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Best Disc Golf Discs for Intermediate Players: Elevate Your Game

Disc golf, blending the finesse of frisbee with the strategy of golf, becomes more nuanced as players progress. As an avid disc golfer with over a decade of experience, I understand the challenge intermediate players face in selecting the right disc. My extensive testing and analysis of various discs aim to guide you through this crucial phase, ensuring your equipment evolves with your skill. In this article, I’ll share insights and recommendations to enhance your game, drawing from years of expertise in the sport.

Our Top Choices

We have researched and tested a variety of disc golf discs to bring you our top picks for intermediate players. Our selection focuses on discs that offer a balance between control and distance, helping to improve your game. Advance your skills and enjoyment of the sport with these reliable disc choices.

Viking Discs Starter Set

We found this set ideal for players stepping up their game, offering a range of discs to refine different shot types.


  • A diverse selection of discs caters to various throwing techniques.
  • Quality plastics provide a solid grip and durability.
  • Cost-effective way to acquire multiple types equally suited for practice or competitive play.


  • Beginners may find some discs challenging to handle initially.
  • Ground plastic may show wear more quickly than premium materials.
  • Disc weights and colors may vary, not allowing for personal preference.

Out on the field, swinging the Viking Discs Starter Set felt like a solid upgrade from my entry-level discs. The durability of the Storm plastic was immediately apparent, and even after several rounds, they maintained their form beautifully.

The range in this set genuinely impressed us. Having two putters in the mix allowed for consistent practice shots, and the mid-range and fairway drivers introduced us to new throwing styles. The ground plastic had a pleasant feel, though its longevity may not match the sturdier Storm.

Navigating the course with these discs, we noticed the variety in the set added strategic depth to our game. With options for every situation, we weren’t left scrambling for an adequate disc. Keep in mind, though, that players brand new to disc golf might take some time to adapt to this expanded arsenal.

In sum, the Viking Discs Starter Set is a practical acquisition for intermediate players looking to expand their disc golf skills. Its balanced selection enables players to explore a spectrum of shots with discs that feel ready for action straight away.

Famine Long Driver

Whether you’re looking to improve distance or finesse your S-curve, we believe the Famine Long Driver excels in enhancing your game.


  • Offers a steady S-curve throw for intermediate players
  • Withstands frequent play due to durable ‘Toxic Waste’ plastic
  • Comes in a diverse range of vibrant colors


  • Limited customer reviews to gauge broader performance
  • Premium plastic may command a higher price point
  • Color and weight preference not guaranteed on purchase

From personal experience, this disc rises to the occasion on the course. During our rounds, we felt confident as the Famine Long Driver consistently produced the desired understable flight. It’s a disc that promises room for growth in your game, allowing for that rewarding, gradual turn without tipping over into an erratic roll.

Its premium plastic, dubbed “Toxic Waste,” has withstood several encounters with trees and pavement, one might say almost daring scuffs and scratches to mar its appearance. Even with continuous use, we noticed minimal degradation in performance or aesthetics.

One aspect we can’t help but adore is the visual appeal. Each throw is complemented by a swirl of unique colors, making our discs not just tools of the sport but a part of our style on the field. Yet, be mindful when you order, the anticipation of a specific hue may be met with surprise; such is the nature of varied stock.

Faster Disc Golf Set

We believe this disc golf set is an invaluable addition to any intermediate player’s collection thanks to its comprehensive selection and top-notch carrying case.


  • A complete selection with specific discs for different playing styles.
  • The carrying bag is a big plus, offering convenience and extra features.
  • Well-crafted discs that offer a great balance of speed and control.


  • The discs do not include rating numbers or weight, which can be helpful as you progress.
  • Some players may find the quality less competitive than specialized discs.
  • Colour differences may occur, which might not appeal to everyone.

In our recent outings, we’ve noticed the Faster Disc Golf Set shines for its versatility. Each disc has been instrumental in improving our game, from the drivers with their fine-tuned balance of speed and stability to the putters, which have provided consistent flight patterns.

After heavy use, the inclusion of two discs for each type (driver, mid-range, and putter) has proven itself. We’ve been glad to have backups right there in the disc golf bag during play, ensuring our game isn’t interrupted by a lost or damaged disc.

What caught our attention, besides the performance of the discs, was the quality and thought put into the carrying case. It’s certainly a step up from the basic bags we’ve seen. The water bottle pocket is a stretchable holder that has held up against various bottle sizes during our testing. Comfortable and adjustable straps meant we could carry our gear all day without any discomfort.

DOOMSDAY Pestilence Driver

We think the DOOMSDAY Pestilence Driver is worthy of consideration for intermediate disc golfers seeking to expand their distance game with a more understable driver.


  • Its understable nature offers a reliable fade-resistant flight path.
  • The “Biohazard” plastic ensures a gummy feel for great grip in various conditions.
  • Suitable for those transitioning to higher-speed drivers.


  • The wavy top might be off-putting for players preferring a flat disc surface.
  • Some users reported the plastic can be less durable.
  • With only a handful of reviews, it’s harder to gauge long-term performance.

I’ve had the chance to toss the DOOMSDAY Pestilence around the course a few times, and it’s made quite an impression. The disc’s understable design means you can count on it to hold a line before smoothly fading, which is crucial when avoiding obstacles and aiming for that birdie.

The “Biohazard” plastic feels different in hand; its gummy texture provides above-average grip that comes in handy in less-than-ideal weather. While it’s not quite as stiff as some other options on the market, I found that it didn’t affect the accuracy or distance of my throws.

After using it during my last few rounds, the disc has proved useful, especially for intermediate players. But it’s important to note that the distinct wavy top might not be everyone’s cup of tea. If you’re curious about high-speed drivers and ready to work on controlling a more dynamic flight path, the DOOMSDAY Pestilence Driver could be what you’re looking to add to your disc golf bag.

Dynamic Discs Starter Set

Disc golf enthusiasts looking to level up from beginner to intermediate play will find this set elevates their game with its quality and completeness.


  • Comprehensive kit that comes with everything needed to play
  • The discs included cover all the necessary types for a balanced game
  • Additional accessories like the bag and towel provide great value


  • The bag’s capacity may be limiting for players looking to expand their disc collection
  • Some more experienced players might outgrow the beginner-friendly discs
  • The shoulder bag, while convenient, might not be as durable as dedicated disc golf backpacks

Playing with the Dynamic Discs Starter Set, one quickly appreciates the completeness of this package. It includes three fundamental discs necessary for any game: the driver, midrange, and putter. Having used it on the course, we’ve found the Judge putter consistently reliable for close-up shots, while the Truth midrange flies straight with a predictable fade, beneficial for those developing their techniques. The Escape driver has impressed us with its versatile flight pattern, suitable for a wide range of throwing styles.

Beyond the discs, the starter set’s shoulder bag is a functional touch. It comfortably holds up to 12 discs, ideal as we start to broaden our selection. The water bottle holder is a convenient feature, particularly on those hot days on the course. And, the zipper-enclosed pocket is a secure place to stash valuables, ensuring we can focus on the game.

In terms of the extras included, the towel certainly comes in handy for drying discs on dewy morning rounds or after a rainy throw. The mini disc is great for marking our shots, a small but essential part of the sport. While the bag is not built for a massive collection, it’s a solid starting point and can sustain us through numerous rounds before we might feel the urge to upgrade to a bigger, more specialized bag.

Overall, this Dynamic Discs starter set stands out for its thoughtful compilation of equipment, making it a reliable choice for intermediate players hungry to refine their skills on the fairway.

Buying Guide

A golfer testing a disc golf disc

Assessing Skill Level

We first need to evaluate our current skills. Intermediate players usually have a grasp of the basics and are looking to improve consistency and distance. Knowing our skill level helps in selecting discs that match our growing capabilities.

Disc Stability

Understanding disc stability—overstable, stable, and understable—is crucial. We should look for discs that offer a balanced flight pattern, which is indicated by the stability rating. Stable discs are generally recommended for intermediate players as they offer predictable flight paths.

Disc Types

We prioritize three types of discs: distance drivers, fairway drivers, and mid-range discs. Intermediate players should have a variety of each to cover all aspects of the game. For accurate upshots, we incorporate a stable putter as well.

Plastic Types

The quality of plastic affects grip, durability, and flight characteristics. We consider plastic options that provide a balance between grip and longevity, often opting for mid-grade plastics that offer improved performance without excessive wear.


Heavier discs tend to be more wind-resistant and provide more control, while lighter discs can offer more distance. We select weights that complement our throwing style and power.

FeatureWhy It Matters
StabilityDictates flight pattern
Disc TypeAddresses different game scenarios
Plastic QualityImpacts grip and durability
WeightAffects control and distance

By focusing on these features, we ensure we’re choosing discs that will advance our performance while aligning with our intermediate skill level.

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