PGM DJD038 Golf Strike Mat Bead Display Track Beginner Training Trace Detection Pad Swing Exerciser


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Brand Overview:

– Brand: PGM
– Product ID: DJD038
– Origin: Mainland China
– Category: Cages & Mats
– Availability: In Stock

Product Features:

– Beginner-Friendly Swing Practice Pad: The DJD038 model from PGM is designed with a unique bead display track to assist new golfers in refining their swing technique.

– Effective Swing Trainer: Enhances your golfing skills by providing immediate feedback on your swing, making it an invaluable tool for golfers looking to elevate their game.

– Versatile Golf Accessory: This bead display track and training pad is a must-have for any golfer’s practice arsenal, fitting seamlessly into both cages and mats setups.

– Ideal for Sports Enthusiasts: A perfect choice for individuals passionate about golf and seeking to advance their performance through focused practice.

PGM DJD038 Golf Strike Mat: Bead Display Track for Swing Training


– Brand: PGM
– Model: DJD038
– Type: Golf strike pad
– Size: 21 x 41 cm
– Thickness: 1 cm
– Composition: Rubber base with bead overlay
– Weight: Approximately 500g

Important Note:

For optimal use and to accurately assess your swing trajectory, ensure you are standing with your feet parallel before practice begins.

Key Benefits:

1. Visualizes swing path and impact point for improved accuracy and technique.
2. Features a convenient portable buckle for easy transportation.





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