effortlessly toggle between speeds and directions, and the headlight feature came in handy as the evening approached. Moreover, the battery life indicator ensured I was never caught off guard by a dying battery.

What I really appreciate is its dual-purpose nature. While the cart is ideal on the golf course, it also serves well for running errands. The ample storage space is perfect for stowing away shopping or personal items. Yet, it’s worth noting, you’ll need a bit of room to store this cart, and it does take a considerable amount of time to charge fully, which means a bit of foresight is required if you’re using it every day.

HAOWEIH Golf Scooter

I found this golf cart strikes the perfect balance between recreational fun and practical use, making any golf outing an absolute joy.


  • Strong 800W motor enables smooth rides across various terrains.
  • Effective shock absorption system and seat belts ensure comfort and safety.
  • Versatile design comes with a cargo box for additional utility.


  • Charging can be lengthy at 6-8 hours.
  • Limited speed variation could hinder flexibility for some users.
  • The weight of 88.2 pounds may be heavy for some to maneuver.

I recently had the chance to take this HAOWEIH Golf Scooter out for a spin on the green. Its 800W motor delivered the power needed to effortlessly navigate the course, even when facing steep inclines. The battery proved sufficient for covering a full day of golf without the need for a recharge, which impressed me alongside its load capacity.

The comfort level this golf cart offers is noteworthy. I found its seats to be particularly cozy, and the shock absorption system handled the bumpy sections of the course with ease. Safety-wise, its drum brake system engaged solidly and responsively, giving me peace of mind as I traversed various slopes.

Beyond the fairways, I appreciated the golf cart’s versatility. Its cargo box was a surprisingly convenient feature, turning this sporting accessory into a practical tool for trips to the market or even for transporting small pets. The scooter’s robustness didn’t end on well-paved paths; it handled off-road conditions admirably, which could make it a companion for more than just golfers.

I must say, waiting 6-8 hours for the golf cart to fully charge requires some planning. If you’re running late, that could be a damper. While the speed control offers a few options, those seeking the thrill of a fast-paced ride might find its ceiling of 19 km/h a little restrictive. Additionally, its solid build translates to some heft, which could challenge those with limited space or strength when it comes to transportation and storage.

All in all, the HAOWEIH Golf Scooter is a reliable and feature-rich electric golf cart that promises to enhance the golfing experience and provide assistance beyond it. With its strengths far outweighing minor drawbacks, it’s an investment worth considering for any avid golfer or someone looking for a multi-functional mobility scooter.

Buying Guide

old man testing the best electric golf cart

When it comes to choosing the best electric golf cart, there are several factors to consider. It’s essential to prioritize your needs and preferences to make an informed decision. In this buying guide, I will discuss the primary features that you should look at when selecting an electric golf cart.

Firstly, consider the motor power and performance. The motor is the heart of an electric golf cart and directly affects its speed and capacity to handle slopes. A more potent motor will provide better acceleration and hill-climbing ability. This is particularly important for golf courses with varied terrain.

Next, battery life and charging time should be examined. Electric golf carts rely on rechargeable batteries, so it’s essential to choose one that offers a good balance between usage time and charging time. The longer the battery life, the more rounds of golf you can play without recharging. Additionally, a faster charging time will minimize downtime during the day.

Another crucial aspect is the cart’s weight capacity. Consider the maximum number of passengers, golf bags, and accessories that the cart needs to carry. Based on these requirements, opt for a model that offers sufficient seating and storage space. It’s also essential to check the cart’s overall weight capacity, including the combined weight of your golf equipment and passengers. Exceeding weight limits could lead to reduced performance and potential damage.

Don’t forget to examine the cart’s maneuverability and comfort level. Most golf courses have narrow paths and tight turns, so a cart with good maneuverability will be beneficial. Additionally, if you spend long hours on the course, the cart’s seats and ride quality should be comfortable.

Lastly, price plays an essential role in choosing the right electric golf cart. Set a budget and weigh the costs against the features and performance you desire. Keep in mind that investing in a quality cart will likely result in better overall performance and durability. Considering all these factors will aid you in finding the best electric golf cart for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top electric golf cart models for 2024?

During my research, I found some of the top electric golf cart models for 2024. These models stand out due to their combination of performance, durability, and advanced features, offering a great experience to golfers on the course.

Which are the best golf cart brands to consider?

Some of the best golf cart brands are well-established in the market and offer a wide range of reliable, high-quality electric golf carts suitable for various needs and preferences.

What is the average life expectancy of an electric golf cart?

The average life expectancy of an electric golf cart is approximately 10-15 years. This depends on factors such as maintenance, usage, and battery type. A well-maintained golf cart, along with regular battery replacements as needed, can help extend its longevity.

Can electric golf carts reach speeds of 30 mph?

It is possible for electric golf carts to reach speeds of 30 mph, but many standard models have a top speed of around 15-25 mph. Some manufacturers offer speed upgrades or modified versions of their models for those seeking a faster golf cart experience. However, it’s essential to bear in mind that higher speeds may impact safety and maneuverability.

What are the pros and cons of using an electric golf cart?

From my perspective, the pros of using an electric golf cart include quiet operation, lower emissions, and reduced operating costs, as electric carts require less maintenance than gas-powered counterparts. Conversely, the cons of using an electric golf cart mainly revolve around their range, as they rely on battery charge, and might need more frequent charging or battery replacements over time.

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