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Best Oversized Golf Grips: Top Picks for 2024

Last Updated on January 24, 2024

Golf enthusiasts know the importance of the right equipment, and a key component is the golf grip. Specializing in golf gear, I’ve focused on the rising trend of oversized golf grips, known for improving comfort and control. This article, backed by thorough testing and expertise, will guide you through selecting the best oversized golf grips to elevate your game.

Our Top Choices

As a golf enthusiast, I have found that using oversized golf grips can significantly improve my game. In the list below, I’ll share my top picks for the best oversized golf grips available on Amazon.

Winn DriTac Oversize Golf Grips

These Winn DriTac Oversize Golf Grips provide incredible non-slip performance in any weather, making them a solid choice for golfers.


  • Excellent non-slip performance in all conditions
  • Comfortable, cushioned feel with shock absorption
  • Varying texture for key pressure points


  • May not suit players with smaller hands
  • Potential durability concerns over time
  • Some users may find them difficult to install

My experience with the Winn DriTac Oversize Golf Grips has been nothing short of fantastic. I found the tacky and cushioned feel of the grips to be quite comfortable, even during long golf sessions. They’ve indeed helped me maintain a firm hold on my clubs in various conditions, including rain and hot, sweaty days.

The varying texture in key pressure points was another aspect of these grips that I appreciated. It allowed for a more secure hold and better control during swings. However, for individuals with smaller hands, these oversized grips might feel a bit bulky and uncomfortable.

One concern I have is the long-term durability of these grips, as I noticed some slight wear after extended use. This may be something to consider if you frequently play golf and need your grips to withstand the test of time.

Installation of these grips can be a bit tricky for some users, especially those with limited experience in regripping their clubs. However, once you get a hang of the process, it’s not insurmountable.

In conclusion, the Winn DriTac Oversize Golf Grips provide a comfortable, non-slip experience for those in search of enhanced club control. While there are some downsides, such as durability and installation issues, most golfers should find these grips to be a valuable addition to their game.

JumboMax Ultralite Grips Medium MD (+5/16) Black / Red, White, Blue (Set of 13)

These JumboMax Ultralite Grips are a solid choice for golfers seeking increased comfort and reduced hand strain, especially for those with arthritis or large hands.


  • Lightweight design minimizes impact on swing weight
  • Promotes even grip pressure to improve control
  • Tri-texture surface enhances feel and all-weather playability


  • May take some time to adjust to the larger grip size
  • Potentially reduces wrist action in swing
  • Users with small hands might find the size too big

I recently had a chance to try out the JumboMax Ultralite Golf Grips on my clubs, and I’m pleased with the results they delivered. The lightweight construction meant that my swing weight stayed consistent even though the grips are larger than the standard ones. This allowed me to maintain my usual swing speed and distance while feeling less strain on my hands during each shot.

The grips feature a unique tri-texture design that provided excellent feel and feedback on every shot. This texture, combined with the larger size, promoted a lighter, more even grip pressure, which made each swing feel smooth and stress-free. I also found that the grips perform well in various weather conditions, giving me the confidence to play without worrying about my club slipping.

While I did experience some initial adjustment time due to the larger grip size, once I got used to it, my swing felt more controlled and consistent. These grips might not be ideal for golfers with small hands, as the oversized design could feel too bulky and unwieldy. However, those with larger hands or facing discomfort due to arthritis might find these grips a game-changer.

Overall, I recommend giving the JumboMax Ultralite Grips a try if you’re looking to increase your comfort on the course and reduce hand strain, while still enjoying solid performance and feel.

Winn Set of 9 Excel Wrap Oversize Black Golf Grip

In my experience, the Winn Set of 9 Excel Wrap Oversize Black Golf Grip is a fantastic choice for golfers seeking comfort and better performance in their grip.


  • Ideal for golfers with arthritis
  • Soft and tacky feel improves grip quality
  • Durable for about a year


  • Deteriorates after a year
  • Doesn’t suit players looking for a firm grip
  • May require replacement more often than other grips

In my recent golfing sessions, I had the opportunity to use the Winn Set of 9 Excel Wrap Oversize Black Golf Grips and I was impressed by their performance. As someone with mild arthritis, the grips alleviated some discomfort and helped me maintain a secure grip on the club. Moreover, their tacky, oversized design improved my grip, allowing me to swing with better precision and control.

However, despite the numerous advantages these grips offer, they have a few drawbacks as well. I’ve noticed that after continuous use during the year, the grips started to deteriorate. Although this may not be a deal-breaker for golfers valuing comfort over longevity, it’s definitely something to consider. Furthermore, the soft and tacky feel of these grips may not suit all players, especially those who prefer a more firm grip.

In conclusion, the Winn Set of 9 Excel Wrap Oversize Black Golf Grips are an excellent investment for golfers with arthritis or those who prefer a softer grip. However, players should be aware that these grips may need to be replaced more often than others, and the softer feel may not suit everyone’s preference.

CHAMPKEY Traction-X Golf Grips 13 Pack

The CHAMPKEY Traction-X Golf Grips are a great investment for those seeking high-quality, comfortable, and affordable oversized golf grips.


  • High-feedback rubber material
  • Excellent traction and control
  • Comprehensive package with installation tools


  • Some learning curve for installing grips
  • Color can smear when installing with solvent
  • Uncertain long-term durability

I recently had the chance to experience the CHAMPKEY Traction-X Golf Grips, and I must say, they truly enhanced my golf game. The proprietary rubber material they used provided a comfortable grip alongside precise ball feedback at all times. I was able to hold the golf club more confidently than before, as the three kinds of micro texture improved the grip traction and control in any condition.

The traditional taper profile of these grips encouraged me to use lighter grip pressure and reduced tension in my hands, leading to more fluid swings. After installing these grips, I noticed an overall improvement in the consistency and power of my shots.

The package included 13 golf grips, 15 golf tapes, a grip tape spray solution, a rubber vise clamp, and a grip blade – making the grip installation process a breeze. However, if you’ve never re-gripped clubs before, it may take some time to become familiar with the process. Make sure to be patient and follow the instructions closely.

One minor issue I experienced was that the color could smear with the solvent when installing the grips, but given the overall value, it was acceptable. While I have only used the grips for a short time, their long-term durability remains unknown. However, so far, they’ve held up well through multiple rounds and practice sessions.

In conclusion, the CHAMPKEY Traction-X Golf Grips are a valuable addition to any golfer’s arsenal. These grips offer comfort, control, and improved performance – all at a reasonable price. With an easy installation setup and comprehensive package, they’re an excellent choice for upgrading your golf grips.

Yamato Arthritic Golf Grips Oversize Jumbo

I highly recommend these Yamato Arthritic Golf Grips for optimal comfort and performance, especially for those with arthritis or grip issues.


  • Excellent for golfers with arthritis
  • Anti-slip texture for all-weather play
  • Oversized for better control and confidence


  • Slightly smaller than expected for jumbo size
  • Rough texture may require an adjustment period
  • Some durability concerns

I recently tried the Yamato Arthritic Golf Grips, and I must say they have surpassed my expectations. The nubbed texture provides an excellent anti-slip grip that works well in any weather condition. As someone who struggles with arthritis, the larger size and reduced grip taper gave me a newfound sense of control and confidence on the course.

While the grips do offer shock absorption due to the thick rubber material, I noticed that they were slightly smaller than other jumbo-sized grips I’ve used in the past. This wasn’t a major issue for me, but it’s something to keep in mind if you’re used to a specific jumbo size. Additionally, the rough texture took some time to get used to, but once I adjusted, it was smooth sailing.

My only concern is the long-term durability of these grips. I have heard from other users that they can wear out rather quickly. However, for the price and the performance improvement, I would say it’s still worth considering these grips. I’m definitely looking forward to my future rounds with the Yamato Arthritic Golf Grips.

Winn DriTac Wrap Oversize Copper Golf Grip Bundle (13 Piece)

These oversized golf grips provide excellent performance, making them a worthwhile investment for any golfer.


  • Exceptional nonslip all-weather performance
  • Comfortable Winndry polymer material
  • Classic contoured profile design


  • May not be as durable for heavily used clubs
  • Quality might have declined for some users
  • A bit pricey compared to other grips

I recently replaced my old golf grips with the Winn DriTac Wrap Oversize Copper Golf Grip Bundle and noticed an immediate improvement in my game. The increased size of these grips allowed for a more comfortable grip and improved shot control.

The Winndry polymer material offers a superior nonslip performance in various weather conditions, making the grip feel secure even when playing in wet conditions. The classic contoured profile design enhances the overall feel of the club in my hands, providing a confident grip during each swing.

However, I did notice that the durability of these grips might not be the best for my most-used clubs, such as my driver. The wear and tear seem a bit more significant than with my previous grips, which means I might need to replace them more often. Some users have also reported a decline in quality, with grips tearing easily during installation – something I did not experience but it is essential to consider.

Overall, the Winn DriTac Wrap Oversize Copper Golf Grip Bundle offers a great combination of comfort, nonslip performance, and classic design. If the possible durability issue and price aren’t a significant concern, I would highly recommend these grips to enhance your golf game.

SuperStroke Cross Comfort Golf Club Grip

This grip provides excellent tackiness and comfort for golfers seeking enhanced club control and performance.


  • Non-slip X-style surface texture
  • Multi-layer construction for stability and feedback
  • Tour-inspired profile with minimal taper


  • Initial installation can be tricky
  • Not as tacky as some competitors
  • May not suit golfers with smaller hands

I recently installed the SuperStroke Cross Comfort Golf Club Grip on my clubs and immediately noticed the difference in traction. The “X-style” surface texture offered a non-slip grip, allowing me to hold the club more securely and confidently during my swings.

The multi-layer construction of the grip impressed me as well. The soft, tacky outer layer provided excellent grip, while the firm rubber inner core delivered the stability and feedback I needed to play my best. This combination made the grip feel comfortable and reliable in my hands.

One aspect of the SuperStroke grip that I appreciated was the tour-inspired profile with minimal taper. This design helped me maintain even hand pressure during my swings, allowing me to generate faster speeds and square the clubface more naturally.

However, I did encounter some difficulties when initially installing the grip on my clubs. It took a bit of time and patience to get it installed correctly, but the end result was definitely worth the effort.

In comparison to other oversized grips, the tackiness of the SuperStroke Cross Comfort Grip may not be as sticky as some competitors, such as Winn grips. This comes down to personal preference, and I still found the overall grip performance satisfactory.

Lastly, golfers with smaller hands might not find this oversized grip as comfortable as those with larger hands. I have larger hands myself, and the oversized grip felt great, but I can understand that it may not suit everyone’s needs.

In conclusion, the SuperStroke Cross Comfort Golf Club Grip is a solid option for golfers looking to enhance their club control and performance. Its unique features and comfortable design make it a valuable addition to any golfer’s gear, as long as you’re willing to put in the effort during installation.

Winn Dri-Tac 9 Piece Golf Grip Bundle Jumbo Navy Blue

The Winn Dri-Tac Jumbo Golf Grips are a great investment for improving your hold on your clubs in various conditions.


  • Excellent tackiness for secure grip
  • Comfortable, cushioned feel
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • May not suit those with smaller hands
  • A bit pricey
  • Some users experience color inconsistency with end caps

After using the Winn Dri-Tac 9 Piece Golf Grip Bundle in Jumbo Navy Blue, I found them to provide an exceptional grip, especially in damp or humid conditions. The tackiness of the grips inspired confidence in my swing, preventing club slipping and ultimately improved my performance on the course.

The cushioned feel of the grips provided a comfortable hold, reducing hand fatigue during long practice sessions or rounds of golf. As someone who takes pride in maintaining my golf equipment, I was pleasantly surprised by the durability and longevity of these grips, even after extended use.

However, I must mention that the jumbo size of these grips may not be comfortable for those with smaller hands. It’s essential to ensure that the size of the grip is suitable for your hand size for optimum performance benefits. Additionally, these grips are at a higher price point compared to some other options, so the investment may not be justifiable for everyone.

Lastly, some users have noticed inconsistencies in the color of the end caps compared to the product images. This may not impact the functionality of the grips, but if aesthetics are essential to you, it is something to consider.

Overall, I believe the Winn Dri-Tac 9 Piece Golf Grip Bundle in Jumbo Navy Blue is an excellent choice for golfers looking to enhance their hold on their clubs in various playing conditions. The tackiness, comfort, and durability of these grips make them a worthwhile investment for serious players.

CHAMPKEY WRAP-Y Rubber Golf Grips

These CHAMPKEY WRAP-Y Rubber Golf Grips are an excellent choice for golfers looking for an affordable and durable oversized grip option.


  • Innovative “Y” texture for added traction and grip
  • Exclusive high-feedback rubber material for precise ball feedback and comfort
  • All-weather performance with excellent traction and control


  • Not as tacky as some other premium grips
  • May not be ideal for extremely humid conditions
  • The feel may not be for everyone

I recently installed these CHAMPKEY WRAP-Y Rubber Golf Grips on my clubs, and I have to say that I’m quite impressed with their performance. The innovative “Y” texture provides remarkable traction and hand feeling. I’ve noticed a major improvement in my swing, thanks to the traditional tapered profile that encourages lighter grip pressure, promoting less tension in the hands and creating more fluidity and power throughout the swing.

In terms of material, the proprietary rubber used by CHAMPKEY offers a comfortable feel and precise ball feedback at all times. I’ve played in various weather conditions with these grips, and they’ve maintained excellence in traction and control. I don’t have to worry about the grip slipping in my hands during a shot, which is a significant advantage for me.

That said, there are some drawbacks to these grips. While I personally find them quite comfortable, they do not have the same tackiness that some other premium grips offer. For some, this might not be an issue, but it may not suit everyone’s preferences. They also might not be the best option for extremely humid environments as I’ve noticed a slight decrease in tackiness during particularly hot and humid days.

Overall, the CHAMPKEY WRAP-Y Rubber Golf Grips are an excellent and affordable option for those in search of oversized grips. Despite some limitations in extreme conditions and their feel being a matter of preference, they perform remarkably well, and I’d highly recommend them to any golfer looking to upgrade their grips.

Winn Dri-Tac Oversize Golf Grips

The Winn Dri-Tac Oversize Golf Grips are an excellent choice for golfers seeking comfort and non-slip performance in various weather conditions.


  • Exceptional non-slip performance in all weather
  • Comfortable, cushioned feel
  • Varying texture for better grip in key pressure points


  • Might need replacement every year
  • Slightly expensive
  • Possible inconsistencies in quantity received

After trying out the Winn Dri-Tac Oversize Golf Grips, I can confidently say they live up to their reputation for providing excellent non-slip performance. The grips are tacky enough that I didn’t need a glove while playing, and their spongy feel allowed me to maintain a comfortable grip without holding too firmly.

The varying texture in key pressure points is another standout feature, as it enables a better grip and more control during swings. However, it’s crucial to note that these grips might need to be replaced every year due to their material. Moreover, the price might seem a bit steep for those on a budget.

An issue I encountered was a discrepancy in the number of grips delivered – I initially ordered two sets of 14, expecting 28 grips in total, but only received 26. So, it’s essential to double-check the received quantity before planning any re-gripping sessions.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend the Winn Dri-Tac Oversize Golf Grips to golfers searching for comfortable and exceptional non-slip performance in various weather conditions. Just keep in mind the potential need for yearly replacement and confirm the number of grips provided in your order.

Buying Guide

When searching for the best oversized golf grips, it’s essential to consider a few key factors that will ensure a comfortable and secure grip. In this buying guide, I’ll discuss the essential aspects to look for when choosing the perfect golf grip for you.


The first aspect to consider is the material. Golf grips come in various materials such as rubber, synthetic rubber, polyurethane, and cord. Each material offers a different feel and level of durability. I recommend trying out different materials to determine which feels most comfortable in your hands.


Size is a crucial factor when choosing an oversized golf grip. Grips come in different sizes, including standard, midsize, jumbo, and undersize. To find the right size for your hands, measure your hand from the crease in your wrist to the tip of your middle finger. This measurement should give you a good idea of the proper grip size for you. Additionally, it’s essential to choose a grip that feels comfortable and doesn’t cause strain on your hands and wrists during play.


Golf grips come in a variety of textures, which can impact the feel and control you have over the club. Some golfers prefer a smooth texture, while others might opt for a more aggressive, rough texture for added grip. It’s essential to try out grips with different textures to find the perfect one for your preferences.


Some golf grips are tapered, meaning the diameter changes from the base of the grip to the end. This can provide better control and feel for certain golfers. When choosing a grip, consider whether you prefer a tapered or non-tapered design for the best fit.

As a reminder, always take the time to try out various oversized golf grips to determine the perfect combination of material, size, texture, and tapering that works for you. By considering these factors, you’ll be well on your way to finding the ideal grip for your game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do oversize golf grips improve your game?

Oversize golf grips can improve your game by offering a more relaxed and comfortable grip, reducing grip tension and promoting a smoother swing. They also encourage the use of larger muscles when swinging, which can result in increased control and accuracy. If you struggle with maintaining a solid grip or experience pain or discomfort, oversize grips might be beneficial for you.

Are oversized grips suitable for irons?

Yes, oversized grips can be suitable for irons. Using oversized grips on irons can help golfers with larger hands, reduce grip pressure, and increase control over their swings. However, it’s essential to test them on your irons to ensure they’re comfortable and effective for your individual needs.

What are the top golf grips for seniors with arthritis?

Some top golf grips for seniors with arthritis include grips that offer a softer, more comfortable feel, and are designed to reduce grip pressure, making it easier for golfers with arthritis to play without pain.

Do any professional golfers use jumbo grips?

Yes, some professional golfers use jumbo grips, such as Bryson DeChambeau and K.J. Choi. These professional players have found benefits in using larger grips, which have contributed to their success on the course.

What is the difference between oversize and jumbo grips?

Oversize and jumbo grips are both larger than standard grips, but they differ in size. Oversize grips are typically around 1/16-inch larger in diameter than standard grips, while jumbo grips are approximately 1/8-inch larger. The choice between oversize and jumbo grips depends on your personal preference and the size of your hands.

Why does Bryson DeChambeau use larger grips?

Bryson DeChambeau uses larger grips because they provide a more comfortable and relaxed grip, which helps him maintain control and accuracy in his swing. The larger diameter of the grip allows him to engage larger muscles when swinging, resulting in better overall performance on the course.

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