3-in-1 Golf Club Groove Putter Wedge Ball Cleaning Brush Shoes Cleaner Golfer


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Brand Information:

– Brand: OOTDTY
– Model: 2S10319
– Series: Accessory
– Type: Golf Club Cleaner

Material Composition:

– Made from ABS, Brass, and Nylon


– Size: Approximately 5.5 cm x 3.1 cm (2.17 inches x 1.22 inches)

Color Scheme:

– Primary Colors: Black and Brass


– Total: 1 Piece


Introducing the innovative 3-in-1 Golf Club Cleaner by OOTDTY, designed for the dedicated golfer. This compact, high-quality tool is brand new to the market, featuring a clever retractable mechanism and a conveniently small form factor. Its multifunctional design ensures your golf clubs remain in pristine condition for optimal performance.


– Groove Cleaner: Effectively cleans club faces to remove dirt and debris, ensuring maximum grip and precision.
– Unique Retractable Design: Bristles and spikes withdraw into the body of the cleaner to maintain a neat size and prevent damage when not in use.
– Multi-Utility: Equipped with nylon bristles for cleaning woods, brass bristles for irons, and a spike for meticulous groove cleaning.
– Portable: Compact size and retractability make it easy to carry in your pocket, ensuring it’s always at hand on the course.
– Durability: Constructed from top-grade ABS and brass, this tool is built to last, resisting wear and tear from regular use.
– Convenience: Features a hole for attaching a string, facilitating easy access and storage.


– Materials: Durable ABS for the body, with brass and nylon for the cleaning components.
– Measurements: Compact dimensions at 5.5 cm in length and 3.1 cm in width.
– Color Details: Sleek black with brass details for a classic look.
– Package Count: Comes as a single unit.


– Measurement Conversion: 1 cm equals 10 mm or 0.39 inch.
– Manual Measurement: Please allow a slight measurement discrepancy of 1-3 mm.
– Color Accuracy: The product color may vary slightly due to differences in monitor settings.


– Includes one 3-in-1 Golf Club Cleaner (Note: This product does not include a retail package).


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