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Last Updated on May 29, 2023

The four majors in golf are some of the most prestigious and revered tournaments in all of the sports. From The Masters to The Open Championship, these major events have shaped the history of this timeless sport and continue to provide fans with exciting moments year after year. While each of the four major tournaments is distinct, they all strive to give players a chance to measure their abilities against one another on some of golf’s most iconic courses. So let’s take a look at what makes each one so special—the four majors in golf.

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The Masters

The Masters is one of the four major championships in professional golf. It is held annually at Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia, USA and has been since 1934. The tournament was founded by amateur champion Bobby Jones and investment banker Clifford Roberts.

The Masters is a 72-hole stroke play event with an iconic green jacket awarded to the winner each year. The course itself has undergone many changes over the years, including the lengthening of holes, adding bunkers and water hazards, as well as increasing the size of greens.

The Masters also features some unique traditions that have become integral to its legacy, such as bestowing honorary starters who are former champions or distinguished guests, permitting patrons to bring their own food and beverages onto the grounds, holding a Par 3 contest on Wednesday prior to the competition commencing; having caddies don white jumpsuits; serving pimento cheese sandwiches during lunch breaks; playing “Amen Corner” (the 11th through 13th holes); sounding a bell near tee boxes when players strike shots close to the pin; awarding crystal goblets for eagles made on par 5s and presenting azaleas for birdies made on par 4s.

In addition to being one of golf’s most prestigious tournaments, The Masters also offers its participants generous prize money compared to other majors – $11 million total purse in 2023 – making it highly sought after by top professionals around the world every year. Furthermore, winners receive lifetime invitations back into future tournaments, which makes this championship even more coveted among competitors looking for long-term success in golfing careers.

Finally, The Masters serves as an annual reminder that springtime brings with it not only warmer weather but also some of golf’s greatest moments from past years – all played out against one spectacular backdrop: Augusta National Golf Club.

Key Takeaway: The Masters is a prestigious tournament that offers generous prize money and lifetime invitations to its winners while also providing unique traditions that have become integral to its legacy.

The U.S. Open

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The U.S. Open is one of the four major championships in professional golf, and it’s a tournament that has been around since 1895. It is held annually at different courses across the United States and is open to both professionals and amateurs alike. The event has evolved over time, but its core principles remain unchanged: to challenge players with difficult course conditions while rewarding those who can manage their game well enough to come out on top.

The U.S. Open was originally known as the “United States National Championship” when it began in 1895 at Newport Country Club in Rhode Island, where Horace Rawlins won by two strokes over runner-up Willie Dunn Jr Since then, the championship has moved around from venue to venue every year except for during World War II (1943–1945). Notable venues include Shinnecock Hills Golf Club (1896), Oakmont Country Club (1907) and Pebble Beach Golf Links (2023).

The format of play for the U.S. Open consists of four rounds of eighteen holes each day, usually spanning Thursday through Sunday or Friday through Monday, depending on how many days are necessary to complete due to weather delays or other unforeseen circumstances such as COVID-19 restrictions this past year which necessitated some changes including no spectators being allowed onsite during competition rounds. Each round typically commences in the early morning hours, with tee times spaced apart so all players can finish their respective rounds before nightfall if required. The winner receives an exemption from all other major tournaments within five years, plus a generous cash prize and additional awards like trophies.

In recent years, technology advancements have made an impact on how golfers approach playing courses hosting U.S. Opens – specifically regarding equipment used, course setup, and preparation methods leading up to tournaments. These advances allow players more options than ever before when strategising ways they will tackle challenging layouts found throughout various host sites. This includes club selection, shot shaping techniques, mental focus exercises, physical conditioning regimens & practice sessions utilising launch monitors & simulators, amongst others tools available today.

Overall, what makes the U.S. Open unique compared to any other tournament is its ability to provide a test of skill and endurance, unlike any other event throughout professional golf’s calendar season, making it one of the most prestigious events worldwide regardless of sport played.

Key Takeaway: The U.S. Open, a renowned competition demanding the utmost aptitude and resilience from its participants, necessitates the use of cutting-edge equipment to be victorious.

The Open Championship

The Open Championship, steeped in a legacy of grandeur and prestige, remains one of the most esteemed tournaments in golf. It provides players and spectators alike with an unforgettable experience that cannot be found in any other major tournament. Its unique format and unpredictable conditions make it a challenge for even experienced professionals, making victory all the more rewarding. Today’s modern version has incorporated new technologies such as ShotLink, which allows people from around the world to stay up-to-date with the competition live.

The Open Championship, also known as the British Open, is one of golf’s four major championships. It is the most venerable and renowned tourney in all of golf, having been held since 1860 at a selection of courses across Britain and Ireland. The Open Championship, the oldest and most renowned golf tournament of all time, has been held since 1860. Each year it is contested on a selection of courses across Britain and Ireland.

The format for The Open Championship differs from other majors in that it features a four-round stroke play competition over two days instead of three or four rounds over three days like other tournaments. This makes it unique among all golf events because players must be prepared to face changing weather conditions each day, which can affect their performance significantly.

The Open Championship is held at nine different locations throughout the UK and Ireland annually, including places such as Kent, Angus, Merseyside, South Ayrshire, East Lothian, Troon, Southport County Antrim and Fife. These include Royal St George’s Golf Club in Kent; Carnoustie Golf Links in Angus; Royal Liverpool Golf Club in Merseyside; Turnberry Resort Ailsa Course in South Ayrshire; Muirfield Village Golf Club in East Lothian; Royal Troon Golf Club Old Course at Troon; Royal Birkdale Golf Club at Southport; Royal Portrush Dunluce Links at County Antrim and finally, St Andrews Old Course at Fife which has a rich history dating back to 1672 when it was first established as an official club.

Key Takeaway: The Open Championship is a prestigious and unique event that tests players’ skills in unpredictable conditions, offering an unforgettable experience to both players and spectators.

The PGA Championship

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Since its inception in 1916, the PGA Championship has been held annually except for a few years of interruption during WWII. The PGA of America annually organises the major golf tournament at a variety of venues throughout the U.S.

The tournament has advanced through the years, transforming into one of golf’s most celebrated events. Initially, it was known as the “National Open” but changed its name to “PGA Championship” in 1953 when it became part of what we now know as the modern Grand Slam: The Masters, U.S Open, The Open Championship and PGA Championship.

In recent years, many of golf’s top players have made their mark on this tournament; Tiger Woods won his first major here in ’97, Phil Mickelson achieved initial victory at the PGA Championship in 2005, Rory McIlroy nabbed back-to-back titles in 2012 & 2014, Jordan Spieth triumphed Whistling Straits 2015, Jason Day earned 1st major title Baltusrol 2016, Justin Thomas successful 2017 Quail Hollow Club and Brooks Koepka crowned

This tournament also holds special significance for amateurs as well – every year, an amateur golfer earns an invitation to compete against some of golf’s best professionals thanks to their impressive performance throughout qualifying rounds leading up to PGA Championships week. This provides them with a unique opportunity that they would not otherwise get from any other event or tour stop on either professional or amateur circuits alike.

This championship has a distinct format, with 72 holes played over four days and no cut after 36 holes. Unlike The Masters or U.S. Open, which are stroke play competitions, the PGA Championship features match play between competitors; each hole is contested individually rather than playing out entire 18-hole rounds together simultaneously as one would during regular weekend outings amongst friends.

Finally, while all four majors carry great prestige within professional circles, none quite capture the public imagination as the PGA Championship does. This is largely due to its long history dating back more than 100 years ago when Walter Hagen famously hoisted the trophy aloft after defeating Jim Barnes 4&3 in 1921.

Key Takeaway: The PGA Championship, a renowned tournament of long-standing and renown among golf pros, is one of the four major championships in the sport. Amateurs can experience the thrill of competing against some of golf’s greatest players in this highly esteemed tournament, widely recognised for its long-standing tradition.


Four of the most esteemed golf tournaments exist, demanding the greatest skill and determination from all players. They represent the highest level of competition and challenge for any golfer. Whether you’re a professional or an amateur, these events will test your skills and give you bragging rights if you can come out on top. The Masters, U.S. Open, Open Championship and PGA Championship have all provided us with amazing moments over the years that we won’t soon forget.

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