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Where Is Kiawah Island Golf Course? Let’s Find Out!

Last Updated on May 30, 2023

Golfers from all over the world have longed to experience a round at Kiawah Island Golf Course, but many are left wondering: where is Kiawah Island golf course? Located just 21 miles away from historic Charleston, South Carolina, Kiawah Island Golf Course is renowned for its captivating layout and rich history – a premier destination sought out by golfers worldwide. From its captivating layout to its rich history, there’s no wonder why so many seek out this beautiful location for their next tee time. Join us as we explore everything you need to know about Kiawah Island Golf Course – including how it became one of America’s top courses.

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Exploring Kiawah Island Golf Course: A Guide to the Premier Golf Destination

Kiawah Island Golf Course is a renowned spot for golfers from all corners of the globe, boasting a championship layout over 10 miles of picturesque beachfront land with five different courses to choose from – sure to test even the most seasoned players. Located in South Carolina, Kiawah Island Golf Course has been a beacon for golfers of all levels, hosting some of the most prestigious tournaments in professional golf and providing an unforgettable challenge. With five distinct courses spread across 10 miles of beachfront property, Kiawah Island provides something special for every golfer.

The layout at Kiawah Island is unlike anything else you’ll find in the United States. The Ocean Course, designed by Pete Dye, is considered one of the toughest courses on tour and features a mix of long holes and narrow fairways that make it difficult to score well. The River Course offers more forgiving fairways but still requires accuracy off the tee as water hazards come into play on many holes. Other courses include Cougar Point, Osprey Point, and Turtle Point – each offering its own unique challenge while providing stunning views of Kiawah’s natural beauty along with wildlife sightings like deer and egrets that are common throughout the area.

Kiawah Island Golf Course is an idyllic golf destination that offers a unique and unforgettable experience. With its picturesque landscape, challenging layout, and world-class amenities, it’s no wonder why this premier course has been host to several major championships. Now let’s take a look at the details of Teeing Off at Kiawah Island: An Overview of the Course Layout.

Key Takeaway: Kiawah Island Golf Course is a golfer’s paradise, boasting five distinct courses across 10 miles of beachfront property. This championship course, renowned for its illustrious past and remarkable vistas, offers an unforgettable experience to golfers of any calibre – from experts to amateurs.

Teeing Off at Kiawah Island: An Overview of the Course Layout

The Kiawah Island Golf Course offers five distinct courses, each with its own unique layout and challenges. Golfers seeking to test their abilities in a multitude of settings can come to Kiawah Island Golf Course for an array of courses, each with its own special design and obstacles.

Ocean Course:

This 18-hole championship course is one of the toughest on the East Coast. The terrain varies from dunes and marshlands to sand bunkers and rolling fairways, making it a true challenge for any level of golfer. With views of the Atlantic Ocean throughout, you’ll never get bored playing here.

Turtle Point:

Another championship course designed by legendary golf architect Jack Nicklaus II, Turtle Point features large greens surrounded by numerous hazards, including water hazards and deep bunkers. Turtle Point offers a stimulating round for those seeking an enjoyable yet testing experience.

Oak Point:

A par 72 course that plays through lowland forests along winding creeks and lagoons makes Oak Point an ideal choice for players looking for a more relaxed round of golf. It’s also home to some stunning wildlife which can make your game even more enjoyable.

Osprey Pointe:

close up of a hole

Featuring breathtaking views across Kiawah Island’s tidal marshes and saltwater estuaries, Osprey Pointe is another great option if you’re looking for something less demanding than Ocean or Turtle Points while still offering plenty of interesting shots along with beautiful scenery.

Golfers of all levels can expect an unforgettable experience when they tee off at Kiawah Island, a course that presents a unique challenge. With its rich history and stunning layout, the next heading will explore how this course became one of America’s best courses.

Key Takeaway: Kiawah Island Golf Course is a golfer’s paradise, offering five distinct courses ranging from the challenging Ocean Course designed by Jack Nicklaus II to more relaxed layouts such as Oak Point. For those looking for something truly special, Cougar Pointe provides stunning views over Kiawah Island and wetlands full of cypress trees – perfect for taking your game up a notch.

The History Behind Kiawah Island: How It Became One of America’s Best Courses

Charles Fraser, the creator of the nearby Sea Pines Plantation, had a vision to create an even more demanding course and thus purchased Kiawah Island in 1976 to make it happen. It was the brainchild of Charles Fraser, who had previously developed nearby Sea Pines Plantation and wanted to create an even more challenging course. He purchased the island from a group of investors and began developing it into what would become one of America’s best courses.

sports ball close up

The course layout at Kiawah Island is designed to challenge players while also offering stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. With five sets of tees ranging from 4,814 yards to 7,356 yards, there are plenty of options for players looking for a challenge or just wanting to enjoy their round. The signature hole on the course is number 17, which offers spectacular views over marshlands and tidal creeks as well as an intimidating tee shot across the water onto an elevated green with bunkers guarding both sides.

Fraser also worked hard to make sure that his creation stayed true to its natural beauty by using native plants throughout the course design process. This attention to detail has paid off in spades; not only does Kiawah Island offer some truly unique scenery, but it also provides excellent playing conditions year-round, thanks largely due in part to this commitment toward preserving nature’s beauty during construction.

The combination of Fraser’s vision and dedication towards creating one of America’s premier golf destinations has made Kiawah Island Golf Course a must-play stop on any golfer’s bucket list. From its picturesque views along the coastlines, undulating fairways framed by towering pines, challenging layouts that test every aspect of your game, and pristine conditions all year long – Kiawah Island will always be remembered as one great golfing experience.

Key Takeaway: Kiawah Island Golf Course is a golfer’s paradise, boasting stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean and five sets of tees to challenge players at any skill level. Charles Fraser’s commitment to preserving nature during construction has resulted in this premier destination offering year-round pristine conditions and unforgettable experiences for every golfer.

FAQs in Relation to Where is Kiawah island Golf Course

Where exactly is Kiawah Island?

Kiawah Island is a barrier island located off the coast of South Carolina in Charleston County. It is approximately 21 miles long and five miles wide, making it one of the largest islands on the East Coast. The island features 10 miles of beachfront, numerous golf courses, tennis courts, and nature trails for visitors to explore. Kiawah Island is gaining traction as a holiday hotspot due to its remarkable views and the array of activities available all year round.

Who are the celebrity homeowners in Kiawah Island?

Bill Murray

Celebrities who own homes on Kiawah Island include actor Bill Murray, singer Darius Rucker, former NFL quarterback Peyton Manning, and professional golfer Rory McIlroy. Other notable figures, such as former president Barack Obama have also been known to visit the island for vacations. Kiawah Island is renowned for its stunning golf courses and luxury resorts, which draw in many of the most prominent names in entertainment. It’s no wonder why so many celebrities choose this destination for their getaways.

Can the public play Kiawah Island Ocean Course?

Yes, the public can play Kiawah Island Ocean Course. It is a highly-rated golf course located in South Carolina and has hosted multiple professional tournaments, including the 2023 PGA Championship. The course offers 18 holes of challenging links-style golf with stunning views of the Atlantic ocean. Booking a tee time ahead of time is necessary to guarantee an open spot, as the course is widely sought after by golfers from all over. With its pristine condition and championship-level layout, Kiawah Island Ocean Course is an unforgettable experience for golfers of all skill levels.

Who owns Kiawah Island Golf Resort?

Kiawah Island Golf Resort is owned by Kiawah Development Partners, LLC. The company is a partnership between East West Partners and Urban Smart Growth. They purchased the resort in 2006 from prior owners Sea Pines Company. Kiawah Island Golf Resort consists of five championship golf courses as well as tennis courts, villas, restaurants and other recreational facilities for visitors to enjoy. Since 2006, KDP’s acquisition of the resort has made it a renowned spot for golfers everywhere.


So, where is Kiawah Island golf course? From its breathtaking views to the challenging course layout, it’s no wonder why this beautiful island has become one of America’s best courses. For those looking for an unforgettable experience, Kiawah Island Golf Course is situated in a breathtaking location. This stunning location offers everything from exceptional amenities to world-class service – making it an ideal choice for any avid golfer who wants a truly unique experience on their next vacation.

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