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Best Forgiving Golf Clubs: Top Picks for Amateurs and High Handicappers in 2024

Last Updated on March 9, 2024

Golf demands precision, and players often seek forgiving clubs to improve their game. This guide, based on my expertise and thorough testing, focuses on selecting golf clubs that offer forgiveness for off-centre hits. We’ve evaluated clubs with features like larger sweet spots and advanced technology to produce straighter, longer shots. Key considerations include construction materials, shaft flex, and clubhead design, aiming to find clubs that enhance performance for amateurs and high handicappers. Our goal is to recommend forgiving golf clubs that balance quality and value, boosting confidence and playability on the course.

Our Top Choices

We understand that finding the right golf clubs can greatly impact your game, especially if you’re seeking forgiveness for those off-center hits. Our carefully curated list presents you with the best forgiving golf clubs that promise to enhance your performance and enjoyment on the course. Each selection is designed to offer a blend of distance, feel, and control to golfers of all skill levels.

RAM Golf Accubar Set

For those in need of gear that forgives on the fairway and doesn’t break the bank, we believe the RAM Golf Accubar Set is a solid choice.


  • Exceptional forgiveness on mis-hits for beginners
  • Lightweight graphite shafts aid in faster swing speeds
  • Includes a stand bag with ample storage options


  • Absence of a sand wedge which may require additional purchase
  • Durability concerns noted by some users
  • Paint and finish may wear more quickly than premium clubs

Holding the clubs from this set, we notice the comfort offered by the grip. The irons have a nice weight to them, and the cavity back design really helps in getting the ball airborne. The hybrid is a versatile addition, helping us steer clear of the challenges posed by long irons.

When we swing the driver and 3 wood, the lightness of 100% graphite shafts becomes evident, contributing to greater swing speeds and, subsequently, more distance. The mallet putter feels stable, and it’s reassuring to have that sort of reliability on the greens.

As we pack the clubs away, the stand bag easily shoulders the load. Its multiple pockets prove very handy on the course, allowing us to stay organized. This RAM Golf Accubar Set caters well to our needs as we stride confidently back to the clubhouse. It doesn’t offer the same prestige as some high-end names, but then again, not everyone needs that level of investment to enjoy their game.

Ram Golf SGS Starter Set

We believe the Ram Golf SGS Starter Set is a solid choice for newcomers to the sport, offering the necessary tools for an enjoyable and successful start to their golfing journey.


  • The fairway wood and irons provide a generous sweetspot for enhanced forgiveness on the course.
  • Includes a practical and comfortable stand bag with multiple pockets and a dual-shoulder strap system.
  • Deep cavity back design in the irons supports improved shot stability and precision.


  • Steel shafts might not be the best for players with slower swing speeds who may benefit from more flex.
  • Limited club selection may prompt the need for additional purchases as skills advance.
  • The putter’s design, while solid, may not suit all personal preferences and styles.

I had the opportunity to take this set out on the course recently and I must say, I was pleased with the get-up-and-go it provided right out of the bag. The forgiving nature of the 15°3 wood came in handy more than once on those long shots, and the steel shaft lent a feel of control as I lined up my approach.

The irons, especially, surprised me. The 5-7-9-SW configuration might seem sparse, but as a beginner set, it’s about getting the hang of the game without overwhelming choices. The deep cavity back really does its part to curb the effects of those all-too-common mishits, helping keep the ball in play when my swing wasn’t quite up to par.

Lastly, the stand bag that accompanies the clubs was a godsend. With the ability to plant it firmly on the green and the comfort of carrying it from hole to hole, it’s clear that usability was a high priority in this set’s design. The rain hood was an added bonus, ensuring my clubs stayed dry during an unexpected drizzle.

Palm Springs VISA +1″ Complete Set

We highly recommend this club set for taller beginners and intermediate players seeking forgiving clubs to improve their game.


  • Large sweetspots on the driver and woods contribute to less punishing off-center hits.
  • The inclusion of two hybrids in the set makes long shots easier and adds versatility.
  • The cavity back irons enhance playability and offer a higher degree of forgiveness.


  • The set doesn’t include a sand wedge, which would be necessary for bunker play.
  • Players may outgrow these more basic clubs as their skill level advances.
  • Some golfers may prefer a 5 wood over the hybrids, depending on their play style.

From the moment I gripped the driver, its generous sweetspot was evident. Even on a not-so-perfect swing, the ball launched straight and far down the fairway. This level of forgiveness is essential when we’re not quite hitting our marks.

The hybrids were a joy to play with. Replacing the challenging long irons, they offered a confident option for tough lies and long approaches. Using them felt natural, and the lift and distance on the ball were impressive.

The stand bag that comes with the set is convenient, with ample storage and a comfortable strap system. On the course, switching between clubs was seamless, and they were organized well thanks to the clear divider top. The putter, with its unique head shape, delivered consistent rolls, boosting my confidence on the greens. Overall, the Palm Springs VISA +1″ set stood up to various course challenges, making for an enjoyable round with noticeable improvements in shot consistency.

PFT X9 Extreme Irons

We recommend these clubs for players looking for a significant boost in their game’s forgiveness and distance.


  • Exceptional forgiveness across the clubface enhances playability.
  • Progressive sole design builds confidence throughout the set.
  • Constructed in the USA with a lifetime warranty against breakage.


  • Some players might find the grips too slender for their preference.
  • Limited brand recognition may deter those loyal to mainstream labels.
  • Aesthetics may not appeal to all golfers.

When we took these PFT X9 Extreme Irons out on the course, the first thing we noticed was the confidence they inspired during setup. The wider sole on the long irons really made a difference, providing the stability we needed. It felt like mishits were a thing of the past, with the ball still achieving good height and distance even when we didn’t strike it perfectly.

What stood out to us most was how the hollow body design and flexible face technology came into play. Balls jumped off the face with notable speed, hinting at the advanced Face Cup Technology usually reserved for fairway woods. Our shots seemed to have a more piercing trajectory, and admittedly, we were hitting our targets more consistently, suggesting an improvement in our game.

Grip comfort is subjective, but we did notice that some of us preferred a thicker grip. This issue is easily fixed, though. A minor quibble, considering the overall performance boost these clubs have given us. The sleek look might not be for everybody, but in terms of functionality, there’s little to criticize. The PFT X9 Extreme Irons held their ground remarkably well against more established brands, and we would have no reservations about carrying them in our bags regularly.

Precise M3 Complete Set

We believe this set should be a top choice for newcomers to golf, providing a commendable balance between performance and forgiveness right out of the bag.


  • Includes a comprehensive set allowing players to hit the course immediately
  • Enhanced forgiveness helps in achieving straighter shots
  • Dual-strap carry bag adds mobility and convenience


  • Some users report durability concerns with the woods over time
  • The driver may dent easily upon heavy impact
  • The set might not suit advanced players with specific equipment preferences

After spending time with these clubs on the course, we found the Precise M3 Complete Set to be an impressive starter kit for those looking to break into golf without breaking the bank. The inclusive set gets you ready to play immediately. With the woods and irons specifically designed for forgiveness, we saw an improvement in the straightness of our shots, which was particularly encouraging for our beginner friends.

What stood out to us about the M3 set was the carry bag. Its dual-strap design and lightweight structure allowed us to transport our clubs with minimal effort. The bag’s additional features, like a rain hood and ample storage, also provided great utility during our time on the links. We felt prepared for various course conditions and appreciated the organized pocket layout for personal items and golf accessories.

However, during our use, we noted that the woods in this set seemed to have some durability issues. One of our colleagues encountered a problem with the driver head, which dented after what seemed like normal use on the driving range. While this may not be a widespread issue, those with faster swing speeds might be cautious. It’s worth noting that the irons held up well – their performance remained consistent throughout our testing, offering reassuring feedback and a pleasant feel.

In summary, the Precise M3 Complete Set proved to be a valuable acquisition for us as beginner and intermediate players seeking quality without committing to a hefty investment. It’s clear that this set is geared towards improving the golf experience for those still mastering their swing.

Buying Guide

a golfer testing out forgiving golf clubs

Understand Your Skill Level

We should consider our skill level when choosing golf clubs. For beginners, clubs that offer maximum forgiveness can help with off-center hits. Intermediate and advanced golfers might opt for clubs that provide both forgiveness and playability.

Importance of Clubhead Design

The clubhead design is crucial for forgiveness. Larger clubheads with a bigger sweet spot are typically more forgiving. This aids in maintaining distance and accuracy even on mishits.

Shaft Flex and Material

Shafts come in various flexes and materials, each suited for a different swing speed. The correct flex can help improve our shot accuracy and distance.

Grip Comfort and Size

A proper grip size enables better control and comfort. We should ensure that the grip fits our hand size to prevent unnecessary tension and promote a smoother swing.

Set Composition

Consider which clubs are included in a set. Beginners often benefit from sets that include hybrid clubs, as these can be easier to hit compared to long irons.

Here’s a comparative table to simplify key features:

FeatureWhy It Matters
Clubhead SizeAffects forgiveness and sweet spot
Shaft FlexInfluences accuracy and distance
Shaft MaterialImpacts weight and feel
Grip SizeAffects control and hand comfort
Included ClubsEssentials vs. specialized options

By keeping the above points in mind, we can make an informed choice that complements our game and supports improvement on the golf course.

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