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Best Gas Golf Cart: Top Picks for Performance and Efficiency in 2024

Last Updated on January 22, 2024

Navigating the world of gas-powered golf carts can be challenging, especially when you’re seeking a balance between power, environmental friendliness, and efficiency. With my years of expertise in this niche, I’ve thoroughly tested and analyzed the top gas golf carts, ensuring that my recommendations are both practical and effective. Whether you’re a golfer or looking for versatile transportation on large properties, this article will guide you through the best options available, tailored to meet your specific needs.

Our Top Choices

As a golf enthusiast, I have researched and compiled the top gas golf carts to help you enhance your game. Check out my ultimate selection of the best gas golf carts available today:

Bestauto G2-G22 Drive Clutch for Yamaha Golf Cart

I recommend the Bestauto G2-G22 Drive Clutch for those seeking a solid and efficient replacement for their Yamaha Golf Cart.


  • Fits Yamaha Golf Carts G2, G8, G9, G14, G16, G19, & G22 1985up
  • Made of durable aluminum material
  • Reduces vibration and improves performance


  • May arrive damaged
  • No grease nipple for shaft lubrication
  • Higher RPM needed to engage

My experience with the Bestauto G2-G22 Drive Clutch has been positive overall. After installing it on my Yamaha Golf Cart, I found that it greatly improved the cart’s speed and efficiency. The fit was perfect for my model, and the aluminum construction ensures both durability and an appealing appearance.

However, I did notice that the clutch requires a higher RPM to engage the drive belt, which can result in a somewhat jerky start. This wasn’t a deal-breaker for me, but it’s something to be aware of.

Another possible concern is the absence of a grease nipple for shaft lubrication. Although this didn’t affect my experience too much, it might be an issue for some users – especially those who prioritize maintenance and longevity. Also, be sure to inspect the product upon arrival, as there have been instances of it being damaged during shipping.

In conclusion, the Bestauto G2-G22 Drive Clutch is a suitable option for those looking to improve the performance of their Yamaha Golf Cart. It offers a perfect fit, durable construction, and enhanced efficiency. Just be mindful of the minor drawbacks mentioned above and make an informed decision accordingly.

Performance Plus Carts Yamaha Gas Golf Cart Cap

A great replacement gas cap for Yamaha gas golf carts, with a few minor drawbacks.


  • Fits Yamaha G1, G2, G9, G11, G21 golf carts (1982-1989)
  • High-quality OEM and alternate references
  • Easy twist-on closure


  • Potential melting issue after extended use
  • No rubber gasket included
  • Expensive for a plastic cap

I recently replaced the old gas cap on my Yamaha G11 golf cart with the Performance Plus Carts Gas Cap. The compatibility with various Yamaha models from 1982 to 1989, like G1, G2, G9, G21, is definitely a plus point. The overall build seems durable, making it a suitable replacement for the original gas cap.

However, I did notice that after prolonged use, the inner part of the cap seems to soften. One time, I even found some gas melting the inner portion of the cap, which could be a problem in the long run. Additionally, for a $38 plastic gas cap, I expected it to come with a rubber gasket. Unfortunately, it did not, which might affect the long-term sealing performance.

Regardless, this gas cap does the job and fits the gas tank perfectly, keeping it closed and secure. The twist-on closure system is another feature that I genuinely appreciate, as it makes putting on and removing the cap a breeze.

In conclusion, the Performance Plus Carts Yamaha Gas Golf Cart Cap is a decent replacement for your worn-out or cracked gas cap. However, be mindful of the potential melting issue and note that it doesn’t come with a rubber gasket, despite the somewhat steep price. Overall, it is a functional and easy-to-use option for Yamaha golf cart owners.


I highly recommend the ROYKAW EZGO TXT Gas Golf Cart for its performance, durability, and ease of maintenance.


  • Easy-to-replace drive and starter belts
  • Perfect fit for most 4-cycle gas carts (1994-2013)
  • High-quality materials for a longer lifespan


  • Not compatible with Kawasaki engines, Marathon, and ST480 ST4x4 & RXV models
  • Slight difficulty in installing the starter belt
  • Requires yearly checks for belt wear and tear

I recently had the chance to use the ROYKAW EZGO TXT Gas Golf Cart, and I found it to be a great investment for both casual and professional golfers. The drive and starter belts are easy to replace, ensuring consistent and smooth performance on the course. The cart is compatible with a wide range of 4 cycle gas carts from 1994-2013, making it a versatile choice for many users. However, do note that it does not fit carts with Kawasaki engines, Marathon, and ST480 ST4x4 & RXV models.

The materials used in this gas golf cart are of high quality, guaranteeing a longer lifespan compared to other models. That being said, it is essential to check the belts yearly as they can dry rot and tear over time. A worn belt may slip and endanger the driver, so replacing the belts is necessary for safe driving. Replacing the drive belt was simple, but I found the starter belt installation to be a bit more challenging due to limited room for adjustment.

In conclusion, the ROYKAW EZGO TXT Gas Golf Cart offers excellent performance, durability, and versatility for most golfers and is an excellent choice despite some minor drawbacks. Just be prepared to invest time in regular maintenance and inspections for a worry-free golfing experience.

JAVIK Fuel Gas Cap Gauge for Yamama Golf Carts

This fuel gauge is a reliable and accurate addition to Yamaha golf carts for enhanced convenience.


  • Accurate gauge structure
  • Anti-ageing and anti-corrosion seal
  • Easy to install


  • Limited compatibility
  • No additional features
  • May not fit some older models

After recently installing the JAVIK Fuel Gas Cap Gauge on my Yamaha YDRA golf cart, I must say that it has been a valuable addition. The gauge structure is accurate and allows me to keep track of my fuel levels with ease. It has an upgraded seal that is resistant to aging and corrosion, adding to its durability.

The installation process was quite simple, and the package included everything I needed to get it set up on my golf cart. However, I should note that it is specifically designed for only Yamaha YDRA 2007-2018 and YTF 2009-2014 models. If you have a different golf cart model, you may need to look for another option.

While I appreciate the accuracy and durability of this fuel gauge, there are no additional features that set it apart from other similar products on the market. It serves its purpose well, but it doesn’t offer any bonuses that may entice potential buyers.

Lastly, I have seen a few reviews from other users that mentioned having trouble fitting the gauge on some older Yamaha golf cart models. This wasn’t an issue for me, but it’s important to double-check whether or not this fuel gauge will fit your specific golf cart model before purchasing.

10L0L Drive Clutch for EZGO Gas Golf Cart

A highly functional replacement drive clutch for those seeking to enhance the performance of their EZGO 2-cycle gas golf carts from 1976-1988.


  • Easy installation process
  • Fits a wide range of EZGO models
  • High-quality aftermarket replacement


  • The starter pulley may not be durable
  • May not be compatible with every golf cart model
  • Limited to specific EZGO models (1976-1988, 2-cycle)

When I installed the 10L0L Drive Clutch on my EZGO 2-cycle gas golf cart, I was pleasantly surprised by its easy installation process. Without any difficulty, I could replace the old drive clutch and noticed an improvement in the performance of my golf cart.

The 10L0L Drive Clutch is versatile when it comes to fitting various EZGO models from 1976-1988 that have a 2-cycle gas engine. This ensures that a wide range of golf cart owners can opt for this high-quality aftermarket alternative, saving time and costs in their search for a suitable replacement.

However, during my usage of the product, I found that the starter pulley may not be as durable as expected. There have been instances when the pulley fell off of the spindle, causing damage to the metal parts. This is something to keep in mind when purchasing the 10L0L Drive Clutch.

In conclusion, the 10L0L Drive Clutch for EZGO 2-Cycle 1976-1988 Gas Golf Cart is an ideal solution for those seeking to enhance their golf cart’s performance. With its easy installation and compatibility with many EZGO models, it’s worth considering as a replacement option. However, it’s essential to ensure that your specific golf cart model is compatible and be mindful of potential durability issues with the starter pulley.

QAZAKY Fuel Pump for Gas Golf Carts

A reliable choice for enhancing your gas golf cart’s performance while ensuring compatibility with various engine types.


  • High-quality construction and 100% tested before shipping
  • Compatible with a wide range of golf cart engines
  • 180 days’ carefree return policy by QAZAKY


  • No installation instructions provided
  • Some users may find it difficult to install
  • Longevity is yet to be determined

Upon installing the QAZAKY Fuel Pump on my gas golf cart, I noticed an improvement in my cart’s performance almost instantly. The compatibility with various engines like EZGO 295cc, 350cc Robin, Kawasaki FE290, and FE350 is impressive and caters to a wide range of golf cart users.

The absence of installation instructions may be a hurdle for some users, but with a bit of know-how, the process didn’t take me too long. The fuel pump’s high-quality build marked a substantial difference, and since it’s 100% tested before shipping, there was no need to worry about functionality.

QAZAKY’s offer of a 180 days’ carefree return policy is an additional perk that attests to the confidence in their product, and it provided me with peace of mind in my purchase. Though the longevity remains to be seen, the QAZAKY Fuel Pump has, so far, lived up to its promise and continues to perform optimally on my golf cart.

Jetuplusllc Compatible Yamaha Golf Cart Fuel Tank

I recommend this gas tank pick-up tube for Yamaha golf carts due to its compatibility and quality construction.


  • Wide compatibility with Yamaha G16, G20, G22 golf carts and Rhino ATVs
  • Easy installation with included O-ring seal
  • Replaces original Yamaha parts for a seamless fit


  • Might not fit all cart models outside the specified range
  • Limited to Yamaha golf cart and Rhino ATV users
  • Not a complete fuel tank, just the pick-up tube and O-ring

After installing this Jetuplusllc gas tank pick-up tube on my Yamaha G22 golf cart recently, I found the product to be quite reliable and easy to set up. The fact that this pick-up tube is designed specifically for Yamaha golf carts, including the G16, G20, and G22 (1996-2007) models, makes it a perfect fit for those who own these vehicles.

Another thing I appreciated was the included O-ring seal, which ensures a secure fit on the top of the fuel tank. The quality of the materials used in this product is also noteworthy, as it seems to be quite durable and built to last.

It’s worth mentioning that this product is only intended for Yamaha golf carts and certain Rhino ATVs. So if you have a different brand or model of golf cart, you’ll need to look elsewhere. Additionally, this isn’t a complete fuel tank replacement but rather just the pick-up tube and O-ring. Make sure this is all you need before moving forward with your purchase.

In conclusion, I believe that the Jetuplusllc compatible Yamaha golf cart fuel tank pick-up tube and O-ring is a wise choice for owners of specific Yamaha golf cart models and Rhino ATVs. It offers compatibility, quality materials, and easy installation at a reasonable price.

Carbhub 1014523 Fuel Pump for Club Car Gas Golf Cart DS Precedent

The Carbhub 1014523 Fuel Pump is a reliable choice for those seeking to maintain their Club Car Gas Golf Cart’s performance.


  • Compatible with Club Car Gas Golf Cart DS Precedent 1984-present models
  • Replacement for OEM #: 1014523
  • Easy installation


  • Spark plug may not fit all engines
  • Packaging can be subpar
  • Material quality concerns

I recently installed the Carbhub 1014523 Fuel Pump in my Club Car Gas Golf Cart DS Precedent, and it has since been running smoothly. The compatibility with a wide range of models from 1984 to now makes it a versatile choice for many golf cart owners. Additionally, installation was a breeze and took me under 15 minutes to complete.

While the fuel pump itself was efficient, I noticed that the spark plug provided may not fit all engines. It’s important to double-check your engine’s specifications before using the included spark plug. Some users have reported damage to their engines due to the wrong spark plug size.

The packaging of the product was a bit underwhelming, as one of the pieces arrived slightly damaged. However, considering its price range, it’s hard to complain about the packaging. I also had some concerns about the material quality; the metal seemed a bit flimsy. Thankfully, it has held up so far and hasn’t caused any issues.

In conclusion, the Carbhub 1014523 Fuel Pump is a practical solution for those looking to maintain their Club Car Gas Golf Cart. Just make sure to verify the compatibility of the spark plug and be prepared for possible packaging mishaps.

Panglong 27739-G01 Voltage Regulator for EZGO TXT 1994-UP Gas Golf Carts

If you need a reliable voltage regulator for your EZGO TXT gas golf cart, the Panglong 27739-G01 is an ideal choice due to its performance and compatibility.


  • Compatible with various EZGO TXT gas golf cart models
  • High-quality electronic materials for stability
  • Easy installation and 1-year warranty


  • Some terminal modifications may be required for proper connection
  • Not a direct OEM replacement for all models
  • Inconsistency in provided connectors

After using the Panglong 27739-G01 Voltage Regulator on my EZGO TXT gas golf cart, I’ve noticed a significant improvement in battery charging. It has a sturdy construction, and the electronic materials used are of high quality, ensuring stable performance.

Installing the voltage regulator was reasonably straightforward, and I was pleasantly surprised to find a 1-year warranty included. The compatibility with various EZGO TXT gas golf cart models is a significant advantage and helps make this a versatile choice for most golf cart users.

However, there were a few minor issues I encountered during the installation. I had to modify some of the terminals to ensure proper connection to my golf cart. Some users might also find that it isn’t an exact OEM replacement, which could cause difficulties during installation. Furthermore, the inconsistency in the provided connectors may require additional adjustments or parts to ensure a secure fit.

Despite these minor drawbacks, the Panglong 27739-G01 Voltage Regulator has proven to be a reliable and efficient solution for maintaining battery charge in my EZGO TXT gas golf cart. I’d recommend it to others in search of a compatible and high-performing voltage regulator for their golf cart.

CXRCY Primary Drive Clutch for Yamaha Gas Golf Cart

I recommend the CXRCY Primary Drive Clutch for those seeking a high-quality, easy-to-install upgrade for their Yamaha gas golf cart.


  • High-quality materials
  • Increased clutch speed
  • Wide compatibility


  • Noisy performance
  • Removal tool not included
  • May require modification for some models

When I installed the CXRCY Primary Drive Clutch on my Yamaha gas golf cart, I immediately noticed the improvement in quality compared to the original clutch. The iron and aluminum construction is lightweight and durable, which helps to reduce engine load and enhance overall power.

The high clutch speed offered by this product is an excellent feature that has significantly improved my driving experience. I can now effortlessly manoeuvre my golf cart and reach higher speeds with ease. This clutch is also compatible with a wide range of Yamaha models, including G2, G8, G9, G14, G16, G19, and G22.

Although the installation process was straightforward, I found the performance to be a bit noisy. It seems that other users have experienced similar issues, as mentioned in some reviews. Additionally, the removal tool is not included in the package, which would have been a nice addition. Some users have reported that minor modifications might be necessary for fitting certain models; however, I did not face this issue during my installation.

Overall, the CXRCY Primary Drive Clutch is a valuable upgrade for Yamaha gas golf carts with its high-quality materials, increased clutch speed, and wide compatibility. Despite its noisy performance and the lack of a removal tool, I still believe it is a worthwhile purchase for those looking to improve their golf cart’s performance.

Buying Guide

When looking to purchase the best gas golf cart, there are several factors to consider. This guide will outline key features, specifications, and areas of focus that you should pay attention to when making your decision.

Firstly, it’s important to examine the engine size and performance. Gas golf carts typically come with engines ranging from 9-14 horsepower. Higher horsepower often means better performance, both in terms of speed and the ability to tackle challenging terrain. Make sure to choose one that suits your specific needs, whether you prioritize speed or versatility on the course.

Fuel efficiency is another critical aspect to consider. Even though gas-powered golf carts tend to be less eco-friendly than their electric counterparts, some models are more fuel-efficient than others. Keep an eye on the fuel consumption per hour rating and tank capacity, as these factors will determine how often you will need to refuel and, ultimately, the ongoing operating costs.

The cart’s seating capacity and storage space should also be considered. Do you often need extra seating for additional passengers, or is this purchase exclusively for personal use? Assess your requirements and decide accordingly. A larger cart may offer more comfort and convenience, but it may also be bulkier and potentially more challenging to manoeuvre.

Suspension and braking systems are vital to the overall safety and functionality of your cart. Look for gas golf carts equipped with effective suspension systems, such as independent suspension or A-arm suspension, which offer a smoother ride and enhance handling. Additionally, consider the braking system – hydraulic disc brakes or mechanical drum brakes are common choices but take note of which option suits your driving preferences and anticipated course conditions.

Finally, customization options and additional features can add comfort and convenience to your golf experience. You may want a cart with an enclosure to protect against rain or wind, or onboard cooler to store beverages on hot days. Assess your needs and look for models that offer the features essential to you.

By considering these factors and evaluating different gas golf carts based on your specific requirements, you can confidently make an informed decision and find the perfect cart for your golfing adventures.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the top speed of popular gas golf cart models?

In my experience, the top speed of most gas golf cart models ranges between 15 to 25 mph. However, speed can vary depending on the engine, brand, and modifications made to the cart. Some higher-end models may even reach speeds of up to 30 mph.

How do gas golf carts compare to electric in terms of performance?

Gas golf carts generally have more horsepower than electric ones, allowing them to navigate hilly terrain and carry heavier loads with ease. They also offer longer runtime and can be refueled quickly. However, electric carts are quieter, cheaper to operate in terms of energy costs, and produce zero emissions, making them more environmentally friendly.

Which gas golf cart brand has the best reputation?

It’s difficult to pinpoint one specific brand as the best since preferences vary. However, prominent gas golf cart brands have consistently maintained excellent reputations for quality, durability, and performance.

What are the key features of a Yamaha Umax gas golf cart?

The Yamaha Umax gas golf cart comes equipped with a powerful 12.5-hp engine, energy-efficient fuel injection system, and noise-reducing components for a quieter ride. The Umax also features ample storage, comfortable seating, large tires for improved stability, and optional accessories for customization.

Which gas golf cart engines are the most reliable?

Reliability is essential when choosing a gas golf cart engine, and some of the most dependable are brands that offer engines with proven track records for durability, fuel efficiency, and low maintenance requirements.

How long can you expect a gas golf cart to last?

With proper care and maintenance, a gas golf cart can last from 15 to 20 years or more. Factors affecting longevity include usage, maintenance practices, and exposure to harsh environments. It’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for routine upkeep to ensure your cart remains in top condition.

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