Best Golf Clubs for High Handicappers Featured

Best Golf Clubs for High Handicappers: Top Picks for Improved Gameplay in 2024

For many golfers, particularly high handicappers, choosing the right clubs is crucial for both enjoyment and improvement in their game. My extensive experience in golf, spanning over a decade, has equipped me with deep insights into the challenges and solutions for players with higher handicaps. This article aims to guide you through selecting golf clubs that enhance forgiveness, increase distance, and complement your unique playing style, drawing on thorough testing and proven effectiveness. Let’s dive into how the right equipment can transform your game.

Our Top Choices

We understand the challenges high handicappers face on the course. Our selection focuses on clubs that offer forgiveness and game improvement features. The right set can make a significant difference in play, boosting your confidence and potentially lowering your scores. The following list represents the best options that combine technology, quality, and value to help enhance your game.

COOLO Driver

We found the COOLO Driver to be an able companion on the fairway, providing ample assistance in teeing off with confidence for players with higher handicaps.


  • Promotes increased ball speeds and distance with CUP face technology
  • Ultralight titanium head for more momentum upon impact
  • Weighted for easier swing and reduced side spin


  • Limited by a 3.9-star rating suggesting potential quality inconsistencies
  • A single hand orientation option may not suit all players
  • Reports of durability concerns which might be a factor for frequent golfers

After spending some time on the course with the COOLO Driver, we’ve come to appreciate its design tailored for high handicappers. The 460CC titanium driver with CUP face technology truly makes a difference, delivering that satisfying thwack as the ball launches off the tee. It’s particularly notable how the lighter head contributes to a faster swing speed, which could mean extra yards for your game.

However, it isn’t without some drawbacks. While the premium graphite shaft does help to generate more clubhead speed, some golfers may find the regular flex less suitable if they’re used to playing with a stiffer shaft. And, while the grip feels secure in hand, we’ve picked up on whispers about the longevity of the club’s construction which would be worth considering before making a purchase.

All in all, for those looking to improve their game without breaking the bank, the COOLO Driver presents itself as a compelling choice. The technology embedded within offers a generous sweet spot that could help in reducing that handicap. Yet, we ought to be mindful of the timeline on such an investment, as durability could have a bearing on value over time.

Fairway Finder Premium Driver

We found this stylish driver makes your drives both longer and straighter with less effort, which is incredible for confidence on the tee box.


  • Increased accuracy off the tee, giving us a consistent direction
  • The oversized grip reduced the tension in our hands, enhancing feel and control
  • An affordable price for the noticeable improvement in our drives


  • The stiff flex shaft may not suit all high handicappers
  • A limited number of total reviews to gauge long-term performance
  • May require a period of adjustment to get used to the club’s balance and weight

Swinging the Fairway Finder Premium Driver immediately gives a sense of how much it could improve a high handicapper’s game. The weight distribution and the stiff flex shaft seem specifically engineered to provide maximum forgiveness, and we noticed right away how it impacted the ball flight—straight and long with minimal effort.

The control and feel the oversized grip provides are indisputable. When we took it for a test round, the level of stability it offered throughout the swing was impressive. This extra comfort seems to have the potential to lower scores by improving shot consistency, especially off the tee.

Although we’ve had a lot to praise about this driver’s performance, players newer to stiff shafts may take some time to adjust. The club is weighted and balanced in a way that could take a few rounds to get completely comfortable with. Once adjusted, however, our swings felt natural and smooth, easily sending the ball on a desirable trajectory.

In the end, our experience with the Fairway Finder Premium Driver suggests it’s a smart choice for high handicappers who want to boost their confidence and find more fairways. Its design elements work together to both forgive mishits and enhance the overall driving experience, all without breaking the bank.

COOLO Black Satin Wedge

We found this wedge to be a solid choice for high handicappers looking for better control and spin around the greens.


  • Excellent spin control to help land the ball closer to the pin
  • Solid feel with every shot, enhancing the playing experience
  • Versatile for various lies due to its mid bounce design


  • Limited feedback for shots off-center, which can affect shot adjustment
  • Might feel heavier than some other wedges which could impact swing
  • The head cover quality is inconsistent as some may arrive damaged

Upon swinging the COOLO Black Satin Wedge, the first thing we noticed was the remarkable spin control. The 4 degrees of separation between the wedges really paid off in terms of distance management, making it much easier to dial in those important approach shots.

The club felt well-balanced and the weighting contributed to a truly solid contact. When hitting wedge shots, the high level of spin imparted onto the ball was noticeable, and it’s what any golfer would want when trying to stick it close to the pin.

Despite the positives, it’s worth mentioning that golfers who crave feedback on mishits might find it lacking in this area. The heaviness of the wedge could be a deterrent for those not used to a weightier club, but on the flip side, it does aid in getting through thicker grass which is an advantage in tricky situations.

In our experience, the mid bounce angle offered versatility whether playing the shot square or opening up the face to loft the ball over a hazard. Versatility like this is exactly what we, as high handicappers, are looking for to improve our short game without having to carry multiple specialized wedges.

Wilson Platinum Golf Set

If you’re on the quest for a game improvement set, this could be your ticket to lowering scores and enhancing on-course enjoyment.


  • Forgiving on off-center hits
  • High-quality finish reduces glare
  • Bag is comfortable and functional


  • Driver durability concerns
  • Possible quality control issues
  • Finish may scuff over time

After swinging these clubs at the range, we can certainly say they live up to the hype. The large sweet spots across the set make striking the ball feel almost effortless, which should do wonders for your confidence off the tee and on approach. The graphite shafts in the hybrids and woods particularly aid our swing speed, which translates to more distance.

On the greens, the putter has a reassuring weight and balance to it. The anti-glare finish helped us focus on our putts, and the alignment features seemed to increase our accuracy. The ergonomic bag made carrying the clubs a breeze, and the self-activating stand was incredibly convenient during transitions.

However, we’ve heard murmurs about the driver’s head durability, which could be an issue if you tend to swing aggressively. Also, a few unlucky golfers mentioned receiving mispacked sets, so it’s worth inspecting everything upon arrival. Despite this, we believe the overall design and functional ease of the Wilson Platinum Golf Set make it a strong contender for golfers looking to take their game to the next level.

PRECISE Golf Set for Tall Men

We believe this golf club set is a fantastic choice for tall beginners looking for both value and performance.


  • Enhanced comfort for taller players due to extended club length
  • Variety in the set caters to different situations on the course
  • Superlite graphite shafts on woods aid in achieving longer shots


  • Durability of clubs might be a concern over time
  • Limited customization since it’s a pre-packaged set
  • Included headcovers may not be provided as per some reviews

Our recent rounds with the PRECISE Golf Set left us with a positive impression. From the tee box to the green, the clubs have a forgiving feel which is essential for players with high handicaps. The 460cc driver, with its impressive sweet spot, helps us drive the ball farther, a real confidence booster.

On the fairway, we appreciate the superlite graphite shafts on the woods—it’s noticeable how they contribute to our swing without demanding too much exertion. We especially enjoy the versatility provided by the hybrids, which have become our go-to for challenging long shots.

Around the greens, the sand wedge has given us some nice moments, creating just the right amount of loft to maneuver ourselves out of pesky bunkers. While we’re still working on consistency, the putter feels balanced in hand and rolls the ball smoothly on the green. As first impressions go, these clubs have a lot to offer for their price point.

Shock & Awe Driver

We find the Shock & Awe Golf Driver is an excellent choice for high handicappers aiming to add style and performance to their game.


  • Eye-catching designs that stand out
  • Advanced technology enhances play
  • Helpful for correcting slices


  • Limited to four design options
  • Slightly different crown designs versus promotional images
  • Only available in stiff flex, which may not suit all players

Swinging the Shock & Awe Golf Driver immediately gives a sense of both its style and substance. The artistic crown, especially the American Skulls design, really pops out on the course, bringing a unique edge to the game. When it came to the actual drive, it certainly didn’t disappoint; the ball took off from the tee with a satisfying sound, indicating a good contact.

Our time on the fairway with this driver revealed its forgiving nature. We were impressed by how it compensates for common slicing issues, keeping our drives straighter and improving overall performance. This level of forgiveness is a boon for high handicappers looking to shave points off their games.

Additionally, the durability of the Shock & Awe Golf Driver ensured that even after several rounds, it showed no signs of wear. Its sturdy build promises longevity, potentially making it a mainstay in our golf bag. However, we did notice the crown’s design varied slightly from the promotional images, but it did not detract from the overall experience.

In the realm of high handicapper golf clubs, the Shock & Awe Golf Driver stands out as a solid performer with flair. Its innovative design, coupled with its ability to straighten out wayward shots, gives it an edge over many of its competitors. For players who value style as much as performance, this driver is worth the investment.

Palm Springs Golf Set

After having a go with this set, we firmly believe beginners and high handicappers will get real value and performance that exceeds the price.


  • Enhanced forgiveness with large sweetspots
  • Extra length caters well to taller players
  • Hybrids offer versatility and easier playability


  • Lacks a sand wedge and a 5 wood
  • Better options exist for more experienced golfers
  • Some players reported durability issues

As we spent some time on the course with the Palm Springs Golf Set, it became clear that the oversized driver and fairway wood sweetspots allowed for more forgiving shots, which can be a game-changer for high handicappers. The longer shafts made sure that taller folks didn’t have to hunch over or adjust their natural swing – a common issue we often see with off-the-shelf sets.

Incorporating the hybrid clubs was a stroke of genius; replacing the trickier long irons, they made those daunting fairway shots less intimidating. The consistent distance and trajectory we managed to achieve with these were impressive, especially from less-than-favorable lies.

However, this It was a little disappointing to note the exclusion of a 5 wood and a sand wedge, two clubs that could fill in the gap between the irons and the woods, offering flexibility for different situations on the course. We also understand that, even though perfect for beginners, seasoned golfers might seek more specialized clubs as their skills advance. It’s also worth mentioning a few fellow golfers reported some issues with the durability of the clubs, which is something to keep in mind while making a decision.

In our experience, the Palm Springs Golf Set provides an affordable entry point into golf, offering a balanced mix of ease of use and decent quality for those starting out or looking to improve their game without a hefty investment.

PGM Golden Sand Wedge

After extensive rounds on various courses, we’ve found this PGM sand wedge to be a real asset for high handicappers, offering improved accuracy and control.


  • The oversized face and CNC-milled grooves make for precise shots.
  • The wider sole aids significantly in sand play.
  • Its golden finish stands out, giving a premium look.


  • Limited feedback due to a small number of reviews.
  • Premium design may come at a higher price point.
  • Possible over-specialization for sand use.

Navigating the bunkers can be a nightmare for high handicappers, but not with this wedge in our bag. The generous club face size becomes immediately noticeable, reinforcing our confidence when we’re facing a nerve-wracking bunker shot. With each swing, the club’s design proves itself by preventing dig-ins and promoting a smooth getaway for the ball onto the green.

Playing with the PGM Golden Sand Wedge just yesterday, we were impressed by the control it offered. Its CNC-milled grooves delivered the backspin we needed, making the ball react beautifully on the greens. The sense of control we experienced has consistently helped us shave strokes off our bunker plays. This kind of spin control is a secret weapon that’s vital in a high handicapper’s arsenal.

We’re convinced that this sand wedge is more than just a tool; it’s a partner that aids in the lofty challenge of lowering our handicaps. Its standout golden finish elicited several compliments from our playing partners, adding a dash of luxury to our golf bag. However, it’s the wedge’s functionality that truly shines during play—no pun intended. Considering the high degree of craftsmanship and playability, we’d recommend it to anyone looking to improve their sand game.

Precise M5 Golf Set for Taller Men

We found the Precise M5 Men’s Complete Golf Clubs Package Set to be an excellent choice for high handicappers, offering a mix of playability and style.


  • Enhanced distance and forgiveness from the 460cc driver
  • A putter with a reliable aiming mechanism
  • A stylish stand bag with ample storage


  • Bag legs may struggle with stability under the set’s weight
  • Some users have reported durability concerns with the driver
  • Grips could be uncomfortable for some; might need replacement

On unpacking the Precise M5 set, the first thing noticed was its sleek look paired with a substantial stand bag. Out on the course, the oversized 460cc driver proved to be a true asset, contributing to longer and more forgiving shots that helped reduce slices and improve overall distance. The feel is solid yet lightweight, which inspired confidence swing after swing.

As a beginner transitioning to a more frequent player, the club’s heads are forgiving and make it simpler to launch the ball. We especially appreciated the putter’s aiming feature, which made aligning putts less of a guesswork and more of a precision task. That little edge can go a long way in shaving off strokes from our game.

We did however encounter a few challenges. During a particularly active round, the stand bag’s legs did not seem to cope well with the terrain and weight of the clubs. Also, after continuous use, one of us had to switch out the rough standard grips for something more comfortable. Despite these minor setbacks, the Precise M5 set remains a great starting point for tall players looking to make a serious go at the game.

COOLO 56° Graphite Wedge

We think this COOLO graphite golf wedge is a solid choice for high handicappers looking for heightened control and a comfortable swing.


  • Enhances ball flight consistency for slower swingers
  • Superior vibration damping to ease joint stress
  • Versatile mid-bounce design handles various playing conditions


  • Limited feedback for golfers with faster swing speeds
  • Some may prefer a steel shaft for increased feedback
  • Aesthetic and design might not appeal to all

After testing the COOLO wedge on the course, we were impressed by the noticeable consistency in our shots. Launching the ball felt smooth, and the graphite shaft meant our swings were less straining on the wrists, which is particularly beneficial for players with older joints or those who appreciate a gentle grip.

The milled face of the 56-degree wedge adds a professional touch, providing us with the necessary spin to feel confident on approach shots. It’s evident that this club is specifically tailored to improve the game of high handicappers and slower swingers.

It’s clear that this wedge offers a blend of forgiveness and versatility. Whether chipping from the rough or playing a flop shot from the sand, the club performed admirably. The COOLO wedge is a reliable companion on the greens and could become a favored tool for golfers looking to boost their short game without the premium price tag.

Buying Guide

A golfer testing a golf club for high handicappers

Understanding Your Needs

We must first assess our skill level and typical golf course conditions. High handicappers often need clubs that offer maximum forgiveness and help in getting the ball into the air.

Key Features to Consider

Shaft Flexibility:
We should look for shafts that offer the right balance between flexibility and stability, as this can significantly affect the distance and trajectory of our shots.

  • Stiffness Levels:
    • Regular (R)
    • Stiff (S)
    • Extra Stiff (X)
    • Seniors (A)
    • Ladies (L)

Club Head Design:
Club heads with a larger sweet spot can be more forgiving on off-center hits. We prefer ones that help us to reduce mishits and improve our overall performance.

  • Design Preferences:
    • Large Sweet Spot
    • Peripheral Weighting

Loft Angles:
A higher loft angle on drivers and woods can help launch the ball higher, which might be beneficial for us to achieve greater distance.

Club TypeHigh Loft Angle
Driver10° – 12°
Woods17° – 24°

Set Configuration

Our choice of irons, woods, and wedges should match our most common scenarios on the course. Cavity-back irons can offer more forgiveness, which might be useful for our games.

  • Ideal Mix:
    • Irons: Cavity-back
    • Woods: With higher loft
    • Wedges: With game-improvement features

Feel and Personal Comfort

We should not overlook the importance of how the golf club feels in our hands. Comfort can lead to confidence, and confidence can lead to improvement in our game. Swing a few different clubs to understand which feels right for us.

Remember, we’re aiming for gear that complements and supports our path to becoming low handicappers.

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