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Learn How to Clean a Golf Ball Like a Pro!

Last Updated on November 3, 2023

Golf is a great game, but it does require some maintenance. The most important part of that upkeep? Cleaning your golf balls. Cleaning a golf ball isn’t as daunting or time-consuming as you may think. With the right supplies and instructions, anyone can learn how to clean a golf ball like an expert in no time at all. We’ll explain exactly how to clean a golf ball step by step so that you can be sure each round starts off with sparkling white balls ready for action.

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Gather Your Supplies

Before you can start cleaning your golf ball, it’s important to gather the right supplies. You will need a soft cloth, warm water, and mild soap. Don’t use harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that could damage the surface of the ball. If you don’t have any mild soap on hand, dishwashing liquid is an acceptable alternative.

Prep the Ball

Preparing the golf ball for cleaning is an important step in keeping your clubs and equipment clean. Before you begin, make sure to gather all of the necessary supplies: a dry cloth, a bucket or bowl of warm water, and some mild detergent.

Once you have everything ready, it’s time to start prepping the ball. Begin by wiping off any dirt or debris with a dry cloth. This will help ensure that all of the dirt is removed before you move on to washing it. Make sure to get into all of the nooks and crannies around the dimples so that no grime remains when you’re done cleaning.

Soak the Ball

When prepping your golf ball for a round, one of the most important steps is soaking the ball. This will help remove any dirt or debris that may have accumulated on the surface of the ball during storage. To do this, fill a bowl with warm water and add a few drops of mild soap. Place your golf balls in the soapy water and let them soak for several minutes. The longer you let them soak, the cleaner they’ll be when you take them out.

Scrub Away

a man cleaning golf ball by scrubbing away the dirt

When cleaning your golf ball, the last step is scrubbing away any remaining dirt or grime. To do this, you’ll need a soft cloth and some elbow grease. Start by dampening the cloth with warm water and gently rubbing the surface of the ball in small circles. Make sure to pay attention to all of its nooks and crannies. If there are still stubborn spots that won’t come off, try using a mild detergent instead of just water.

Continue scrubbing until all dirt has been removed from the golf ball’s surface. Once finished, rinse off any soap residue with clean water before drying with a dry towel or paper towel. This will help prevent streaking on your golf ball, which can affect its performance when playing on course.

If you’re looking for an even deeper clean, consider investing in one of those specialised golf ball cleaners available at most sporting goods stores or online retailers like Amazon or eBay. These machines use high-pressure jets of air and liquid solution to blast away any debris without damaging your balls’ surfaces – perfect for getting rid of caked-on mud after a particularly muddy round.

No matter what method you choose for cleaning your golf balls, make sure they are completely dry before storing them back in their original container or bag. This will help prevent damage over time due to moisture buildup inside the packaging material itself. With these tips, you should have no problem keeping your clubs and balls looking pristine for years to come.

Key Takeaway: Keep your golf balls clean and in good condition by using a soft cloth and warm water to scrub away dirt, followed by a mild detergent for stubborn spots. Investing in specialised golf ball cleaners can also provide an even deeper clean. Finally, make sure to dry the balls before storing them back in their original container or bag.

Rinse and Dry

a man clean golf ball by washing with soap

Once you have scrubbed the golf ball, it is time to rinse off the soap and then dry off the golf ball with a clean cloth before using it again. To do this, fill up a bowl or bucket with warm water and submerge your golf ball in it for around 30 seconds. It will remove any dirt or debris that was left behind from scrubbing.

Afterwards, take out the golf ball and let the excess water drip off of it before wiping down each side of the ball with a clean cloth. Make sure to get into all of those little nooks and crannies so that no soap residue remains on the surface of your golf ball. Once you are satisfied that all remaining soap has been removed, pat down both sides of your now-clean golf ball until completely dry – just like drying dishes after washing them.

Finally, if you want to ensure no smudges or fingerprints on your newly cleaned and dried golf balls, use a soft microfiber towel to buff away any last traces of moisture from its surface. Doing this will ensure that when you go out onto the course for practice or competition rounds later on, your clubs won’t be slipping against an overly slick surface as they would if there were still some wetness left over from cleaning.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to clean golf balls?

Cleaning golf balls is an important part of maintaining their performance and longevity. The best way to clean them is by using a mild soap or detergent mixed with warm water. Gently scrub the ball with a soft cloth, ensuring to get into all the grooves and crevices. Rinse thoroughly afterwards with clean water, then dry off completely before storing or playing again. For tougher stains, use a specialised golf ball cleaner designed for this purpose. Follow the instructions on the bottle carefully to ensure that your balls are properly cleaned without damaging them.

Can golf balls soak in water?

Yes, golf balls can soak in water. The material of the ball and its construction allow it to absorb a certain amount of liquid without compromising performance. When submerged in water for an extended period of time, however, the core will eventually become saturated and affect the ball’s trajectory. This is why most golfers avoid playing with wet balls as much as possible. To ensure optimal performance, it is best to dry off any golf balls that have been exposed to moisture before using them on the course.

How do you clean golf balls in the dishwasher?

Cleaning golf balls in the dishwasher is a great way to keep them looking new. First, make sure to use a gentle cycle and no detergent. Place the golf balls in an open mesh bag or on top of the dishes, so they don’t get damaged by other items. After the cycle has finished, remove the golf balls and let them air dry before using them again. It’s important not to leave any soap residue on your golf balls as this can affect their performance when playing. With regular cleaning, you’ll be able to enjoy your game for longer.

Can you clean your golf ball by rubbing it on the green?

Yes, you can clean your golf ball by rubbing it on the green. This is known as “cleaning” or “scuffing” the ball. The process involves lightly rubbing the golf ball against the grass to remove dirt and debris from its surface. Doing this helps improve spin control and accuracy when hitting shots, making it an important part of a golfer’s game. However, be sure not to rub too hard or for too long, as this could damage the cover of your golf ball and reduce its performance.


By following these steps, you can easily clean a golf ball and keep it in top condition. With regular cleaning, your golf balls will last longer and perform better on the course. So don’t forget to give them a good scrub every now and then – your golf game will thank you for it.

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