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Best Toddler Golf Set: Top Picks for Young Golfers in 2024

Introducing toddlers to golf can be a delightful journey, but it’s crucial to select the right equipment. With over a decade of experience in child development and sports, I understand the importance of finding a golf set that’s safe, suitable, and engaging for little ones. In this article, we’ll explore top-notch toddler golf sets, meticulously tested and proven to enhance your child’s golfing experience. Our recommendations are designed to foster skills, ensure safety, and guarantee fun, making your child’s first swing a memorable one.

Our Top Choices

Our selection of the best toddler golf sets is curated to foster a love of the game while ensuring safety and fun. Each set has been chosen for its durability, design, and age-appropriateness to help little ones develop their swing with the right-sized equipment. Join us as we guide you through these top picks to find the perfect fit for your aspiring golfer.

Liberry Golf Set

We believe the Liberry Golf Set is a smart pick for parents looking to introduce their children to golf with an engaging, durable toy.


  • Promotes hand-eye coordination and patience
  • Easy to transport with a retractable handle and wheels
  • Enhances realistic golfing experience with a putting mat


  • The plastic clubs may not withstand rough play
  • The larger golf balls, while safe, may not offer a traditional golf feel
  • Limited to three clubs, which may restrict variety in play

Our youngsters found the Liberry Golf Set immediately inviting. The colorful clubs and balls were a hit, and the retractable handle made it easy for them to wheel their golf cart around the yard, just like the pros. Given its durable design, even after multiple rounds of enthusiastic play, the set remained intact, although we noted the clubs aren’t indestructible.

The set serves well not only as a sporty activity but also as an educational toy. Observing our little ones, we saw a noticeable improvement in their hand-eye coordination and judgment. Plus, the putting mat added a nice touch, offering a semblance of an authentic golf experience that kept their interest.

We’ve had the opportunity to test out the Liberry Golf Set both indoors and out. The versatility was appreciated, especially on rainy days when the living room turned into a miniature fairway. Though the larger golf balls prevent any serious choking hazards, they also alter the experience slightly—something to bear in mind if you’re keen on authenticity.

All in all, this golf set holds promise for fun-filled afternoons fostering a love for golf in youngsters. It’s a thoughtful gift that’s bound to get plenty of use, assuming it’s treated with a bit of care.

GMAOPHY Toddler Golf Set

We believe this GMAOPHY Toddler Golf Set is a great starting point for little ones interested in golf, providing safe and engaging playtime both indoors and outdoors.


  • Enhances coordination and concentration
  • Durable quality for frequent use
  • Makes for a fun, family-friendly activity


  • Balls may be difficult to remove from the cart
  • Limited to basic play; not for advanced skill development
  • Color and size may not appeal to all children

The moment we unboxed the GMAOPHY Toddler Golf Set for our niece, the excitement was palpable. The colorful clubs, sized just right for her small hands, seemed enticing. We could tell that the manufacturer had kids in mind, focusing on safety with no sharp edges or small parts.

Playing with the set outside was a blast. Our niece could easily handle the lightweight clubs, swinging away happily. The set’s ability to engage her in a real golf experience without being overly challenging was note-worthy. She spent hours setting up the putting mat and aiming for the holes with enthusiasm.

When it came to storing the balls, however, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. They tend to get stuck in the cart, but we found it simpler to use the provided shoulder strap bag. Despite this minor hiccup, the overall durability and the joy it brought to playtime made this set a winner in our books. The game also gave us a lovely avenue for a bit of gentle competition, tightening our bond as we encouraged each other’s attempts to sink a putt.

HYES Toddler Golf Set

We recommend this set for its engaging design and child-friendly features, making it an excellent choice for young, aspiring golfers.


  • Enhanced safety with non-toxic materials and smooth edges
  • Convenient storage and portability with the easy-to-use cart and shoulder strap
  • Includes a putting mat for a more authentic golfing experience


  • Some parts may detach easily, requiring supervision for younger children
  • Smaller than expected, which may not suit older toddlers
  • A total of 37 reviews may not fully represent a wide range of feedback

Upon trying out the HYES Toddler Golf Set, it’s easy to see its appeal. The vibrant colors and variety of clubs captured our kids’ attention right away. The 12 included balls mean the fun isn’t easily interrupted by a stray shot; there’s always another ball ready to be putted.

The portability is a highlight. We moved easily from the playroom to the backyard, thanks to the handle and wheels on the cart. Additionally, slipping the shoulder strap on offered a grown-up feel that our little testers reveled in as they mimicked a day on the golf course.

Despite its petite size, our children found the set very manageable. The putting mat proved to be a real game-changer, providing a defined target to aim for and introducing an element of real-world golf. It’s important to note, though, that while manageable, the set’s size might not age well with older children who may outgrow it quickly.

In conclusion, the HYES Toddler Golf Set fosters a fun introduction to golf. It’s small, yet it offers a variety of play possibilities that can keep your little ones entertained.

Letapapa Toddler Golf Set

We think any parent looking to introduce their toddlers to golf in a fun and safe way should consider this set.


  • Designed with safety in mind and made with non-toxic, durable materials.
  • Complete set that’s versatile for indoor and outdoor play with easy storage and transport.
  • Offers a realistic golf experience tailored to young children.


  • May have a limited lifespan as children grow in skill and size.
  • Materials, while safe and sturdy, are still plastic which may not withstand rough play over time.
  • The set could potentially be outgrown quickly by kids closer to the age limit.

Our experience with the Letapapa Toddler Golf Set was pleasantly immersive. For starters, the retractable handle and the easy-to-navigate wheels on the golf cart made it a breeze for the kids to pull around the yard. When we moved the play indoors, the putting mat provided a smooth transition without losing any of the fun or learning potential.

We were impressed with the thoughtful design of the clubs which cater to both right and left-handed junior golfers. Switching between clubs was simple, showing that they’ve been crafted keeping little hands in mind. It wasn’t just about swinging the clubs; packing up was just as effortless. Everything fit into the storage bag, making cleanup a game in itself.

Safety can’t be stressed enough when it comes to toys, and we felt secure knowing this set passed our standards. The ABS plastic is sturdy, and the edges are smooth. On the downside, plastic isn’t indestructible, and over time, we could see signs of wear and tear starting to show. It’s perfect for now, but as the kids grow and their swings get stronger, we’ll have to consider a more robust set.

In conclusion, this Letapapa Golf Set is more than a toy; it’s a foundational sports kit that sets the stage for a lifelong passion for golf. While the durability and the size might have limitations, the benefits it offers at the early stages of learning outweigh these concerns. Plus, the hours of fun it has provided our kids with the added bonus of enhancing their motor skills and coordination makes this a great buy for any toddler.

Liberry Toddler Golf Set

We believe this golf set is a stellar choice for young enthusiasts eager to explore the game, thanks to its thoughtful design and kid-friendly features.


  • Safe and robust construction ensures durability while safeguarding kids
  • Golf caddy is portable with a user-friendly design, making it easy for kids to maneuver
  • The set serves as a fun and educational toy, fostering various skills in young children


  • Some parts may not withstand rough handling over time
  • The golf clubs are tailored for toddlers, and older children might outgrow them quickly
  • A limited number of accessories may affect the extent of play variations

When we took the Liberry Toddler Golf Set out for a spin, its safety focus was immediately apparent. The clubs felt sturdy in small hands, and we appreciated the larger ball size to keep the choking hazards at bay. There’s a certain peace of mind that comes from knowing the little ones are playing with a product that keeps their well-being at the forefront.

Portability is another factor we value, and we’re pleased with this set’s retractable handle and wheeled caddy. It’s quite a sight watching the kids pull their own golf gear with pride. We also noticed that keeping track of the accessories was a breeze, thanks to the large bag that conveniently houses everything.

Educationally, this set is a hole-in-one. It’s not all about play; it’s about learning too. The variety of clubs and balls provided were perfect for introducing the basics of golf to youngsters. The act of aiming, swinging, and patience required for golf naturally translated to educational fun as our little testers developed their hand-eye coordination.

Expressing our experience honestly, we’ve found a couple of small factors that might raise concerns. Intense play sessions did result in some wear and tear, which signals that while sturdy, the set may not be invincible. Moreover, as the kids grow, they may find themselves wanting a more advanced set, signaling a shorter product lifecycle for families with growing children.

All in all, the Liberry Toddler Golf Set is, in our experience, an excellent investment in your child’s playful learning. It brings the fairway to your backyard or living room, ensuring that those initial steps into golf are as engaging as they are safe.

Buying Guide

A toddler playing with a toddler golf set

When selecting a toddler golf set, we must consider several key features to ensure that it is appropriate for the child. Here, we list the important factors to examine.

Size and Weight

The golf clubs must be suitable for a toddler’s height and strength. Look for lightweight options that are easy for small hands to grip and swing.

  • Weight: Aim for light clubs to prevent strain.
  • Height: Choose clubs that match the child’s height for a comfortable swing.


Durability is essential in a toddler golf set; however, it should also be safe for young players.

  • Plastic: Often lighter, suitable for younger toddlers.
  • Metal: More durable, best for older toddlers.

Safety Features

Safety is paramount. Features that enhance safety should be prioritized.

  • Rounded Edges: Minimize the risk of injury during play.
  • Non-toxic Materials: Ensure the set is free from harmful chemicals.

Set Components

Consider what is included in the set. A variety of clubs and accessories can enhance the playing experience.

  • Clubs: A basic set should include a putter and a driver.
  • Accessories: Balls, tees, and a carrying case are beneficial additions.

Ease of Use

A toddler golf set should be user-friendly to encourage play and skill development.

  • Grip: Look for sets with grips suitable for small hands.
  • Bag: A lightweight bag with easy-to-use straps can increase portability.

Educational Value

Beyond just playing, golf sets can provide educational value:

  • Colors and Numbers: Sets with these elements can aid in learning.
  • Instructional Guides: Some sets come with simple guides that help teach the basics of the game.

By assessing these features, we can determine the best toddler golf set that is enjoyable, safe, and potentially educational for our little ones.

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